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Entre otras cosas, el otoño invita a esas escapadas de fin de semana por el campo para apreciar el cambio de color de la naturaleza. Sin embargo, antes de emprender esta aventura, necesita estar seguro de que su vehículo está listo para la ruta. Estos son cinco elementos que recomendamos revisar antes de emprender su viaje este otoño: 1. Revisar los Neumáticos (revise el dibujo de la llanta y la presión del neumático para mejorar el rendimiento del combustible) 2. Cambiar las Escobillas (el calor del verano puede debilitar las escobillas y volverlas ineficaces en tiempo de lluvia) 3. Llenar el Fluido Limpiaparabrisas (llevar en su baúl un galón extra de fluido limpiaparabrisas nunca está demás cuando va llegando el invierno) 4. Revisar el Nivel del Refrigerante (asegúrese de que el motor esté frío antes de hacerlo) 5. Revisar el Aceite y Cambiarlo si es Necesario (use su sistema exclusivo GM Oil Life para constatar lo que le resta de vida al aceite). Estos elementos pueden ser revisados -antes de comenzar su viaje- en su garaje o calzada en menos de 15 minutos. Usted puede también llevar su carro a su concesionario local Goodwrench para una inspección más cuidadosa por parte de un técnico certificado. Estos sencillos consejos pueden ahorrarle tiempo, dinero y la molestia de que su viaje de otoño se arruine por una simple reparación que podría haberse prevenido. Los chequeos y reparaciones del carro en otoño son especialmente importantes ya que la mayoría de los conductores han sometido a sus vehículos al desgaste del verano, y pronto volverán a “castigarlos” con la llegada del invierno. Mantener a su vehículo funcionando al máximo mejorará también su economía de combustible. Recuerde que si sale a la ruta con un carro mal mantenido, las hojas pueden no ser lo único que se torne rojo. Para más información sobre reparación y consejos de mantenimiento de su vehículo, visite el sitio Web de Goodwrench en www.goodwrench****. Producido para GM Goodwrench
18 Oct 2007
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Fall is a time for weekend drives to the cider mill, tailgating trips to cheer your alma mater to victory or a simple country color tour to see the changing autumn leaves. However, before you hop in the car to begin any of these adventures you need to make sure your vehicle is ready for the open road. Here’s a list of the top five items we recommend everyone should check or have performed before hitting the road for a fall trip: 1. Check car tires (check tread and pressure to help improve gas mileage) 2. Replace windshield wiper blades (summer heat can make the blades brittle and ineffective in rainy weather) 3. Fill washer fluid (it doesn’t hurt to keep an extra gallon of washer fluid in the trunk as winter weather starts creeping in) 4. Check engine coolant level (make sure the engine is cold before checking this one) 5. Check oil level and change if needed (use your exclusive GM Oil Life System to check your remaining oil life) These items can be easily checked in your garage or driveway in less than 15 minutes before starting your trip. You can also take your vehicle into your local Goodwrench dealer for a more thorough car inspection by a certified technician. These quick tips can save time, money and the hassle of having your fall trip ruined by a simple auto repair that could have been prevented. Fall check-ups and vehicle repairs are especially important because most owners have subjected their vehicles to wear and tear through the peak summer driving months, and will soon be putting them through their paces in winter driving. Keeping your vehicle operating at its peak condition will also improve your fuel economy. And if you do happen to hit the roads with a poorly maintained vehicle, the leaves may not be the only thing turning red out there. For more helpful vehicle repair information and maintenance tips, visit the Goodwrench Web site at www.goodwrench**** Produced for GM Goodwrench
5 Oct 2007
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November 2006 (Medialink) -- Kevin Harvick's recent performances in the Expertise Challenge mean big bucks not only for his No. 29 Goodwrench racing team, but for budding goodwrenchers across the country. Following a second Challenge race win, $200,000 was donated for scholarships to encourage men and women to pursue careers as automotive technicians. That's good news for the automotive industry - which anticipates it will need 35,000 new technicians every year for the next five years. A new breed of technician is needed today to fix cars, since every major function that's part of a car is controlled by computers. In addition to the scholarship money, 29 Chevy Avalanches were given out to lucky fans as part of the No. 29 Goodwrench Expertise Challenge. Produced for General Motors
5 Jan 2007
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Automaker Honors Vehicle Warranties During Restructuring Period Although the U.S. Government has guaranteed the warranties of all General Motors vehicles during its reorganization period, some consumers are still worried about car servicing and resale value. However, despite dealership closings and brands disappearing, GM will still have the largest dealer network in the country. In fact, thousands of dealerships will remain open and continue to provide Goodwrench warranty service. They will also continue to use skilled technicians and original equipment parts. In addition, experts say the most important factor in a vehicle's resale value is not whether the brand still exists, but how well the car is maintained. Source: General Motors
23 Jun 2009
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Consumers Save Money and Increase Vehicle Value April is Spring Car Care Month and with consumers trying to stretch every dollar, the average car is staying on the road two years longer, so keeping your "clunker" in tip-top shape is more important than ever. Kelley Blue Book says the typical vehicle is sold at least three times during its lifetime, some many more, but in order to keep the value up, the vehicle must be well maintained. Despite the belief that once a warranty expires it's best to find an independent garage, it may not be as cost effective as it once was. In fact, some GM Goodwrench dealerships will post their costs against local competitors so owners can compare and shop. In addition, with increased automotive technology and higher quality cars being manufactured, repairs often require a certified technician. Even if your vehicle is six or seven years old, technicians, like those at a Goodwrench dealership, are constantly getting updated information for both routine maintenance and complicated repairs.
