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This guy is pulling a rubber glove over his head and then blows it up...
13 Jul 2006
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Can you remove a latex glove with one hand? It's harder than it sounds, but we did it in 1 minute and 15 seconds!! Give it a try at home or work. Rules: 1. Use a glove that fits properly 2. You can't touch ANYTHING with your hand!! 3. Don't give up RATE THIS VIDEO!! Thanks to Emman who was wearing the glove. Produced by Alka-JonHall-ik and Jeremiah LongBear for Oversat Media who couldn't break the 25 minute mark. Try This at Home (or work)!!!!
21 Dec 2006
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Do you have the motorcycle gloves that will perform when your palms are clammy and the terrain is rough? The BMW Rallye Pro 2 suit is not yet complete without the Rallye Pro gloves, whether you are on or off road. You don't have to ride a BMW to wear BMW riding apparel--all you need is to be an experienced rider that likes to mix up your riding terrain, doesn't mind the cold and rain, and can go the distance. The Rallye Pro 2 motorcycle suit is as technical as they come. Watch the video to find out how to complete the Rallye Pro riding suit with high performance gloves. Additional information can be located at www.ascycles****
2 Apr 2007
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I demonstrate the use of a sap glove, a defense weapon used by police. This model I got for $20 online. It is made of leather and spandex, and the knuckles are filled with 8 ounces of steel shot. The maker is Hatch. The brick was a patio block, straight from a hardware store, untreated. Oh, and sorry for the crappy audio. It was windy out.
18 Apr 2007
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Prague New Years part 6. The Underground Metal Bar which we got kicked out of. The glove incident.
25 Jun 2007
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Magnetic gloves make a balloon stand into the air and you control the balloon. Take a look, is a great experiment..
11 Aug 2007
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What happens when you let the height of Michael Jackson's white glove in his Billie Jean performance decide the speed of the video?
14 Aug 2007
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The Original, The Best, The Most Effective, the Glove Gun!! the best made effictive not to mention dangerous glove gun
2 Sep 2007
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A guy blows a glove with his nose.
15 Nov 2007
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Winter Glove Review
18 Dec 2007
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I thought this was truly amazing how big this glove got....
1 Mar 2008
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This Is How To Make Amazing Flaming Fire Proof Gloves, This Is a Very Fun Trick Recommended For People Over The Age Of 18, anyone under The age of 18 should not perform this trick
22 Mar 2008
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