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You're not going to believe this!
2 Feb 2007
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james fetzer claims an energy beam turned the towers to dust"who you going to believe,me or your lying eyes!"
5 Jul 2007
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In this tutorial I am going to show you how you can get rid of Flies & mosquitoes with a very cool software you can download for Fee. You Are Not Going to Believe Your own Eyes Once You Start Using The Software.
30 Oct 2007
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Everyone! I hope you're all doing well. If you think you can plug into a system and have it automatically pile money into your bank account without any effort then you should probably NOT watch this video and go find an up-and-coming stock to invest in. Good, now that we got the lazy people out of here, it's just you and I, the true entrepreneurs. If I told you that you could have the life you've always dreamed about, the one where freedom allows you to experience life differently than the average person, would you believe me? If you don't believe in yourself, you're never going to believe in me. When you realize that your external life is a reflection of your thoughts, maybe then you will realize the power of this system, AND the importance of having a great team to guide you along your path to success!
13 Mar 2008
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More at *******www.theuptake**** Like a lot of Minnesotans, Representative Jim Oberstar can’t understand why there isn’t going to be a public NTSB hearing on the collapse of the 35W bridge. Just like confidence in the Minnesota Department of Transportation has been spiraling down since the August disaster, confidence in the NTSB has been declining as rumors and conspiracy theories multiply. Simply put, if there isn’t a transparent public hearing, the public is not going to believe the report on the cause of the collapse. Earlier this year the NTSB voted 3 to 2 not to hold a hearing based on staff recommendations that a hearing would delay the report. Rep. Oberstar, who chairs the House committee that recommends funds for the National Transportation Safety Board, was angry over the decision for several reasons. Originally the NTSB told him it was an unanimous decision. Also, NTSB Chair Mark Rosenker erroneously told reporters that a design flaw was the cause of the collapse, a statement that Rosenker later retracted. Those actions plus Rosenker’s long history as a Republican campaign organizer dating back to the Nixon administration has Oberstar suspecting that politics, not policy is driving the decision to avoid a public hearing. Oberstar told Rosenker that he values accuracy and transparency over a speedy report. Rosenker agreed with Oberstar that public hearings can be a both a teaching moment and a learning moment for the board, but did not commit to a public hearing. Instead he promised “an excellent sunshine presentation where this will get a public airing like nothing we have done before” when the investigation and report is complete. Rosenker said the investigation would be complete before the end of the year. Oberstar responded that Rosenker had just made the best argument for an open public hearing. “How Conspiracy Theories Get Born” Rep. Peter DeFazio of Oregon quizzed Rosenker on why the staff memo recommending no public hearing was a confidential document. Rosenker replied that sometimes it contains information that “is sensitive”. DeFazio then tore into Rosenker. “This is how conspiracy theories get born. It’s like your staff secretly makes a recommendation. You have a split vote, three to two. You decide not to hold a public hearing. I understand what you say, the end point disclosure is going to be. But that’s going to be the point at which you’ve made conclusions. “I also understand that a fair amount of work goes into holding a hearing, but I don’t see why it would cause four months delay in the process unless you’re saying that something might come up at the hearing that would trigger further investigation or a different direction in that investigation”. Rosenker said he was going on historical data that shows a public hearing adds “two to four months” to an investigation. Rep. DeFazio said he didn’t find the two to four month delay “credible”. Rep. Oberstar echoed that opinion. “Last year our committee, our various subcommittees held 17 hearings. We heard from 710 witnesses. 394 hours of hearings. If your board staff can’t conduct a hearing on one issue, then they need to come and take lessons from ours.”
27 Jun 2009
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Ghost Detector....omg....last week my friends and I were just hanging out, watching a movie, when we began hearing strange sounds upstairs....then, all of a sudden, the lights went out.... We were forced to use our mobile phones as lights as we started to systematically checking every room in the house.... For some reason the house instantly became freezing cold, we had to huddle together to stay warm.... happened.... YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE WHAT WE FOUND....
