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An Australian airline is renting in-flight iPads, making payments with a key fob, charge multiple devices off one battery at the same time, a case that will keep your iPhone safe from babies, and join us for Geek Beat Live every Friday!
20 Feb 2011
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A camera that fits on your finger tip, a smaller simpler version of the Segway, listen to the radio on a toaster, and join us for Geek Beat LIVE every Friday!
22 Feb 2011
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A stylus that knows what you want by the way that you hold it, Backupify adds a cool search feature, an electric car for the well-to-do kid in your neighborhood, painting a city in Wi-Fi bars, and an earlier broadcast for Geek Beat LIVE this week.
10 Mar 2011
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Wishing you happiness and peace for your holidays.
24 Dec 2011
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We show you our secret plans for bringing you awesome coverage from CES 2012!
7 Jan 2012
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This weekend we had a water main burst and flood our entire studio space! In this show we're taking a look at the damage and telling you our plans for recovery.
28 Aug 2013
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Want to know what the worst smelling thing on the planet is? It's called "Liquid Ass" and it puts the traditional type of stink bombs that you probably grew up with to shame.
6 Mar 2014
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We've bought a building that we can customize to our needs and make an awesome home for all our future video production! Here's our live Q and A with viewers where we talk about all the details and plans.
6 Mar 2014
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It's our 800th episode, and we're celebrating with the biggest announcement in our history - we've bought a building that we can customize to our needs and make an awesome home for all our future video production!
6 Mar 2014
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A floor lamp that looks like it's from the golden age of Hollywood, a parasol that will use the sun to tell you the time, an iPhone app to help you with your green screen work, Hyundai's tech for gesture control, Live Mesh beta is ending, and we're having another contest at Geek Beat LIVE!
1 Mar 2011
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On today's show, a recall of the original iPod Nano, a Geek Beat workshop to sharpen your video skills, nanotechnology to keep things always dry, and a working video game built inside Minecraft!
15 Nov 2011
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Paul Mascarenas, CTO of Ford Motor Company, stopped by the Geek Beat LIVE show to catch up with Cali Lewis and John P, and share some of the cool new tech and cloud services coming to Ford cars in the next year.
8 Dec 2011
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