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Fight At the Gathering INFO: This Video Is downloaded from The Gathering FTP server... To access the FTP server USE FTP ADDRESS ftp://ftp.tg07.gathering****/ NO PASSWORD YOU DON,T NEED TO USE A FTP PROG BUT I YOU SHULD USE "SMART FTP" TO DOWNLOAD FAST. any questions juse ask
2 Aug 2010
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Sorry for previous upload, for some reason Metacafe put its advert on but no video whoopsy! *******chillipop.blogspot****/ Here is a video of my farm in minecraft, this farm gathers animal spawns while I craft ... BILLIANT!!!!
28 Nov 2010
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Awaken To Your Truth Faculty Member Calli Meister discusses her near death experience & personal journey, Goddess Gatherings & Other Online Workshops she will be involved with inside the Awaken To Your Truth Conscious Classroom and Community.
7 Dec 2010
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*******www.AwakenToYourTruth**** Awaken To Your Truth Faculty Member Calli Meister discusses her near death experience & personal journey, Goddess Gatherings & Other Online Workshops she will be giving.
7 Dec 2010
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Get ready to nerd it up in your basement for free with Magic: The Gathering Tactics.
11 Dec 2010
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P-51 Mustangs The Gathering of Mustangs & Legends "The Final Roundup" Rickenbacker International Airport Columbus, Ohio Sunday September 30, 2007 IN THIS VIDEO, watch as twenty P-51 Mustangs take off, form up into two different formations, and break to land. There was a massive 51-plane formation planned for Sunday, but it was cancelled as a result of the bad weather on Thursday, preventing a practice flight run from happening. If you are interested in purchasing DVDs of specific aircraft or of airshows, interested in everything related to airshows (where the jet teams will be, all airshow performers, airshow reports from airshows I have attended, previews of airshows I will be attending, etc.), and/or everything related to aviation - including spotting guides to my favorite airports and military bases and aircraft factfiles, please check out Steve's Airshow World at www.stevesairshow**** .
18 Dec 2010
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Experience a new dimension of Magic with more characters and strategies in Magic: The Gathering - Tactics.
28 Jan 2011
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Experience a new dimension of Magic: The Gathering in Magic: The Gathering- Tactics.
16 Feb 2011
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At the end of his rope, Gideon tells his story in a flashback in Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers.
21 May 2011
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My body came home, but my mind never left Vietnam. A book trailer for A Gathering of Warriors: A Forgotten One in Me told by (SGT.) Mike Troyer, transcribed by Jill Price. Mike Troyer: Vietnam 1967-1968, 1st Infantry Division, BIG RED ONE; Delta 2nd 28th Infantry.
26 May 2011
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BioBreakVNC**** interviews Magic the Gathering Tactics about character creation and game play. BioBreakVNC is a social network created just for gamers. Organize parties and raids in minutes, connect with friends across games and worlds. Create multiple profiles, galleries, groups and auctions. Live chat, message and share with friends quickly. Spend more time playing and less wondering where everyone is. Try it today, and tell a friend!
11 Jul 2011
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We take part in the Magic the Gathering Core 2012 pre-release! Epic Magic action inside!
14 Jul 2011
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This is a rip from the Global Gathering Live set from Poland on 10-07-2011. Shout out to the Montreal Trance Scene and especially to Wissam Salamé for showing us this amazing track! :) *******www.facebook****/groups/MontrealTranceScene/
21 Aug 2011
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Gathering Fresh Ragnarok Surabaya (Private server Indonesia) Ke-2 di adakan dikota Surabaya. ( City of Heroes ) Di hadiri Oleh 3 GM utama : 1. GM azizi ( Romy ) 2. GM Nyai Basingah ( Pak de Tony ) 3. GM MariMari ( KOKO VIAN ) 4. Sub GM Kichi ( Rio ) tidak ketinggalan para pemain FRO se-Surabaya dan sekitarnya...Bahkan ada yg dari luar pulau jawa timur. Enjoy The Video... Thanks. Software for Editing = * Adobe After Effect CS3 * Adobe Premier CS3
6 Aug 2011
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Join in this gathering of warriors and witness Vietnam at a critical year in history through the author’s eyes. Follow author John Troyer from his induction onto the U.S. Army basic training of Fort Knox, Kentucky, to jungle warfare training at Fort Polk, Louisiana, and to more jungle warfare training at Fort Lewis, Washington. Come aboard the ship that will take you on a ride to South Vietnam. Spend some time at Lai Khe base camp, home of the 1st Infantry Division, The Big Red One, Delta 2nd and 28th Infantry known as the Black Lions. Be there as the ambush of the Black Lions on October 17, 1967 unfolds. Accompany the author in all other battles that happened until his return home, the last few months of his military duty, and finally his release from active duty.
11 Aug 2011
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We're so excited to have Wizards of the Coast sponsoring our PAX 2011 coverage! Duels of the Planeswalkers is the all-new Magic the Gathering game on sale NOW for Xbox Live, PS3 and Steam.
29 Aug 2011
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