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Lucas (Paul Dano) es un joven de buen corazón que vive en una caja de cartón debajo del puente de Brooklyn. Sin perspectivas para el futuro, intenta suicidarse, pero su intento acaba fallando, como todas las cosas que ha intentado en su vida... Mientras se recupera en el hospital, tiene que compartir la habitación con Jacques (Brian Cox), un malhumorado propietario de un bar, de carácter colérico y estilo de vida nada saludable, que acaba de sufrir su quinto infarto.
11 Jun 2010
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Livet överraskar som mest när man som minst anar det! Jacques (Brian Cox) äger en nedslitet bar i New Yorks mindre hippa kvarter. Han har en grupp stamkunder som får baren att gå runt och han gör sitt yttersta för att skrämma iväg nya besökare. Jacques har ett fruktansvärt humör som går ut över bargästerna, men under den burdusa ytan döljer sig ett gott hjärta. Efter en av många hjärtattacker för ödet för honom samman med den tystlåtne uteliggaren Lucas (Paul Dano) på ett sjukhus. Dano har ännu ett misslyckat självmordsförsök bakom sig. Mot alla odds blir dessa två udda individer vänner och Jacques är övertygad om att Lucas är den som ska ta över hans bar en gång. När flygvärdinnan April kliver över tröskeln till baren tar sig historien en ny vändning. Brian Cox (känd för sina starka roller i filmer som Braveheart, The Long Kiss Goodnight, X-Men 2, Troja, The Ring, The Bourn Identity) gör här en av sina bästa roller.
3 Dec 2010
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Good heart breaks bad luck
26 May 2010
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12 Jan 2011
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U know u like iiit! Good heart is unstoppable! Watch how Good heart sneaks up on unsuspecting ppl...its hilarious!
17 Jun 2008
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31 Jul 2009
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How to Lower abnormally slow heart rate Naturally|slow heart rate condition A normal heart rate is anywhere between 60 and 100 beats per minute in adults.[1] If you have noticed that your heart rate is high, or if your doctor has told you so, you may be worried. Although human heart rates have some natural variation, an abnormally high heart rate can lead to many serious health conditions, including a stroke, a heart attack, or lung disease. If your heart rate is higher than is healthy, there are some things you can do to lower it naturally. 1 Eat foods high in magnesium to support enzymes. Magnesium is one of the most essential minerals to maintaining heart health. It plays an active role in the functioning of over 350 enzymes in your body, which support the functioning of heart muscle and the relaxing of blood vessels. Talk to your doctor about the right amount of magnesium for you (too much can lower your heart rate to dangerous levels). Foods rich in magnesium include: Green leafy vegetables such as spinach Whole grains Nuts (such as almonds, walnuts, and cashews) 2 Get adequate amounts of potassium in your diet. Potassium has a significant role to play in your health as it is essential for the proper functioning of all cells, tissues, and organs in the body. Among these roles, potassium impacts your heart rate, and increasing your intake of it can lower your heart rate. Talk to your doctor about the right amount of potassium for you, since too much may slow your heart rate to a dangerous level. Foods rich in potassium include: Meats (beef, pork, chicken) Some fish (salmon, cod, flounder) Most fruits and vegetables Legumes (beans and lentils) Dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt, etc.) 3 Include calcium in your diet to maintain heart health. Calcium, an electrolyte like potassium and magnesium, is essential for heart health.[14] Your heartbeat’s strength depends very much on the calcium in the heart muscles’ cells. Therefore, to have your heart muscles .
28 Sep 2017
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These guys are doing great charity work by feeding countless monkeys and cows with apples.
3 Dec 2019
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Some people with good hearts want to help the baby... Surprise
23 Mar 2006
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Sam babysits very wealthy teenagers in the Texas Panhandle. Being from California and a former college football player(freaking' huge), Sam doesn't have much in common with his clients. But with Sam's personaltiy, humor, and overall good heart, the relationship works.
11 Jun 2007
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Imagine a warm and sunny place where kind good hearted people inhabit important cities that stand out against beautiful and unexplored natural places…. That’s Baja California.
3 Apr 2008
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Sheila Crispin Cook, mother of four young children and nationally renowned glassblower, bites off more than she can chew when she agrees to co-chair the Nantucket's Children Summer Gala. Sheila is asked to chair the benefit, in part, because she is the former high school sweetheart of rock star Max West. Max agrees to play the gala and it looks like smooth sailing for Sheila-until she promises a "museum-quality" piece of glass for the auction, offers her best friend the catering job, goes nose-to-nose with her Manhattan socialite co-chair, and begins a "good-hearted" affair with the charity's Executive Director, Lockhart Dixon.
4 Jul 2008
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