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Monogy Introduces ZuS Lifeblood Monogy is the opportunity Monogy Financial just announced their first product to their innovative "People Porfolio". Details are still coming but the drink will contain ingredients that are unheard of in the US network marketing arena. A unique aspect to the business plan developed by Edward Earle of Monogy is a mentorship program that allows distributors access to mentoring programs similar to ones used by the biggest non-mlm companies in the world. It is a comprehensive training agenda that will teach distributors high end sales and relationship techniques that are normally reserved for only the highest level management types in Fortune 100 companies. It will be an interesting ride as some industry insiders see Monogy as the next giant in the MLM world. Utilizing the branding of a Fortune 100 company, the incredible chemical make up of the drink and the cutting edge technology, they should be able to gain immediate market share. The combination of Monogy's People Portfolio initiatives with the ZuS Lifeblood drinks will also be marketed virally and socially via a new platform designed by the award winning Hollywood technology company Fanrocket Studios. This is the first endeavor into the network marketing world by Fanrocket who is led by CEO and MIT Media Alum. Danny Kastner. Many details are not being released as some of the incentives and ideas for marketing have already been adopted by other MLM drink companies that are currently struggling and losing distributors. For this reason you can find out update information by emailing [email protected]