18 Apr 2010
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GM Goodwrench and AAA with advice to make sure your car is ready to roll this Summer Sun block, check. Beach chairs, check. IPod, check. Tires? Before your family hits the road this summer, don't forget to make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape. As the great American road trip continues to make a comeback and summer travel gets into full swing, AAA is predicting more than nine and a half million break downs. Flat tires and dead batteries are the most common problem. However, following a few simple tips for preventative maintenance can save time, aggravation and money. Before you gas up and go, experts suggests having your belts, hoses, brakes, lights, wiper blades, engine oil and coolant checked. GM Goodwrench also recommends you should also visually inspect your tires, at least once a month, for bulges or protruding objects. It's also important to routinely rotate them, following the recommended timeframe can prolong the life of your tires and save you money. Produced for General Motors
29 May 2010
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Foster Auto Service Toronto - Tires for all makes and models. Great selection low prices. We have GM trained technicians to service all your GM repairs and GM Service.
6 Feb 2010
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Servicing all makes and servicing all GM Makes and Models. Certified Technicians with years of experience. State of the art diagnostic equipment. Customer service driven environment. Location 3447 Sheppard Ave East, Toronto. *******autoservicetoronto****
1 Feb 2010
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*******ChevroletMemphis**** Chevrolet Dealerships In Memphis TN Chevrolet Dealerships In Memphis TN Few vehicle manufacturers have been around as long as Chevy, and the name has become synonymous with reliability over the last couple decades. Chevrolet dealerships in Memphis TN are not too difficult to find and the easiest way is to call *******ChevroletMemphis**** at (877) 322-2709. Due to the fact that there are an abundance of Chevrolet dealerships in Memphis TN, potential car buyers are often wondering how to choose which one to try first. All car dealers are in the business to sell vehicles, but it's important to develop a relationship with a dealer that is more interested in long term dealings than selling one car and moving on. Service after the sale is a huge factor in a customer's satisfaction, so it is often necessary to visit the bay areas of each dealership and talk with the advisors. Many of the Chevrolet dealerships in Memphis TN will throw in freebies such as complimentary oil changes. While this may seem like a losing proposition for them, it provides a great opportunity for their staff to show how professional and trustworthy they can be. One of the most interesting aspects of the Chevrolet dealerships in Memphis TN is that individuals looking for all types of different cars are sure to find an adequate match. From large trucks to sport utility vehicles to sports cars and sedans, Chevy has an impressive line of vehicles. For individuals living in zip codes: 38115, 38197, 38181, 38173, 38168, 38152, 38146, 38130, 38127 and 37501, the next vehicle purchase could be as close as visiting ChevroletMemphis**** or calling them at (877) 322-2709. Although some consumers will of course have their financing prepared before they walk on the lot, reputable Chevrolet dealerships in Memphis TN can help individuals with various types of credit situations and circumstances. The factory rebates and incentives are always changing, so it is normally advisable for a consumer to go ahead and reach out and contact a professional at the dealership. This simple process will enable the dealer to keep clients and future clients aware of exciting programs and things that otherwise would simply be missed out on. ChevroletMemphis**** covers all areas of Memphis including zip codes: 38115, 38197, 38181, 38173, 38168, 38152, 38146, 38130, 38127 and 37501. For consumers that prefer not to disclose personal information online or use the internet to find their next vehicle, they can also be reached by telephone at (877) 322-2709.