9 Mar 2009
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*******www.TheRawFoodWorld****, You guys are not going to believe this!!! The Raw Food World TV Show was BANNED from YouTube!!! Check this video out!... and... learn how to make coconut keifer ;-)
2 Jan 2010
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We found another TRS from the vault! If you liked the 80's throwback in episode 153, you aren't going to believe this week's show from 1959! Timely reviews of Hitchcock's North by Northwest, the board game Risk, and the pilot for Twilight Zone!
16 Oct 2010
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BY MADISON MACK You're watching multisource business news analysis from Newsy ”It’s beautiful, it’s intelligent. Ingenious. But does your network … work? Yes. I can hear you now.” Verizion There may be some truth to those Verizon iPhone commercials, a new survey released by ChangeWave shows that AT&T iPhone customers are three times more likely to drop a call than those with a Verizon iPhone. The survey polled over 4000 iPhone owners and found that 4.6 percent of AT&T iPhone owners had dropped a call in the last 90 days whereas only 1.4 percent of Verizon iPhone owners experienced a dropped call. GearGirlTV set out to confirm the results by comparing the two iPhones while driving around Los Angeles. “So you are not going to believe this, we’re cruising down the freeway, Santa Monica freeway heading to the beach, the pier exactly and guess what. Yeah that’s right, AT&T called failed again on the freeway. Five calls dropped. Mr. Moviephone is still going on Verizon.” A writer for VentureBeat says the survey doesn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know - but questions Verizon’s sample size. “…it’s always good to see our assumptions backed up by data.…It’ll be interesting to see how Verizon’s iPhone experience compares to AT&T’s in a year or so. Right now Verizon only has a handful of iPhone users compared to AT&T.” But the tech blog Geekosystem notes the survey actually shows a huge improvement for AT&T. “…AT&T, which Consumer Reports slammed as the worst mobile carrier in America last year: In September of 2010, AT&T dropped a whopping 6% of calls, according to survey participants.” Finally, A Wired writer says the results should be taken with a grain of salt. “Asking people to recall how many of their calls dropped over the past three months isn’t a very scientific method to measure a network’s reliability. Also worth noting is that the iPhone hasn’t even been on Verizon for 90 days; it’s been on the network for less than two months.” Despite the differences in dropped call rates, both networks reported nearly equal satisfaction ratings. Follow Newsy_Videos on Twitter Get more multisoruce video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
9 Apr 2011
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BY LIZ REED ANCHOR JENNIFER MECKLES You're watching multisource tech news from Newsy. PepsiCo wants to get intimate with you. Through vending machines, that is. The company recently announced plans to install the first “Social Vending System,” which features the ability to gift drinks, send personalized videos and connect with the Pepsi Refresh Project -- all at the touch of a screen. All you have to do is select gift a drink, enter your friend’s number and Voila, instant gratification for your special someone... Well, until they redeem their drink at the nearest social vending machine. (Video: Youtube) It seems pretty social, but as Mashable points out, the lack of actual social media connections in the vending machine could be a threat to the machine’s success. “Though Pepsi’s model represents an evolution in the possibilities for vending machines, the lack of a Facebook or Twitter tie-in is a glaring omission. But considering some recent experiments with Facebook-enabled objects, a vending machine tie-in with the social network seems imminent.” PCWorld sees the new machines as Pepsi’s latest attempt to claw back to the top of the pop industry. With the right marketing, it could appeal to social media-hungry consumers. “Pepsi - known for its Refresh Everything goodwill campaign and a bevy of social media efforts - had ranked second for decades in that sales category... The people who are going to see continued success with social media are going to believe in integration. It's not about isolation." Pepsi might have social vending, but Coke doesn’t plan on getting left out. LiveLeak reveals Coke’s new interactive vending machine, which features an app store, cashless vending and a plethora of other techy features. “You can scan your phone with your code and you’ll automatically get back your Coke reward points and you can buy Coke with your points—so, no money. Also, the interactive photo booth… Basically a green screen application and you can take you photos while you’re waiting. And this is my personal favorite, the holographic dance pad.” So do you think Pepsi and Coke are on the right track with their new interactive vending machines? Pop us a comment in our comments section. Follow Newsy on Twitter Newsy_Videos Get more multisource tech video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
