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Want a powerful, stylish and sturdy scooter which won't burn a hole in your pocket? Then Mahindra Duro is the automatic gearless scooter for you. A 125cc engine which propels the bike, Mahindra's signature reputation of rough sturdy vehicles and stylish urban looks make Duro the most desirable. It is a unisex scooter suitable for both the macho men and the adventurous girls!!!!
30 Nov 2009
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*******www.zagar****/?=MultipleSpindleTapping Multiple Spindle Tapping: Multiple spindles are the fastest manufacturing method for tapping multiple holes in mass produced parts. 22 Holes ranging in size from # 4-48 to ½- 20, are tapped each cycle by this machine that was recently built by Zagar Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio. All 22 holes are tapped in less than 4 seconds. That's less than two tenths of a second per hole. Work pieces are 12 gage steel stampings. 11 Holes are tapped at each of 2 adjacent stations. The parts are sequenced thru the stations to complete the 22 hole pattern. Taps range in size from a # 4 to one half inch. Pitches range from 48 threads per inch to 13 threads per inch. Each tap is driven by an individual lead screw. In turn, the pitch of each lead screw matches the pitch of the tap being driven. Multiple Spindle Drill: The 22 spindles are driven by a Zagar gearless multiple spindle tapping head. All 22 spindles are mechanically synchronized to each other. Each rotates the exact same number of revolutions and at the same time. The number of revolutions or length of travel, is adjusted with control collars on a separate lead screw that is monitored by proximity sensors. This permanently maintains an accurate full-depth position of each tap without adjustments thru years of production cycling. In turn, Zagar individual lead screw tapping is applied to thru holes, blind holes, or gauged diameters of tapered tapped holes (pipe threads). Multi Spindle Tapping: Contact Zagar Inc. today about Production Tapping Machines for one pass tapping any quantity of holes; any pitch, thread size, tapping plane, or depth. Phone # 216-731-0500 e-mail: saleszagarinc****
16 Dec 2010
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Elevators are classified into three basic types based on their functioning principle.  Hydraulic,  Traction and  Machine-Room-Less Elevators Traction elevators work on the basic traction principle, using ropes or high-tensile wires.  Energy-efficient  Used in mid and high-rise applications. Traction elevators are of two types, namely gear and gear-less. In gear elevators, the wheel that controls the cables that lift or lower the elevator is connected to a gearbox, which is attached to the motor. On the other hand, gearless traction elevators are set into motion by a wheel that is directly connected to the motor. These gearless traction elevators have high installation costs and medium maintenance costs but are the most energy-efficient. Hydraulic elevators are controlled and supported by one or two hydraulic pistons below the base of the cabin. The elevator cabin is set into motion when hydraulic fluid is inserted or released from the pistons. Hydraulic elevators have lower initial and maintenance costs but require more power. These elevators can either be roped, conventional or hole-less. The Machine-room- less type of elevators work the same as traction elevators but do not have a separate machine room. These elevators are preferred for use in most mid-rise applications. They are preferred as they take up less space, and are as operational and reliable as gearless traction elevators. Most elevators in the market are work on the three principles, but differ in purpose, use and capacity. The most commonly used elevators include passenger, home, hospital, observation, panoramic, goods and car elevators. Contact yellowpages-uae**** for Elevator Suppliers & Maintenance Services in UAE i.e. at *******www.yellowpages-uae****/uae/elevators-suppliers-and-parts
2 Nov 2016
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