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6 Aug 2007
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Watch out how Indian Government works in Parliment
12 Sep 2007
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SPECIAL EPISODE! Uncle Jay explains "The Government." Why is the government always in the news instead of the GOOD stuff, like Britney & Bratz? Find out how government "works." Hahaha.
29 Oct 2007
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Gov. Romney On Government Spending
2 Nov 2007
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Americans are being defrauded into paying a federal income tax which is not only unconstitutional but has no legal statue. Our government is ripping us off!
30 Dec 2007
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waste in the federal government.
31 Dec 2007
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Government Flying Service video Aircrafts Fleet: Eurocopter Dauplin EC155 B1
16 Jan 2008
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Is the government hidden the truth about the U.F.O.s? Part 1 of 2.
10 Feb 2008
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Is the government hidden the truth about the U.F.O.s? Part 2 of 2. "I am exactly sure of what I saw. I know what mainstream science is like, I know where physics stand - I know all of that - and this is an extraterrestial craft, this technology is hundreds and hundreds of years in advance of us, and that's the end of that story." - Bob Lazar
29 Dec 2008
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Many times small businesses do not realize or do not believe that government assistance is available. SmallBusinessNewz Reporter Abby Prince has checked out several agencies and gives a few that could be of great help. Check out the recommendations, only on SmallBusinessNewz.
18 Feb 2008
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*******PortalPicks****/grants - Thousands of dollars are up for the taking through US Government Grants. Knowing exactly where to look for personal and government business grants isn't always obvious. Also, how do you apply for this free grant money? Watch this video and find out. Then discover Americas ulimate grant source at: *******PortalPicks****/grants
9 Apr 2008
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Consumer and Health Groups Urge Federal Government to Mandate Standardized Information on Alcohol Labels A coalition of public interest groups today called for the federal government to end 30 years of "deliberations and fact finding" by issuing a useful final regulation to require standardized labeling information on beer, wine and distilled spirits products. At a news conference in Washington, members of a broad-based coalition of public health leaders and consumer advocacy organizations used the occasion of Alcohol Awareness Month to release a white paper laying out the need for an easy-to-read, standardized label that will provide consumers with complete information about alcohol and calorie content per serving. Issued as a nationwide call to action, the white paper concludes that easily accessible alcohol labeling can play an important role in reducing alcohol abuse, drunk driving, and the many diseases attributable to excessive alcohol intake, such as liver cirrhosis and cancers of the upper gastrointestinal tract. To view Multimedia News Release, go to *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/aam/32795/
24 Apr 2008
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