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This is a 1926 Aeolian Gramophone that I have just finished restoring. I did submit this as a PDF but this was my first time submitting to this site and I have discovered this format is much better. I also Restore Upright Wooden and Bakelite Valve Radios as well as Radiograms.
5 Jul 2006
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Today we launch the Gramovox™ Bluetooth Gramophone on Kickstarter. Its bold design and vintage sound are inspired by the 1920s Magnavox R3 horn speaker. The Gramovox's form and function are a marriage of vintage and modern aesthetics– producing a timeless piece that allows you to stream nostalgia.
26 Nov 2013
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New Branded Turntables || Music Turntables || New Gramophone House. ___________________________________________________ Shop Located: Shop No. 9, Opp Moti Cinema, Main Road, Chandni Chowk, Delhi - 110006 _______________________________________ Contact : +91-9990955557 / +91-9810955557 / 011-47043947 _______________________________________
10 Jul 2017
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Shop Located: Shop No. 9, Opp Moti Cinema, Main Road, Chandni Chowk, Delhi - 110006 _______________________________________ Contact : +91-9990955557 / +91-9810955557 / 011-47043947 _______________________________________
11 Jul 2017
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HAPPY MONSOON "Rainy Days Should be Spent at Home with a cup of tea & a good music" *feel the music & Keep Enjoy our Monsoon Offer!!!
30 Jul 2019
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DIE JUGEND - DRAMA directed - Marco Monfardini music - Drama camera - Luca Breschi 16:9 color Suite inc. /Suitevision 2008 Drama aka Marco Monfardini has founded with Mirco Magnani the independent label Suite inc./Suiteque/Suitevision in the 90's. Marco has been working on the project Minox since the 80's and he has collaborated with Steven Brown and Blaine Reininger of Tuxedomoon and most recently with Murcof, Nobukazu Takemura, Lydia Lunch and The Gentle People. He has produced with Minox some Suite inc./Suiteque releases (MissQLee, Enfantronique, Dubital, Krisma, etc.). He has also given life to the projects 4D killer and Technophonic Chamber Orchestra with Mirco and recently Schnitt with the german dj Fräulein Amelie. Drama started his project in 2000 with The gramophone selection a dj set completed with gramophones, evoking an early twentieth century atmosphere, a sound based on current club culture, mixed with voices from historical memory, Salvador Dali, Antonin Artuad, Jean Cocteau, and spoken words with over-lapping and downbeat rhythms, creates an expressionist mixture which is given Brechtian treatment, a futuristic fusion.
23 Jun 2009
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Sinhala Old Gramophone Song
15 Jun 2011
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Excellent LG Mobile ad.
19 Feb 2006
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Here are some photos of a REXONOLA that i have restored, this was built in 1925. There is also some photos of a AEOLIAN i have restored on this site as well.
26 Sep 2006
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Video shows how you can get interesting effects on guitar by using pickup (humbucker) selector.
5 Mar 2008
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directed - Marco Monfardini music - Drama 4:3 B/N Dramascope 2008 Dramarchive 2008
24 Jun 2009
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12 Aug 2019
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12 Aug 2019
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13 Aug 2019
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