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******** - Shows the location of gluteus medius. DESCRIPTION Gluteus medius is a broad, thick, fan-shaped muscle, most of which lies beneath gluteus maximus. ORIGIN Gluteus medius originates from the outer surface of the ilium between the iliac crest and posterior gluteal line above and the anterior gluteal line below, and from the fascia superficial to its upper part. INSERTION Gluteus medius inserts onto a ridge that slants downwards and forwards on the lateral surface of the greater trochanter. VARIATIONS Gluteus medius sometimes has a deep slip attached to the upper border of the trochanter. The posterior border of gluteus medius sometimes fuses with piriformis. INNERVATION Gluteus medius is innervated by the superior gluteal nerve from L4, L5 and S1 spinal nerves. BLOOD SUPPLY Gluteus medius is supplied by the superior gluteal artery, rami from the inferior gluteal artery, the internal pudendal artery, and upper rami from vessels forming the cruciate anastomosis. ACTION Gluteus medius abducts the thigh. Gluteus medius (anterior fibres) internally rotate and flex the thigh. Gluteus medius (posterior fibres) externally rotate and extend the thigh. FUNCTION Gluteus medius works with gluteus minimus to prevent the pelvis sagging to the unsupported side during one leg support in walking and running. physiotherapy movies
21 Sep 2011
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Sexy girl demonstrates buttocks barbell lunge exercise. Get a firmer butt leaner hips and thighs. Butt workout. Sexy butt firming. Butt toning. *******www.getafirmbutt****
13 Nov 2007
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Female Butt Exercise. Sexy Butt exercise - reverse leg curl exercise. How to get a firm butt, leaner hips and thighs. Buttocks workout. Gluteus exercise. Sexy girl doing firm butt exercise. *******www.getafirmbutt****
1 Dec 2007
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Butt exercises. Butt workouts. Get a firm butt, leaner hips and thighs exercise. *******www.getafirmbutt****. buttocks workouts. Gluteus exercise. JLO Butt. J-Lo Butt. Jennifer Lopez Butt toning exercises.
3 Dec 2007
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Gluteus Maximus shows off his muscles in this short but fun animation designed to show off Contraplay's abilities. Contact us for more animations, online games and virals
6 May 2008
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*******www.popularfitness****/exercise/butt-exercises.html for detailed step-by-step text description of this exercise. An exercise video filmed in HD for your butt or gluteus muscles to tone and strengthen them.
10 Feb 2010
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Sexy Girl demonstrate a butt toning exercise. How to get a firm butt, leaner hips and thighs with butt lift workout. Sexy butt lift exercise. Female Butt Tone. *******www.getafirmbutt****
19 Nov 2007
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Fitness exercises - sexy female doing warming up and Butt and Leg stretching exercise 4. Fitness circuit training warm up and stretch. *******www.fitnesscircuit***.za. Leg Stretching - Warm up and stretch workout 4. Girl demonstrates sexy leg warming up and stretching exercise, butt stretching. JLo Butt, J-Lo, Jennifer Lopez butt. *******www,getafirmbutt****
1 Dec 2007
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Female Buttocks Squat Exercise. Gym squat exercise. Butt Shaping Exercise, Butt. Get a J-Lo Butt. Jeniffer Lopez Butt. Firm butt. *******www.getafirmbutt****
16 Jul 2008
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Work it with this butt-firming exercise. Don't forget to be sexy!
6 Oct 2008
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*******firmbuttexercises**** This is exercise is called Lunge Good Morning. This focuses a lot on the glut muscles, so it is very effective for getting a firm butt.
27 Oct 2008
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*******www.firmbuttexercises**** - Effective exercise for training your glut muscles to get a firm butt.
3 Nov 2008
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*******www.firmbuttexercises**** - This is a very effective butt exercise as it helps you work both sides of your gluts.
28 Oct 2008
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This is one of the best butt exercises. It's a very simple exercise that focuses a lot on the glut.
31 Oct 2008
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Regular squat exercise is very effective for training your gluts and thighs, but also a little bit of hamstring and back muscles.
28 Oct 2008
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How to do a classic lunge exercise. This is very effective if done correctly and can do wonders with your gluts, hamstring, quadriceps and a little bit of back muscles.
28 Oct 2008
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