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one of our Pigeon bird give to eat to its kids :) filmed by me and my best friend.
14 Jul 2008
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030708 Eva and Mario can be seen as they whisper Cafe Med in Hollywood At one point Mario goes back to his car and grabs a Cartier Bag Back at the table he gives Eva a beautiful Cartier Necklace It looked like they were going to kiss eva longoria mario lopez parker mario lopez eva longoria Tony lunch hollywood caf med Tony Parker dancing with the stars
29 Jun 2009
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Go inside the mind of Gary Busey. Here Gary gives his own personal take on how to deal with what life gives you. See more clichés!*******gotvmail****/garybuseyonbusiness
16 Jul 2008
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Go inside the mind of Gary Busey. Here Sara Dwazzi motivates Gary to think of a new spin on the cliché of giving 100%... 110%... no, 150%! See more clichés!*******gotvmail****/garybuseyonbusiness
15 Jul 2008
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The guitar give me that kiss, is a song about the life from a musician. That song is a own production from me and my wife. I wish you a nice time in Light and Love "Backrounder"
16 Jul 2008
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How to give your cat eye medication without anyone to help
17 Jul 2008
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Amanda gives advice to Lidsay Lohan on Entertainment TOnight
7 Sep 2009
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*******www.nicholasfinnegan****/ Click for success ebook's and audio's Finnegan - Gives you the low-down to success
17 Jul 2008
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WHY NOT??? Shakespeare's "McBeth" gives us as good an insight as any into the excesses blind ambition will cause a man to committ. McBeth and McBush share many qualities: Ambition to have absolute power. Willingness to say or do anything to get power. A beautiful and calculating woman to set the dark forces in their diabolical motion...McBush/McBeth/McDeath... By Gary Corseri and William Shakespeare 5/3/07 Cast of Characters: LADY LIBERTY played by herself PAX played by himself JUSTICE played by himself McBUSH played by John McCain LADY McBush (McBush's wife) played by Joe Lieberman 3 WITCHES played by Meghan McCain, Heidi Montag, Ann Coulter FIRE HYDRANT played by Phil Gramm 2 ROTTWEILERS played by George Will & Charlie Black ATTENDANTS played by Sean Hannity & Rush Limbaugh, main stream media pundits and various sycophants ACT 1 Scene 1: Thunder and lightning. Enter three Witches. Meghan: When shall we three meet again? Heidi: When the hurlyburly's done. When the battle's lost and won. Coulter: Fair is foul, and foul is fair: Hover through the fog and filthy air. Enter McBush and Pax. McBush: So foul and fair a day I have not seen! Pax: (Noticing the Witches--) What are these, so withered and so wild in their attire, That look not like the inhabitants of the earth? You should be women, and yet your beards Forbid me to interpret that you are. Coulter: All hail McBush, that shalt be Prez hereafter! McBush: If the Court will have me Prez why, the Court may crown me! Stars, hide your fires! Let not light see My dark and deep desires! Exeunt Scene 2: Enter McBush's Wife alone, with a letter. Lady McBush: (reading--) "They met me in the day of success; and I have learned ... they have more in them than mortal knowledge ... my dearest partner ... what greatness is promised thee! Lay it to thy heart, and farewell." (to herself--) Hie thee hither! That I may pour my spirits in thine ear! Come to my woman's breasts—and take my milk for gall! (To Be Continued)
10 Dec 2008
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WATCH THIS: Dr. Brotto, Director, UBC Sexual Health Laboratory gives women Sexual Health advice. For more videos, treatment & information on Sexual Health go to *******www.EmpowHer****/SexualHealth. Share your story & send this to a friend in need
2 Jul 2010
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Here at Hidden Track TV, we'd like to give thanks to our friends for "acting" in our videos, in the form of this hilarious montage. Music by Peter Toh titled "Shoes of a Beast".
23 Jul 2008
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How to say Can you give me your phone number in Bisaya or Cebuano More at *******lessons.wikapinoy****
26 Aug 2008
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Give Me Your Hand (Wedding Song) byDanny Hamilton, Clement J. Gareau Yes, my only. My love. I've waited for this day, waited All my life. And life can be so beautiful And life can start today If we join hands Give me your hand Give me your hand Honey , reach over to me. Morning brings light to the sky, to the sky To show the splendor of the sky Morning light yeah smile for me, smile for me Let us join hands. Smile for me. Yes, my only. My love. I've waited waited for this day, waited All my life. And life can be so beautiful And life can start today If we join hands Give me your hand Love give me your hand Honey , reach over to me. (©(©SOCAN (BMI))) Category: Music
27 Jul 2008
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2 Jan 2011
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Crufue exted 5 more days in Jammmu,Vishwanathan Anand wins Granke Liksing world Chess Championship, Himachal Pradesh govt asks probe in Naina devi Temple stampede, India gives 45 crore to Afganistan.
4 Aug 2008
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One minute reflection on the importance of saying thank you and giving credit where it is do. Extensive credits roll at end of this video.
5 Aug 2008
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