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It is said that pyramids are found in Antarctica - exactly like the great Egyptian ones. And there are three of them, as well as on the Giza plateau. Only located not so close to each other: two of them are 16 km from the shore, and the third - on the shore
4 Jul 2018
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Many historical places able in the world but today, Niv Borsuk will tell you about top five best historical places ~ Petra, Sukhothai, Wall of China, Statue of Liberty, Pyramid of Giza. If you interested to know more information about world famous places with Niv Borsuk, Niv Borsuk Philippines so, go on our website.
27 Oct 2018
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Larry Pahl, AIP Director, continues the focus on the secrets and mysteries of the Great Pyramid, the Silent Sage. In this episode he compares the basic symbolism of the interiors of the 3rd Giza pyramid, Menkaure's with the Great Pyramid.
4 Mar 2019
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