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Carrot Topp is tormented by his reflection while his bird brained band of mutants, the Radioactive Chicken Heads rock out Barry Louis Polisar's "I Looked Into The Mirror" Directed by Roy Knyrim, SOTA Productions Filmed at the top secret facility for experimental farming of genetically modified giant vegetables and poultry that the Radioactive Chicken Heads call home.
11 Mar 2007
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Did you ever see this big size Taro? If you never know how to use this big tree as vegetables & cook tasty food then watch this video. Most peoples don't know how to cook this giant vegetable. This vegetables called in Bengali "Maan Kochu" / and English GIANT TARO / UPRIGHT ELEPHANT EAR. Our village women collect fresh Taro and cutting it into small small pieces then used all types mashed ingredient and also used Hilsa/Elish fish to make tasty village food.
30 Nov 2018
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