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I am SEMcCaa, I am from Dallas, Texas... I am deaf and want to spread this words to you all and how to save your school, etc.. I am here to discuss on Texas politics, regarding to closing deaf school, income tax, cochlear implants, etc... I am here to discuss on 4 different governors you may not know... 2 of them are unconsitutional and other 2 are consitutional... I will make other vlog for Texas politics and any issues you want to know... I will be glad to answer yours... Thank you
15 Jun 2009
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Transcript by Newsy**** BY PAUL ROLFE You're watching multisource environment news from Newsy What the frack? Environmentalists and industry both win? Outgoing New York Governor David Paterson extended a moratorium on horizontal hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, until July 1 -- a good thing for environmentalists. But WXXI reports - he also vetoed a bill that would have been even tougher on the gas drilling industry, so it’s also happy. ANCHOR: “Paterson says the bill was too broad, and while it would have temporarily banned the horizontal hydrofracking practice that has raised questions about environmental safety, it would also have ended so-called vertical hydrofracking, a practice Paterson says has been carried out safely in the state for decades.” GOV. PATERSON: “To actually shut the industry down, based on research, would be an irresponsible act of government.” Fracking involves pumping water, sand and a small amount of toxic chemicals into the ground to release natural gas trapped in shale rock. The solution pushes through the ground -- fracturing rock below. Governor Paterson wanted to distinguish between the more untested horizontal fracking method of drilling for gas and the generally accepted vertical fracking. But environmentalists argue both methods have damaged public drinking water. “..vertical hydrofracking could cause as much environmental damage as horizontal drilling, pointing to the extensive pollution in Dimock, Pa., which was caused by vertical drilling.” (New York Daily News) CBS visited a man who says he’s been fracked. Here, he demonstrates how his contaminated water catches on fire when lit. And National Resource Defence Council’s Kate Sindling says the permission for vertical fracking could be a loop hole for the natural gas industry. “State law mandates that only one horizontal well can be drilled per square mile, whereas 16 vertical wells could occupy the same area, carrying with them significant additional surface disturbance and environmental impacts.” And that fracking loophole -- The New York Times reports -- only means Governor Paterson successfully kicked the proverbial can down the road. When the moratorium expires as early as July of next year, incoming Governor Andrew Cuomo will have to deal will the issue head-on. “The industry deems any moratorium unnecessary and misguided. ... Still, the basic dynamic showed two things: the future of gas drilling in New York remains up for grabs, and the issue has now been tossed into the lap of the incoming governor... you can assume the issue is reaching critical mass.” The oil and gas association says the legislation could have resulted in a net loss of nearly $800,000 in real property taxes and $1.4 million in royalty payments. The EPA is still expected to have a study to conclusively say whether fracking is harming drinking wells in 2012. Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy
15 Dec 2010
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