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15 Apr 2009
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This is an Apple Martini or Appletini but with absinthe instead of vodka. 1 ounce Le Tourment Vert absinthe1 ounce apple pucker1 ounce sweet and sour1 ounce orange juice Mix these ingredients with ice in a shaker tin and strain into a cocktail glass. Absintheology reminds you to drink responsibly. Remember Sleeping Beauty? She was a princess who ate an apple laced with downers. She passed out at a party and ended up getting sleep kissed by some Euro-trash "Prince". The story is nice but in reality she ended up passed out at a party and her friends wrote on her face with magic marker, took pictures of her, and posted them on facebook. The prince was actually some guy from a nearby frat house and it was a long and embarrassing walk home the next morning. Don't let this happen to you.
4 Jul 2009
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Tradition has the winners of any races at Indy "kiss the bricks," and while Right Turn and Left Turn didn't win, they did get to kiss the bricks.
10 Sep 2009
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Elias Making Gwen Garci Hotttt In Sexy Dance &After Fast DAnce,And He wons And He get A KIss
27 Oct 2009
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"First Date" - Michelle is a workaholic who doesnt have a lot of free time; which really hasnt helped her dating life! Michelles best friend just arranged a first date for her with a hip metropolitan guy who knows all the hot spots around town. She has high hopes for the date and apparently the guy plans on wining and dining her. They are headed to a chic new restaurant. Not only does she want to wow him, but she also wants to get a kiss and a second date. Shes going to have to look absolutely fabulous, and thats where Janey and Karen come into play with the ultimate Little Black Dress. www.dareinblack****
2 Dec 2009
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Lenny Henry raises money for Comic Relief and gets to kiss Elle McPherson... and Cilla Black!
4 Mar 2010
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**NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED, I OWN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. THIS VID IS JUST FOR FUN. VIDEO FOOTAGE FROM X-MEN BELONGS TO TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX FILM CORPORATION **** NOTE: Well, this started out being a love triangle video, but then i guess turns Ryro-y towards the end. =D Eh, what can i say? I love the ship! lol Description: It shows memories of when Rogue first joined the X-Men, and then she meets Bobby. They soon become lovers, and Rogue seems to be naive to Bobby's mistress on the side (Kitty Pryde) until one day, Bobby finally gets to kiss Rogue, and she gets shot with a whole bunch of memories of him and this girl. Rogue is pissed off at him, and realizes their whole relationship was a lie. But little does Rogue know, she has always had a certain admirer that always liked her. (Pyro) but he could never be with her, because of Bobby. So hes decided hes taken all that he can take, and decides to leave. So, from then the song becomes Pyro's P.O.V (earlier it was Rogue's) now it switches again, back to Rogue. Rogue finds out that Pyro's always been there, and is now devastated with herself that (she feels) she let her two only happy things slip out of her life, and takes matters into her own hands. Bobby finds her, then later tells Pyro the news, and that shes in recovery. Pyro's of course pissed that she would do such a thing, and is a little angry with her. But more so with Bobby, who broke her heart in the first place. Then it switches to Pyro's P.O.V, from within Rogue's. Basically Pyro saying 'the smile when you tore her apart' and 'you took her heart' (That kind of P.O.V) So now (I guess Bobby either died, or is in critical care) and Pyro and Rogue can now start fresh. =D **NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED, I OWN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. THIS VID IS JUST FOR FUN. VIDEO FOOTAGE FROM X-MEN BELONGS TO TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX FILM CORPORATION ****
14 May 2011
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We’re surrounded by loved up celebrities enjoying a smooch – from Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in Twilight to the kiss of the year from newlyweds Kate and Wills. But it seems most of us could do with an injection of Hollywood glamour into our love lives as new research reveals 55% of women and 60% of men aren’t getting enough kisses. According to new research by Oral B, as a nation we’d like to be getting 5-10 kisses a day; enter relationship guru Tracey Cox who hits the streets in this exclusive video to find out why Brits aren’t puckering up as often as they’d like to and how to increase your chances of a smooch this summer.
30 Jul 2011
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Three times older than anyone at the party, has to use a walker to get around, has a patented leg rubbing move and can still get a kiss from a hot young female; definition of being a badass.
14 Sep 2012
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Learning from them, you better not fight before your wedding day, otherwise, it may also not get a kiss and a BJ later.
12 May 2017
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