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This might look like a good parenting technique to some, but this might harm the child in the long run. Fear and violence isn't the way to go.
28 Oct 2019
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Matt chats with author Stephanie Klein about her latest book "Moose, a memoir of fat camp."
23 Mar 2010
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How much do parents need to stay involved in their kids lives? In her book, "Parenting Is A Contact Sport", Dr. Joanne Stern argues that we need to have daily contact with our kids and not give up on that as they get older.
23 Mar 2010
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Matt sits down with "Pink Brain, Blue Brain" author Lise Eliot, Ph.D.
24 Mar 2010
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Matt sits down with author Warren Seiler to talk about problems with the kids today being narcissistic.
5 May 2010
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Amy Wilson, the creator and star of the one-woman off-Broadway show "Mother Load," speaks with Matt about "When Did I Get Like This?"
22 Jun 2010
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"Not Ready for Mom Jeans" is a laugh-out-loud novel about motherhood, life, and the quest for eight hours of sleep.
2 Sep 2010
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*******www.goodparentingtipsandadvice**** - Whenever you have to offer parenting advice to your kids, then consider their personality and behaviour as well. Taking care of children according to their psychological response is one of the best tips any expert can offer. Parents need to explore other ways of treating kids with care.
14 Apr 2011
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Dr. Samantha Nutt has spent her career traveling to war-torn nations to help women and children who are suffering. She has seen first hand where our relief money goes, and why it often doesn't serve the needs that are needed most. She sits down with Matt to talk about her book, "Damned Nations: Greed, Guns, Armies & Aid."
7 Dec 2011
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You don't always need to punish or shout to make your kid behave the way you want. You can be creative with your kid.
27 Dec 2020
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Family therapist Arden Greenspan-Goldberg gives parents advice about what it takes to be a good parent. And the answer is surprisingly simple.
14 Mar 2010
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*******www.Pampers**** Youre a good parent, but your parenting efforts are hindered by meddlesome inlaws. What do you do? If your father inlaw undermines your parenting consistently -- its a problem. How do you deal with inlaw issues? Visit the Pampers Parenting Network and receive advice on what makes a good parent. Your parenting neednt be hindered any longer.
21 Oct 2010
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