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*******hubpages****/t/13bc8c Club cars are generally golf carts that are specially designed to be used on the golf fields. These golf carts are both investments and collectibles to the collectors. The prices are high that is why club cars are really given much importance. The basic club car accessories include headlights, arm rest, windshield, fender flares and lift kits. A light kit on a club car will allow a person to still drive the club car at night. The golfer will not be limited to using the club car only at daytime. These headlights are easy to install and usually operate given little volts. Arm rest is to ensure that one does not get tired and stressed out inside the club car. Golf carts are usually used for leisure purposes so arm rest is really one of the most important golf cart accessories. Another one is the windshield. The main purpose of the windshield is to shield the driver from wind especially if the wind at a given time is relatively strong. Strong wind poses the possibility of having a difficult time driving. Fender flares are also club car accessories. While they sound to be not very much significant, these are also worth the investment. Fender flares are not just for stylish purposes but also for the safety of both the vehicle and the driver. Club car lift kits are especially useful if one want to have exciting off-road experience using club cars. Club cars also have golf cart dash accessories. These include new custom looking dashes, volt meters and fuel gauges. Again, adding golf cart dash accessories has both practical and aesthetic reasons. The practical reason is that it prevents the vehicle from running out of gas. Of course, the aesthetic reason is very obvious for one can customize one’s golf cart dash accessories. Aside from having club car accessories, maintenance accessories are equally important. Thus, if one really wants to protect his golf cart, he should be willing to invest and shell out enough money for the protection of the golf cart as well as the parts and accessories he purchased. The type of maintenance accessories depend on the club car one has. There are electric cart accessories and gas cart accessories. Having a club car really equates to having the discretion and freedom to choose among many options. If the owner is not yet satisfied with his club car, he has the option to upgrade it. Upgrading comes in different ways. The most used version of upgrading is enhancing the speed. There are different steps in enhancing the speeds of a gas cart and an electric cart. While enhancing speed is not one of the club car accessories, enhancing the speed allows the driver to choose between slow and fast driving that gives further thrill and excitement to having a club car.
14 Apr 2010
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Stream live - ******* Stream live - Bob Hope Classic golf 2011 live online at the SilverRock Resort - trueonlinetv- live golf Dreesen will make his 17th consecutive Bob Hope Classic appearance and 20th overall, joining Bob Hope, Andy Williams, Glen Campbell, Johnny Bench, Gerald Ford, Gary Morton and Lawrence Welk as the Classic's only celebrities to play 20 years. Dreesen has the longest active playing streak in the Classic among celebrities. Cropper, Green, Morrow, Gallagher, Wolf, Ferrara, Dovolani, Lythgoe, Gault, Gervin, Sullivan, Liguori and Baier are scheduled to make their Classic debuts in the celebrity golfing field.
20 Jan 2011
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