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Genius Dog Make Us Fun with Stick and Door
6 Aug 2019
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Now here's a bullet-proof way to lock your bike away from the hands of thieves. That's is a plain genius.
20 Jul 2019
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This Kid is Genius of Painting
20 Jul 2019
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Discover How To Easily Teach Your Child To Read ... and Enable Your Child to Become a Fast & Fluent Reader With Less Struggle, Less Stress, Spending Just 15 Minutes a Day !
4 Aug 2019
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The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection
11 Aug 2019
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This video clip explains how Satan has used the music of Rock and Roll pioneer Robert Johnson to influence millions of listeners. Robert Johnson, was an itinerant blues singer and guitarist who lived from 1911 to 1938. He recorded 29 songs between 1936 and '37. Robert Johnson completely changed the game when it came to blues music. He entered the scene like a tornado, impacting everyone around him and changing the landscape forever. Sadly, we lost this musical genius at the young age of 27. The cause of his death continues to be a mystery and many rumors have come about surrounding this event. Due to his high level of skill and various events that happened, Robert Johnson became a major figure who supposedly conspired with devil. This particular story is very deep and has stood the test of time and remains as one of the most popular tales of our topic. There are many interpretations and versions of Johnson’s supposed devilish deal. The basics are that he met someone at the crossroads of highways 49 and 61 in the town of Clarksdale, Mississippi. The man listened to Johnson’s ambitions of becoming the best blues musician any one had ever seen. After, he pulled out a guitar, tuned it, played a few tunes, and gifted Johnson with the skills he needed to take on the world. Many references to the devil appear in Johnson’s music. Robert Johnson is still one of the most talked about blues musicians in history and has influenced some of our favorite musicians like Eric Clapton, Albert King, Jeff Beck, and many others.
27 Jul 2019
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We often think of creativity as the spark that lights the bulb in the brain. But it’s not. Inspirational speaker, Philip McKernan, unveils the true source of genius-level creativity.
8 Aug 2019
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At 1 Small Genius our Interactive kids learning Channel has baroque classical music background to help the childs mind and memory. We will keep developing some structured learning videos that inspire kids to think and interact with the video. We hope to use the time your kids spend on youtube to be educational and activate the mind, hope to see you on our channel, bye bye
10 Aug 2019
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Genius baby
30 Jul 2007
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A french genius playing Paganini Franz Liszt
16 Apr 2007
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Dr. Peter Hupfer, Vorsitzender des VdTÜV, bei der GENIUS Preisverleihung 2007.
22 Apr 2007
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Prof. Dr. Dieter Anselm ,Geschäftsführer Allianz Zentrum für Technik,bei der GENIUS Preisverleihung am Rande der AMI 2007 in Leipzig.
20 Apr 2007
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