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*******CharmBraceletWorld**** | Online Charm Order Website On the online charm order website you will find a great selection of charms and bracelets to pick from. The phone number for the site is (877) 217-3414 so you can keep that in your records for when you might need to contact them about an order or any questions that you might have. The online charm order website is set up in a way that is very easy to navigate. You will find all different types of charms to start your own collection or purchase them for a friend to get them started with their selection. You don’t just need to use the charms on bracelets because you can attach them to necklaces, belts and headpieces, too. These make very dramatic statements when you want to dress up, so keep that in mind when you are visiting the online charm order website. With some fantastic charms you will be the talk of the town by accessorizing your looks and adding dramatic flare. With the online charm order website you can find some very personal items that mean a lot to you or the person that you want to give them, too. Choose from all kinds of different musical instruments or other special charms that are special to you or your friend. The selection on the online charm order website is fantastic, so take a few moments to check it out and see what it has to offer you. If you would like to reach them by telephone you can call them at (877) 217-3414 and shop for your charms over the phone, too. One of the easiest ways to see what all they have to offer is to go to the online charm order website which is CharmBraceletWorld**** and take your time finding the right selection for you. Relax and shop during the night or day and when it is most convenient for you. Your jewelry will be mailed to your home and then you can start wearing it right away. Remember to take care of it properly and to also store it somewhere safe and dry. The better you take care of it the longer it will last you.
5 Mar 2010
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*******CharmBraceletWorld**** | Gold Charms Bracelets Website CharmBraceletWorld**** has a large collection of different charm bracelets and additionally they have an extensive collection of charms that can be added to the bracelets. This gold charms bracelets website has an online catalog and products can be ordered online and over the phone. The telephone number for ordering over the phone is (877) 217-3414 and this number can also be called to have any questions answered. Gold charms bracelets are always fun to add to and there are a multitude of different charms that can be added to a gold charm bracelet. This gold charms bracelets website is a great place to find a birthday gift. Birthdays are a good occasion to add a new charm to a gold charms bracelets. There are a variety of different gold charms that can be added to a bracelet based on the month of the recipient's birthday. CharmBraceletWorld**** has birthstone charms for every month that can be set in gold plate, 10 karat gold and 14 karat gold. A birthstone charm that is also an expression of love is the birthstone gem that is encased inside a three dimensional gold wire heart. There is also a circular pendant charm that dispalys the birth month written across the top of the pendant and an arrow going through the center with the birthstone set in the center. To add a birthday charm for gold charms bracelets that are made of only gold there are also gold pendant charms displaying the age of the recipient's birthday. The age of the recipients birthday or a simple "happy birthday" can be displayed inside of a heart charm or embossed upon a scalloped edged or circular pendant. A birthday cake charm is also a fun way to add to gold charms bracelets on a birthday. Visit the gold charms bracelets website at CharmBraceletWorld**** to view all of the different gold charms. The charms can be purchased on the website and can also be ordered over the phone by calling (877) 217-3414. Any additional questions can also be answered and custom orders can be made by calling this number.
13 Mar 2010
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*******CharmBraceletWorld**** Rembrandt Charm Bracelet Start A Legacy. Give A Rembrandt Charm Bracelet Whether you're looking for a gold (10- or 14-carat), gold plate, or sterling silver charm bracelet, nothing says quality like a REMBRANDT CHARM BRACELET. In the world of charm bracelets, only one name is recognized as world renowned. You can purchase yours online at CharmBraceletWorld****, or if you prefer you may call them at (877) 217-3414. Selected by discerning customers as the must-have premier quality bracelet, Rembrandt provides consistent class and distinction to the wearer. The intrinsic value of a REMBRANDT CHARM BRACELET is high because it is backed by a lifetime warranty, something investment-minded clients expect. Rembrandt bracelets come in 7, 8, and 9 inch lengths, though a different length may be custom-ordered. CharmBraceletWorld**** stocks many different types of bracelet: oval, round, double, heart, heart-round, and anchor link, as well as figaro design in several widths. Charm bracelets evolved from protective amulets which were worn to ward off evil spirits. However, during Queen Victoria's reign, charm bracelets rapidly became a fashion statement, laden with jewels, coats-of-arms, or tiny intricate lockets. Later, during WWI and II, soldiers returned to the United States with charms that signified the countries which they freed or in which they toured or fought. Today, a REMBRANDT CHARM BRACELET is used to commemorate a life. From the bracelet's secure links, mementos of a life swing and sway, making a delicate music to accompany the story. A baby shoe may be found there, as well as the Eiffel Tower, a single cross, an intricate alligator whose tail sways with her every move. The shoe commemorates the birth of her first child. The Eiffel Tower was where her husband proposed. The cross represents her favorite grandmother who first took her to church. The alligator represents the college she attended. All of these charms, and many more, are made by Rembrandt. Charm bracelets have become cherished heirlooms, all that's left of a life well-lived. If you want to begin a legacy, begin with Rembrandt. Go to CharmBraceletWorld**** to purchase online, or if you prefer a warm, professional voice on the other end of the phone, call (877) 217-3414 and someone will be glad to assist you in determining which Rembrandt bracelet is right for you.
15 Apr 2010
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