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Remember those childhood days when you used to play car race with those remote-controlled toy cars? Well, this is the giant version of that, amazing, isn't it?
11 Oct 2017
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It prints money!
7 Jun 2012
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Skylanders Lost Islands review. *******www.ClassicGameRoom**** Shop CGR! *******www.CGRstore**** Classic Game Room reviews SKYLANDERS LOST ISLANDS for iPad from Activision and Vicarious Visions. It's Farmville meets Skylanders as your figures come to live to farm, built huts, travel to far off adventures and earn gold. Just beware of the "easy to hit" green gem purchase button because that spends REAL money!! For those looking to enjoy their Skylanders collection in a relaxing way with this autopilot style game there's the free to play Skylanders Lost Islands. You can buy gems in-app with real dough to unlock things faster and build cooler buildings so parents beware, use a password on your app store if you give this to your kids! Skylanders Lost Islands works with your Skylanders toys (by using their code or the Portal of Power) from Skylanders Spyro's Adventure and Skylanders Giants.
5 Dec 2012
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View these Everett Apartments on ForRent****: *******www.forrent****/apartment-community-profile/1007795.php Rivers, lakes, mountains, golf, and open country surround your spacious apartment. Fairhaven Downs is next door to shopping and Park and Ride, and fine restaurants are all within walking distance. Alderwood Mall is also a short distance away along with the Navy and Paine Field. Seattle or Bellevue is only minutes away with quick freeway access. Our apartments offer a fireplace, patio or deck, large kitchen, washer and dryers, and large closets. Covered parking is available for your convenience. Pamper yourself with a steam bath and hot tub or take advantage of our swimming pool and racquetball court. Families and kids young and old will enjoy our two play areas with giant toys. Comfort, convenience and the best design for you - the finest in affordable northwest living is yours at Fairhaven Downs.
18 Dec 2009
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Physicists have long hoped the Large Hadron Collider, or LHC, in Switzerland would be able to recreate the Big Bang, shedding light on the conditions of the early universe. Now, the LHC has done just that. One physicist tells Fairfax Media what they're looking for. (POINTING AT DIAGRAM) “The Big Bang starts here. Today we are here. What we want to study is this region, the first time that the universe did not consist only of elementary objects, but when these elementary objects coalesced into combined objects: protons, neutrons, and later on nuclei.” Now, by saying they’ve recreated the Big Bang, scientists don’t mean they’re creating mini-universes in the lab. What they are doing is recreating the earliest state of matter. By slamming lead ions together at nearly the speed of light, they create tiny collisions at extremely high energies. The temperature of the collisions is hot enough to melt protons and neutrons, over a hundred thousand times hotter than the center of the Sun. (Video Source: ALICE) So what do scientists hope to learn from these Little Bangs? Well, looking at the results from these collisions is like reverse-engineering the dawn of the universe when matter first formed. As one physicist explains to CBC News, what better way to learn how matter is held together than to smash it apart? “[W]hat we hope to do is create a new state of matter in which kind of the atoms have melted into these fundamental constituents of quarks and gluons, and we’ll be able to study, then, how those objects ... go to make up the stuff that you and I are made of.” But while physicists everywhere are excited by the achievement, it’ll take a long time to wade through all the data. One of the LHC researchers reminds us on BBC News that physicists are a patient bunch. “We’ve waited a long time for this. You know, from conception to design and building it’s taken about 20 years. So, you know, we’ve finally got to the stage where these collisions are taking place. ... There’s some results that’ll come out very quickly, within weeks. Others will take months, and some results will take years.” So does light-speed lead make your heart race, or is the LHC a giant toy by physicists, for physicists? Give us your thoughts in the comments section. Get more multi-source science news analysis from Newsy****
13 Nov 2010
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