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This is the only video interview of Emil Amos from the acclaimed indy rockers, Grails. Credits: Filming-SomeGuys Production Company Video Editing-Austin Keenan and Danny Smith Special Thanks:Grails,Holy Sons and performing musicians,Club Europa
24 Jun 2008
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The Louvre of Paris may have been used for shooting of a movie, but a Biblical truth appears to have been buried in the archives for later discovery. Art often mimics truth, and the "holy grail" of sorts is being revealed.
15 Dec 2008
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12 Mar 2009
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16 Mar 2009
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The Perfect Corner venture towards Lake Constance in search of Andy Wagner and the wholly grail of Laverda parts. Unfortunately we miss Andy but the ride to Konstanz the inland lake city is memorable.
16 Apr 2009
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18 Nov 2009
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Holy Grail Residuals Presentation
7 May 2010
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21 Apr 2010
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27 Apr 2010
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24 May 2010
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BY ANTHONY MARTINEZ In a developing story, after a series of delayed launches at Cape Canaveral, NASA finally gave the thumbs up for Delta II’s lift off. The rocket is carrying two satellite probes that will map the inner core of the moon. Here’s NASA’s launch coverage… “10…9…8…7...6…5…4…3…2…1…0. And lift off, of the Delta II with GRAIL, journey to the center of the moon." The $500 million pair of washing machine-sized satellites seem to carry a significant load in their short 90-day mission time. Voice of America reports they are expected to find stunning new information about the moon. “NASA expects GRAIL to yield the most accurate gravity map of the Moon to date. Scientists will then compare gravitational and topographical maps of the lunar surface. They explain that as the lunar shape varies, gravity varies. NASA says the insights gained from the GRAIL mission will help them better understand the way rocky planets, including Earth, formed.” GRAIL is short for Gravity Recovering and Interior Laboratory. It is NASA’s first mission to ever encompass a technique that’s known as “precision formation flying” beyond Earth’s orbit. Here’s LA Times’ explanation of the technique. “Two spacecraft will fly in locked formation and will speak to each other through a high-frequency signal rather than to scientists on the ground. As they orbit together, even minute changes in gravity will change the distance between the craft — allowing for the first true ‘map’ of the moon's gravitational field, even on the far side of the moon… Some scientists say GRAIL marks the beginning of a revolution in planetary science.” The satellites are expected to land on Dec. 31, the other on New Years, and will spend 82 days flying over the lunar poles, linked only by radio waves. Keep up to date with Newsy by ensuring you're using the latest version of our mobile apps. Check the app store for updates now! Transcript by Newsy.
13 Sep 2011
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World Transformation Movement *******www.worldtransformation**** Commendation from former President of Canadian Psychiatric Association Professor Harry Prosen: "I have no doubt this biological explanation of Jeremy Griffith's is the holy grail of insight we have sought for the psychological rehabilitation of the human race".
24 Dec 2011
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