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Quem não gostaria de saber a opinião de Gloria Kalil antes de vestir a roupa para uma festa, um casamento ou na hora de fazer as malas para uma viagem? Chic: Um Guia de Moda e Estilo para o Século XXI está pronto para fazer esse papel de personal stylist no seu dia a dia. Com esta publicação o Senac São Paulo apresenta dicas e comentários seguros para você contruir seu estilo pessoal, valorizar os seus pontos fortes e usar a moda sempre a seu favor! Aprender a ser chic sem ser esnobe, chic com pouco dinheiro e juntando o melhor da aparência com o melhor do conteúdo. Este vídeo faz uma apresentação do livro, mostrando um pouco do making of dele. Para conhecer o livro, acesse *******www.editorasenacsp****.br/
31 Aug 2011
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7 Sep 2011
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Participacion especial en el programa de don francisco presenta dedicado a la telenovela teresa..Gloria cantando "esa hgembra es mala" y hablando acerca del tema,del final de teresa y sobre la segunda parte de su gira,ah y de su accidente hehehehe
4 Oct 2011
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*******www.starcam**** StarCam was at the Brent Shapiro Foundation Event where we talked to Gloria Allred about her involvement in the Brent Shapiro Foundation and what it means to her to be able to help out such a cause.
8 Oct 2011
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BY VICTORIA CRAIG You're watching multisource political video news ananlysis from Newsy. She’s remained out of the spotlight since her husband joined the fight for the GOP nomination. But Monday night-- she’s shattering her silence -- and her name is on everyone’s lips. “Gloria Cain” “Gloria Cain” “Gloria Cain” “For the very first time, Herman Cain’s wife is speaking out about the sexual harassment allegations against him.” (Fox News) In an exclusive interview, Gloria Cain sits down with Fox News’ Gretta van Susteren to discuss the sexual allegations against her husband. ABC’s Good Morning America explains why this single interview has created a fire storm in the media. “This is a big, big deal. Not only haven’t we heard from Gloria Cain during this swirl of sexual allegations, but, in fact, she really hasn’t been on the trail at all since Herman Cain announced. She’s making a high-impact debut swearing that Herman Cain respects women.” Her husband denies the sexual allegations -- but Monday night will be the first time Gloria Cain will publicly back him up. NBC’s Today shows a clip from the interview. Gloria: “To hear such graphic allegations...” Accuser: “And he put his hand on my leg” Gloria: “And know that that would have been something that was totally disrespectful of her as a woman and I know that’s not the person he is. He totally respects women.” But will Mrs. Cain’s appearance make a difference for the campaign? The Washington Post remains slightly skeptical. It reports Cain’s poll numbers among Republican women have fallen slightly. “Which is where Gloria Cain potentially comes in, serving as a kind of character witness for husband and validator for their marriage. But the ritual of “standing by her man” is by now a cliche, and likely not as effective as it once was.” A reporter for Arizona’s KSAZ disagrees-- comparing Gloria Cain to a former president’s wife, and Herman Cain’s allegations to another scandal that attracted some serious media attention. “And you guys maybe this will work. Maybe this will completely turn everything around. Remember Bill Clinton when he ran for office and there were the sexual harassment claims against him? And it wasn’t until that highly publicized interview that Hillary Clinton did with her husband right there by her side where she really defended him. It kind of turned the momentum around a little bit.” According to the most recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, Herman Cain sits in second place --13 points behind front runner Mitt Romney.
15 Nov 2011
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******* Zu Cafe-Restaurant GLORIA aus Wien finden Sie ein ausführliches Porträt unter ******* Cafe-Restaurant Gloria,Cafe,Kaffeehaus,Restaurant,Gasthaus,Wien,6.Bezirk,Wiener Küche,Wiener Schnitzel,Kaffeespezialitäten,Frühstücksangebote,Raucherraum,saisonale Spezialitäten,Strudel,Tagesmenüs,vegetarische Küche,Wiener Schnitzel vom Kalb,Österreich ******* Ein Cafe mit Restaurant in Wien – das ist das Kaffeehaus Gloria im 6. Wiener Bezirk. Wien ist weltberühmt für seine Kaffeehäuser mit dem unverwechselbaren Charme. Ein wahres Juwel dabei ist das Cafe-Restaurant Gloria im 6. Wiener Bezirk. Neben allen Vorzügen eines traditionellen Wiener Kaffeehauses – darunter aromatische Kaffeespezialitäten und Strudelträume – bietet das Cafe Gloria in Wien auch eine Speisekarte vom Feinsten. Ein sympathisches Restaurant-Team serviert Ihnen unter anderem Wiener Schnitzel, deftiges Szegediner Krautfleisch oder leichte mediterrane Köstlichkeiten. Alle Gerichte des Wiener Gasthauses zeichnen sich nicht nur durch ihren sensationellen Geschmack aus, sondern bestechen zudem durch die hohe Qualität der verwendeten Produkte. Aber auch die ungezwungene Atmosphäre des Restaurants ist es, die Touristen und Stammgäste immer wieder den Weg in die Otto-Bauer-Gasse finden lässt. Besucher aller Altersgruppen betrachten daher das Kaffeehaus als ihr zweites Wohnzimmer. Das Cafe-Restaurant Gloria – entspannen und genießen auf überaus charmante Art! Weitere Infos zum Cafe und Restaurant in Wien sowie den Kaffeehaus- und Gasthaus-Angeboten finden Sie auf ******* und *******
23 Feb 2012
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Un lindo paseo por Cuba de la mano de Gloria Estefan
11 May 2012
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Controversial attorney Gloria Allred has reportedly been hired to represent John Doe No. 1, who previously accused and sued John Travolta for alleged sexual assault during a message in Los Angeles.
16 May 2012
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Conga Gloria Estefan basscover Bob Roha
26 May 2012
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Conga Gloria Estefan basscover2 Bob Roha
26 May 2012
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For more Gloria Tamerre Petyarre paintings go to *******www.aboriginalpainters****/pcategory/gloria-tamerre-petyarre/ And for Gloria's biography go to *******www.aboriginalpainters****/gloria-tamerre-petyarre/
30 May 2012
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123 Gloria Estefan & Miami Sounds basscover2 Bob Roha
13 Jul 2012
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