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odd news in colorado a new airline just for pets called pet air has already sold out many of the initial flights, in egypt a polish tourist claims her daughter was impregnated while swimming in their hotel's pool, german police track down criminal claiming to have a bag full of ipods but it was in fact a bag full of potato spuds, odd news, - www.myinboxnews****
10 Jul 2009
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Silly Motorcycle Stunts 20 seconds of a German police motorcycle force doing some rather silly stunts on their bikes. How this helps take thugs off the streets we're not sure but it sure makes for some fun footage! This is public domain footage and available for purchase and instant download at *******www.PublicDomainFootage****. Master footage is high-resolution NTSC - watermark does not appear on master footage and video is broadcast quality (unlike this demo). For more public domain archival footage visit www.PublicDomainFootage****.
12 Jul 2010
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The international manhunt for the porn actor accused of killing and dismembering a man in Canada ended Monday in a Berlin Internet cafe with the arrest of Luka Rocco Magnotta, according to Canadian authorities. Canada's Ministry of Public Safety confirmed the man arrested by German police is Magnotta, the 29-year-old accused of killing and dismembering a man, then mailing parts of the body to politicians. "We can confirm this individual has been arrested. We expect that the individual responsible for these troubling acts will face the full force of the law," ministry spokeswoman Julie Carmichael said. Magnotta was apparently viewing a website about himself when the cafe owner recognized him, an employee said. The owner then left the cafe to call police, the employee said. Police arrested him without incident Monday afternoon, German police spokesman Guido Busch said. Search for alleged 'body parts' killer Looking for an alleged killer Old interview shows insight into murderer Body parts found in suspicious package Magnotta is accused of first-degree murder in the killing of Jun Lin, 33, a Concordia University student from China, and threatening, among others, Canada's prime minister by mailing him a severed foot.
5 Jun 2012
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Found Soviet Anti-Tank Shells at Vogelsang in the summer in 2018, an abandoned soviet army camp north of Berlin. They were just laying there in a row. The fuse's were armed and primed. We think someone had found a underground bunker nearby and brought them up. We contacted the german police bomb division and gave them the coordinates.
23 Feb 2019
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