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XIAMEN TIPTOP ADDICTIVE BIOTECH CO LTD is one of the suppliers recommended by China Gelatin Association and nominated by many domestic well-known food and pharmaceuticals manufacturers as one of their gelatin suppliers. We produce and sell various industrial gelatin,edible gelatin and pharmaceutical gelatin which have been widely used in meat products, confectionery, dairy products and medical hard capsules/soft capsules,etc. Call us at +8613799293762
7 Sep 2017
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The Queen of Fiber "Silk protein" is our creation for those who cherish beautiful skin and is especially important in skin care applications. This process consists of high quality proteins that contain 18 important amino acids which help to prevent dehydration of the skin. The Silk protein is the major ingredient in accelerating moisture retention found in the Parutee Silk Crystal Series. The protein contains Amino Acids which function like a Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) which are found in the human body. It naturally moisturizes the skin by creating new Amino Acids that have been naturally depleted. For example, with Gelatin Protein in the skin, it creates a protection shield with moisture. Furthermore, it can restrain the Active Oxygen, which is a major cause of wrinkles and age spots. We incorporate vitamin C that is blended with Amino Acids to help retain moisture in your skin by the use of our special Hydrolysis Silk Process. This process penetrates the skin with Silk Dust, which assists in nourishing the skin from the inside of the body, through the layers of skin. Our Silk Process thereby helps to prevent Active Oxygen from harming your skin.
23 Sep 2011
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