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21 Aug 2019
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(303) 816-2303 Best Awning Company Conifer reviews 5 Star Rating Very impressed with Best Awning. Really great service and very informative in the process. I definitely recommend these guys if you need some shade!! Best Awning Company 11485 Old US Hwy 285 #120 Conifer CO 80433
26 Jul 2019
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My hot photoshoot
14 Aug 2019
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Enjoy Your Backyard Year ‘Round! 303-816-2303 Why settle for anything less than the best? At Best Awning Company, we sell and install SunSetter & KE Durasol retractable awnings, America’s finest, at or below factory direct pricing. Better still, getting an amazing price on a new retractable awning for your home or business doesn’t mean you have to settle for sub-par installation and service. Every day our crews fan out and deliver on our old-fashioned, small-town values to customers big and small, rural, urban and suburban, across the entire Denver Metro area and the greater Front Range. We treat you like a neighbor – after all, that’s what you are!
17 Aug 2019
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What is Artificial intelligence? It makes a computer work as human beings do. It facilitates tasks that normally require human interaction, such as voice recognition, visual perception, decision making and translation between languages. What is Machine learning? It is about educating computer systems to recognize patterns in the way human brains understand them. Few more important terms to consider that are directly related to the topic are: Deep learning: can be understood as a way to make neurons understand how to solve a particular programming problem. Neural network: involves the interconnection of several networks or artificial nodes or neurons. The output of a neuron acts as an input to the next neuron in the network. Logistic regression: involves modelling a binomial result with one or more explanatory variables. Linear regression: implies a linear relationship between individual input variables. Now, let's see how machine learning and artificial intelligence have innovated and eventually transformed the development of mobile applications: #BenefitsOfArtificialIntelligenceAndMachineLearning 1) Trend forecast AI filters enabled in smartphone applications help forecast the weather. Funny filters help to animate the photos in the image gallery, detect the customer's face, locate facial features and add filters, etc. 2) Security / Quick authentication Facial and fingerprint sensors enabled with AI functions to help determine essential security functions within applications 3) Predict user behaviour ML even helps marketing professionals understand user preferences and purchase patterns in the application. Watch the video to know more or you can even visit – HERE OR you WISH to READ instead of watch? Here you go! - READ
30 Jul 2019
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See a view of Nakaochiai Gallery's ONE DAY ONLY SHOP with art and junk.
30 Jan 2007
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This is a gallery I made on my own with photoshop
3 Feb 2007
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zAFFeStudios Presents - Gallery of the Making of [We Are the world]
24 Mar 2007
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Eat, browse and buy at the unique Biegas Gallery in Detroit.
18 Jun 2007
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Up late b uilding my art gallery in the virtual world of Second Life. Always representing my Haitian Pride even in Virtual Worlds.
10 Sep 2007
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In 1905, the American photographer Alfred Stieglitz opened his first art gallery at 291 5th Avenue in NYC. In 1917, the building on E.31st. Street that housed the gallery was demolished. Today, all that remains are the diurnal descendants of clouds that once posed for the camera of Stieglitz over the ghost of "291" that was the gateway to America for European modern art and artist such as the French Dada/Surrealist Marcel Duchamp who smashed the Victorian boundaries as to what was acceptable by those in the institutions of academia in America by using any object to raise it to the level of a work of art by changing its name and calling it ready-made
4 Oct 2007
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funny and hillarious animal photo gallery
5 Nov 2007
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