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Me and my friend had a little fun with my extra GameCube...they are pretty durable little things
19 Dec 2006
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My little brother has attitude problems towards me, So I pranked him by switching his gamecube with a different one and smashing it... He cried. LOL
18 Jan 2007
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Using simple house hold objects learn to make your Gamecube completely wireless, this has to be the most imanginuitive idea.
22 Oct 2007
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This video is a rundown on how to perform the NTSC Gamecube game swap trick on PAL Wii consoles. Many have done it successfully but this is for those who cannot get it working or don't believe it works.
11 Apr 2008
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Link zum bauen eines Gamecube Sd-Adapters: *******ngc.scorpei****/GUIDE-SD_adapter.html
3 Oct 2008
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Link zum bauen eines Gamecube Sd-Adapter: *******ngc.scorpei****/GUIDE-SD_adapter.html
4 Oct 2008
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The video is showing me modding/hacking my gamecube
27 Oct 2008
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Download file here: *******coolmylink****/gifte804/Theta Simply unpack the file and place the folders in the apps folder of your SD card. (Assuming your wii is already hacked.) You can rip Gamecubes games with the DVD dumper I included with the softmii pack I posted. Once you have the iso, burn it to a DVD-R (only) and then enjoy.
9 Oct 2010
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X-Arcade PS2 Sega Dreamcast Nintendo Gamecube adapter review. Classic Game Room reviews the X-ARCADE Dreamcast, PS2, Gamecube joystick adapter to make the X-Arcade arcade stick joystick play on Playstation 2, Sega Dreamcast and Nintendo Gamecube (and Wii for Gamecube controller supported games).
12 Jul 2012
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Classic Game Room reviews the NINTENDO GAMECUBE videogame console from Nintendo released in 2001. This CGR video review of the Nintendo GameCube hardware shows the black Nintendo Gamecube and silver Gamecube controller. This GameCube has the Game Boy Adapter which player Gameboy videogames, Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color. The GameCube was a competitor to the Sony Playstation 2, Xbox and Sega Dreamcast. Many of the popular GameCube games can be easily found today like Metroid Prime, Mario Kart Double Dash and Resident Evil 4. The Nintendo Gamecube is Nintendo's first primary optical disc based video game console and it uses memory cards. Gamecube games can be played on the Nintendo Wii today.
15 Jul 2012
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Classic Game Room reviews the GAME BOY GAMECUBE adapter for Nintendo GameCube released in 2003 from Nintendo. It sits beneath the Nintendo GameCube and connects via a high speed port so that you can play original Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance videogames on your GameCube on a big screen television! Hear the audio in stereo clarity that you won't get on the GBA or GameBoy handheld video game consoles. The Game Boy Player works with a software boot disc that is required for the system to work. This CGR video review of the Nintendo Game Boy Player for GameCube shows GameBoy gameplay played through the Game Boy Player (games shown are Mario Kart Super Circuit, F Zero and Super Mario Bros. Deluxe). Unlike the Super Game Boy for SNES, the Game Boy Player will play Game Boy Color and GBA videogame game packs.
15 Jul 2012
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Classic Game Room reviews GAUNTLET: DARK LEGACY for Nintendo Gamecube from Midway, also available on Playstation 2 PS2 and original Xbox (played for this review using a Nintendo Wii with Gamecube controller). This CGR review of Gauntlet Dark Legacy has Gauntlet Dark Legacy game play from Nintendo Gamecube showing Gauntlet game play in HD action.
17 Jul 2012
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Classic Game Room reviews MARIO KART DOUBLE DASH for Nintendo Gamecube which plays on Nintendo Wii. Released in 2003, Mario Kart Double Dash looks and plays like Mario Kart Wii except for one major difference, two characters in one cart! This makes Mario Kart DD a more technical game and not quite as random and out of control as MarioKart Wii. Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Koopa Troopa and more compete in two player-one kart mayhem in Mariocart Double Dash. There's 2-player co-op modes of gameplay as well as multiplayer racing (you could use LAN w/ gamecube too). This CGR review of Mario Kart Double Dash has gameplay from the Nintendo Gamecube video game Mario Kart Double Dash upconverted into HD. Play MarioKart Double Dash on your Nintendo Wii, enjoy some Mariocart Double Dash action with that fantastic Game Cube controller.
29 Jul 2012
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Classic Game Room reviews TIME SPLITTERS 2 for the Nintendo Gamecube video game console. This Time Splitters 2 review shows gameplay from the game and explains why the Timesplitters series is one of the best video game series ever created. Cortez is back and badder than ever in the sequel to the amazing Time Splitters. Although TS2 is available on the Playstation 2 PS2, being that this is NINTENDO WEEK on Classic Game Room we picked up this Gamecube copy for $2.50 and love it! What a great deal on an excellent game! The Time Splitters games are from Free Radical, who should be hard at work on Time Splitters 4 by now for PS3 and Xbox 360 and maybe Wii. It is a science fiction, comedy, zombie, adventure, parody first person shooter FPS video game with loads of weapons from different time periods from the past and future. Use laser guns, tommy guns, plasma autorifles, revolvers and flamethrowers all in one game. Behead zombies, save maidens and invade the UFO base. Timesplitters 2 is in between Timesplitters 1 and Timesplitters Future Perfect (aka Time Splitters 3). It bridges the gap nicely, has the awesome multiplayer mode and looks outstanding on the Nintendo Gamecube. Many people think that the Gamecube version of this game is better than the PS2 version. CGR can't recall much of a difference; it rocks on the Gamecube (CGR played it on the Nintendo Wii acting as a Gamecube using the standard Gamecube controller). If you have a Wii or Gamecube and want an affordable, fun shooter then this is your game. Lots of cool missions await you and there's tons of exciting things to shoot in Time Splitters 2! Classic Game Room is the ultimate retro video game review show for classic games and old school gamers! Reviewing old school and new games since 1999. Sadly we don't have a look at, trailer for or info about Time Splitters 4 but we hope to soon!
18 Aug 2012
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Classic Game Room breaks out the HD camera and reviews the NINTENDO GAMECUBE video game controller! This controller is awesome and is Nintendo's 2nd only to the NES Advantage. This controller has a nice feel to it, good controls, thumb sticks and a well positioned D-pad. It fits nicely into the hands and is great for a variety of games on the Nintendo Gamecube and Nintendo Wii. Yes, the Gamecube controller will work with the Wii for some games (and all Gamecube games). Will Nintendo come out with a wireless version of the Gamecube controller in the future? (maybe they already have, don't know...) Watch Classic Game Room for Retro reviews because it is a retro reviewer video game review show that plays and reviews games from the 70's, 80's, 90's and through today. Old School gaming has never had it so good because Classic Game Room tells you what games are awesome and what games to buy. This is the first Nintendo Gamecube hardware and controller review from Classic Game Room!
18 Aug 2012
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