1 May 2010
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*******ChevroletMemphis**** We're Not Sunrise Chevrolet Collieville We're Not Sunrise Chevrolet Collieville *******ChevroletMemphis**** We’re not Sunrise Chevrolet in Collieville. In fact, we are known as Chuck Hutton Chevrolet, and we have the services that you need in order to succeed. We know exactly what our customers want, and we are not afraid to sow it. We offer low prices, financing, and even incentives on the cars that you purchase. We have a wealth of information just waiting to be passed down to you, and we have the services that you need- all at one car dealership. It does not matter if you need a car, parts for your current car, complete body shop servicing, maintenance for your car, or even accessories for your car. We have it all, and we have the prices that allow you to get what you need immediately. We are not Sunrise Chevrolet in Collieville, and we will not waste your time with petty context that will cause you trouble. We care about our customers, and all we want to do is help you in every way possible. If you are interested in our services, do not hesitate to contact us at 877 322 2709. Getting a car can be quite confusing. This is why we offer both new and used cars for you. We know that if you cannot afford a new car, the first thing you will look at is a used car. There is nothing wrong with this. All of our used cars run in perfect condition. If they did not, we would not sell it to you. In fact, we would not even have it in the first place. We perform maintenance on all of our cars in order to make sure that they run as good as new. If you live in the following zip codes, you can take advantage of all of our services immediately: 38115, 38197, 38181, 38173, 38168, 38152, 38146, 38130, 38127, and 37501. We have everything that you need, and we know how to give it to you. All of our employees are known for their exceptional service. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at 877 322 2709. We will gladly answer any questions that you may have. If you are interested in our financing options, do not worry. When you give us a call, just ask about our guaranteed credit approval. There is no doubt that you will be happy about what you hear.
18 May 2010
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*******ChevroletMemphis**** Tire Store Memphis TN Tire Store Memphis TN *******ChevroletMemphis**** The tires on your vehicle are very important, not only for the way your vehicle runs, but also for your safety. With that in mind, when you need to buy a set of tires, you don't want to just go to anyone who will just sell you tires, put them on, take your money, and send you on your way. Instead, you are going to want a tire shop that knows what they are doing, has full knowledge about the mechanics of a vehicle, and knows the way a vehicle operates. If you want to get a jump start on a company that will give you the best tire replacement service you ever received in your life, call (877) 322-2709. If you are looking for a tire store Memphis TN, you have got to check out Chuck Hutton Chevrolet. They will have the tires you need to replace those old worn down tires that you have been rolling your car with. Chuck Hutton Chevrolet also offers some of the best deals that you will ever find when purchasing tires, it will pay you to pay them a visit when purchasing your tires. The great thing about purchasing your tires from Chuck Hutton Chevrolet is that they not only sell tires, but also sell vehicles, as well as service vehicles. This lets you know that you are dealing with professionals who know every aspect there is when it comes to cars. Lots of times when you visit a tire store Memphis TN, they put on the tires and that's it. It does not work that way at Chuck Hutton Chevrolet. The mechanical staff at Chuck Hutton Chevrolet will be able to inform you about other problems or needs you may want to consider on your vehicle. Since they offer a full time vehicle maintenance service, they can easily tell you if there are any problems with your shocks, struts, suspension, or any other mechanical errors that you should be aware of. While at Chuck Hutton Chevrolet, you may want to check out their parts department if you are in need of something. The parts department is run by professionals who know their business very well. There is also a body shop just in case you need any body work done. Again, the professionals who do the body work are professionals at what they do and are complete experts at what they do. Do you or anyone you know want to buy a new or pre-owned vehicle? If so, Chuck Hutton Chevrolet is the perfect place to make your next vehicle purchase, they make getting you financed real easy without any hassles. As you can see, Chuck Hutton Chevrolet is a great tire store Memphis TN, that also offers much more to its customers. Those in the 38115, 38197, 38181, 38173, 38168, 38152, 38146, 38130, 38127, and 37501 zip codes will find that Chuck Hutton Chevrolet is not far from them at all and are highly encouraged to stop by for a visit. A website is also available at *******ChevroletMemphis****, or you can call at (877) 322-2709.
3 Jun 2010
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Every vehicle requires proper maintenance to perform its best. Our GM Goodwrench service experts provide the care recommended in your Owner's Manual. For the ultimate value, choose from any of the package deals - or select from the A La Carte menu.
4 Dec 2008
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Every vehicle requires proper maintenance to perform its best. At Sir Walter Chevrolet, our GM Goodwrench service experts provide the care recommended in your Owner's Manual. We provide premium service at value price.
4 Dec 2008
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