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(VIBE TUNE) traz o nível bom em tecnologia auditiva que mostra os sentidos interligado em um giro de imaginações que lhe deixa flutuar nessa dimensão.
Created and filmed in a "guerilla style" and "cinema verite" filmmaking method, "Come Play With Me" is a cinematic experience which reflects filmic storytelling in its purest and most visceral form; allowing the audience to experience the world of the depicted stalker in an engaging and primal way. Jay West - creator of "Come Play With Me" - lives in Los Angeles, California where he stalks, err, lives. .. West says: "Come Play With Me" is being made in pure fun; in the spirit of horror films I have enjoyed, such as "Halloween", "When A Stranger Calls", and "The Shining" -- genre films which made an indelible impact on my taste of entertainment. I agree with Kevin Williamson (screenwriter of such horror greats as "Scream" and "Halloween: H20") who has pointed out movies such as "Citizen Kane", "Lawrence of Arabia", and other like hallowed film masterpieces have been the inspiration for many filmmakers and writers - but for him, it was the original "Halloween" movie, thus - he further gives credence and prestige to an element of filmmaking that has struggled with the dilemma of being "respectable" for some time now. Yes - horror can be entertaining as well as fun (even though we may have to further psychoanalyze our reasons for enjoying it!). I initially realized "Come Play With Me" in a short story film format entitled "Hide and Seek", with the prospect of further exploring this stalker's world in a more complex, expositional manner in a feature length movie version, which I'm currently at work on. The story reflects the distorted perception and thoughts of the killer, who views the city in which he lives in as "his playground", and those who live in it as "his friends". If you were to meet this killer on the street, based upon mere outer appearances, would you be able to identify or sense his malevolence? Perhaps. I did not envision the character as someone who has everyone "fooled" by his outer appearance, such as Ted Bundy did in real life; rather, I see him as one who is not easily able to slip in and out of the perimeters of the "normal boundaries" of society, and one who is certainly alienated by society due to his morbid ideals; thus - he himself is not a conformist who easily blends, or "plays well with others". I see this figure living in the nooks and crannies of his city, weaving through it with cunning and expertise of knowing how and where "to hide" and "what rules to follow". For those who now journey into the world of "Come Play With Me", remember - "No One Is Ever Safe..."