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Body reshaping garments and body shaper girdle can allow you to fit clothes you haven't been able to fit in years. This body reshaping garment was featured on NBC news. Check out what this body shaper girdle did for these two ladies. *******www.drop3sizesinminutes****
11 Jan 2009
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*******www.hockeyus****/eagle/eagle-hockey-girdles/eagle-gx88-girdle-2009-review.html Video Review of the Eagle GX88 2009 Girdle
3 Jun 2009
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A short video series to demystify the funtion of the shoudler girdle. This first video of 7 provides an overview of the shoudler complex and it's joint movement. Go to *******ericbeard**** or *******athleticshoulder**** for mroe info.
4 Apr 2010
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*******tinyurl****/ghiada4u Short Feature of Ghiada Print Ads for 2010. Ghiada offers a wide variety of women's shapewear including body shapers, girdles, corsets, bodysuits, compression garments and control suits. Available at *******tinyurl****/ghiada First time buyers will receive 1 of 3 items: a. 3 day 2 night travel certificate b. $1000 restaurant certificates c. $1000 grocery certificates Contact us through this channel for details
7 May 2010
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*******marenda****/2010/12/girdles-women/ In order to choose the right girdle, you need to understand the different types of girdles for women and what they do.
3 Mar 2011
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The belt or girdle was worn round the waist by men as a means of suspending weapons, by women sometimes merely as an ornament, and generally by both sexes for the practical purpose of confining the clothing. It is commonly formed of a band of leather or textile material. Purchase Handmade Bead Jewelry at: ********www.etsy****/shop/carmilitaearrings
19 Oct 2016
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Two hotties, one in a SLPG and the other, in a classic OBG.
21 May 2009
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*******buybodymagic.This lightweight reshaper gives a refined, slenderized appearance from the waist down to the legs. Especially made to help support you lower abdomen. The double reinforced front panel is designed to lift and firm your stomach muscles.
19 Aug 2010
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More at: *******www.MyYogaOnline**** My Yoga Online presents shoulder girdle stability and neck stress relief. Learn valuable postural and alignment cues that apply to both Yoga and Pilates technique.
31 May 2009
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If you have never used the body magic girdle by Ardyss International then you don't know what you are missing. This body shaper, girdle, body magic or whatever the name is the most amazing thing ever. Within minutes after putting on the Ardyss body magic my clothes fit and looked much different. My breast were lifted, my back fat and rolls were gone.
4 Mar 2009
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*******hockeyus****/nike-bauer/bauer-hockey-girdles/nike-bauer-supreme-one95-adaptable-core-girdles-review.html Review of the Nike Bauer Supreme One95 Adaptable Core Girdles
31 Jul 2009
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Authentic Tandoori Chicken Drumsticks made on a traditional Chapati Girdle (tawa). From the experts at: *******www.tandooricookingexpert****/
21 Oct 2010
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In earlier times simple pins formed of gold wire appear to have been often employed to fasten the dress. Bow-shaped brooches were also worn, but few gold brooches are met with except those belonging to the later Greek ornaments. Read more of this article at: ********carmilitashandmadejewelry.wordpress****/2016/10/28/greek-jewelry-part-5-pins-girdles/ Purchase Handmade Bead Jewelry at: ********www.etsy****/shop/carmilitaearrings
28 Oct 2016
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Only watch this video if you know what a "girdle" is! Otherwise, it won't make sense. For those of you who do know what a "girdle" is, don't worry, it is safe for work. CAN YOU SEE THE GIRDLE?
4 Dec 2006
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The 12 exercises in the Mrytl Routine will help to strengthen your hip girdle area.
16 Oct 2008
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The latest issue of my own little retro girlie magazine is ready to be gobbled up by you lovers of lovely ladies in fifties finery. Get yours today at: *******www.lacyunlimited**** And this one was well worth the wait. Besides the usual selection of marvelous models there is an extended music section, a sexy centerfold that's sure to please, a tribute to the late great Michael Jackson, a salute to the lost pinup Tana Louise, and GIRDLES GALORE!
14 Apr 2010
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