3 May 2011
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DANCE WITH THE ELEPHANT: LIFE'S COSMIC EQUATION Purchase our book: For more DWTE merchandise: DancewiththeElephant**** Info on our upcoming Workshops: For more Inforamtion: DanceWithTheElephant**** Check out our Blog: DancewiththeElephant**** Don Calhoun and Duane Kuss co-author the ground breaking book "Dance with the Elephant: Life's Cosmic Equation" filled with life-changing stories and personal exercises. To answer the question as to who will leave a legacy, the fact is all people leave a legacy. From the President of the United States in Washington D.C., to the drunken homeless person who hangs out down on main street in the town you grew up in, all people leave a legacy. So the question becomes, what kind of legacy will you leave behind for the world to follow? Duane tells a story about an uncle of his, Uncle Ronny, who was married to his godmother, Aunt Mary. This man, since the day Duane was born, had been a alcoholic and as the result had mistreated Aunt Mary in more ways than you could ever imagine. Periodically,after getting caught again for drunk driving, Uncle Ronny would be forced into treatment at the Vets Hospital. But time after time, he'd get out of treatment and fall right back into his drunken ways. It was very early in life that Duane came to hate his Uncle for the way he constantly mistreated his wife Aunt Mary and for the many trials and tribulations he created throughout the extended family as well. It wasn't until Duane was in his mid 30's that one day while he was driving down the freeway, he was visited by a voice. The voice said that he should immediately go to the Vets Hospital where Uncle Ronnie was doing another round of rehab. He should find Uncle Ronnie and tell him that this time he was going to do it. This time he would break the alcoholic spell of his past and live the rest of his life sober. As mystical as this situation may seem, its the gospel truth, and I followed the direction of the voice and immediately turned the car heading for the hospital. Having never been to the facility before, finding Uncle Ronnie on the square mile campus with dozens of buildings was a major task unto itself. But he found him and convinced his group therapist that he needed to talk to Ronnie immediately. Uncle Ronnie couldn't believe his eyes. What in the hell was this nephew doing here and what on earth was so important to interrupt his rehab session? Had somebody died? Duane will never forget the ghost like look on his face. They both went outside and Ronnie immediatly reached in his pocket to light up a cigarette and sat down on a picnic bench. Duane looked him straight in the eyes and said, "Uncle Ronnie, you probably aren't going to believe this but a voice told me to come here today and give you a message. I'm supposed to tell you that this time you're going to do it. This time you're actually going to sober up and change your life." As far as anyone knows, from that day forward and for the last 10 years of his life, Uncle Ronnie never took another drink and remained sober for the rest of his days. Through this life experience, Uncle Ronnie taught Duane the lesson to never give up on a person and their potential at any time to turn their life around. Even after 65 years filled with drunken despair, a person can change their ways in the final moment and redirect their cosmic legacy. Today Uncle Ronnie's legacy for Duane has a positive meaning and one he values greatly. If we could go back in time and interview Uncle Ronnie, its very likely that he would reflect on Duane and the impact he had on his own final legacy. Here is an example of two people who touched one another and as the result changed the course of their cosmic legacies. You will leave a legacy. Your legacy will be based on your ability to discover, dream and explore the world around you using life's cosmic equation. It will be designed by the person you become and the people you touch. Effective this moment, you now have the opportunity and responsibility to apply the equation to your life. You now have the knowledge and the technology. Create your dreams and risk to explore them. You have a destiny to fulfill and a purpose to champion.
24 Dec 2012
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Now, this video is so odd no one is going to believe this dude is sane. He literally ate sand and dirt, what type of drug does he take?
29 Jan 2018
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