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Dance4Fans - Despacito - ZDF Fernsehgarten - GERMANY TV
11 Aug 2017
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one of the nicest songs ever..
24 Apr 2008
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Watch German TV Online- How and Why to watch German Television Channels on your computer pc mac laptop Online, straight from Germany- *******eoivideo****
13 Feb 2010
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Ruslan Dmytruk. graduated from the Circus State School of Circus Arts. The 'MASK' juggling act is one of the most amazing performances of its kind in the world. With literally hundreds of successful shows ranging from circus to corporate performances, you will be hard-pressed to find an act of this caliber, short of turning on the Bravo Channel when they are airing cirque performances, or visiting the Las Vegas strip! This is the perfect stand-alone act for the ultimate in "WOW" factor, or combines seamlessly into any themed show format. Check my web page: www.ruslandmytruk**** RESUME: (2008)-Broadway Theatre-New York.NY (2008)-Corporate Events (2007-2008)-Jungle Fantasy.National Tour-USA. (2007)-Cirque Dreams Illumination-USA. (2007)-TV. BBC(live) NBC(live)-USA. (2006)-Cirque Dreams.Atlantic City-USA. (2006)-TV. NBC(live) FOX(live) FOX21(live)-USA. (2006)-Cirque Dreams,Palm Springs.-USA. (2005)-Corporate Events. (2005)-Alfredo Nock.-Switzerland. (2005)-TV-Bingo.-Ciprus. (2004)-Pas De Deux.Germani.TV-NDR(live)-Germany (2004)-INTERNATIONAL ACROBATIC ART FESTIVAL.(BRONZE MEDAL) (2004)-La Saison Russe.-Germany (2004)-National Sport Tour.-Germany (2003)-Rizoma Show-Europe (2003)-De La Rampe.-France (2003)-Palazzo Duseldorf.-Germany. (2002)-TV. 5(live) NDR(live) Patric Sebastiano(live).-France. (2002)-GOP variete, Apollo variete,TV-MDR(live).-Europe. (2002)-Palazzo Munchen.-Germany. (2001)-Winter Garden.-Germany. (2000-2001)-Rizoma Show.-Germany. (2000)-Fliegende Bauten.-Germany. (2000)-EXPO-Auto Presentation BMW.-Ganover. (1999)-Fliegende Bauten.-Germany.
6 Oct 2008
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Germanys tv show Germanys next show stars the big final
15 Jul 2009
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