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This is when Mareg died on Valmar's Moon as he was letting Ryudo, Elena, and Tio escape. However, the Granasaber's energy is almost depleted and so Mareg prayed to Granas to let Ryudo and the others escape. The prayer is as follows:"Hey, Granas! Are you listening? This is my first and last prayer to you. If you have any power left, take them away, away to safety!"Then he was totally grumbled by Valmar's monsters and the moon's craters were lit.Ryudo, Elena and Tio were able to escape, however, the Granasaber was destroyed after it landed back to Earth at the South of Cyrum Kingdom but Ryudo, Elena and Tio was unharmed.
22 Mar 2010
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Largest Soccer Tournament in NM!
15 Sep 2011
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The Movie
14 Oct 2012
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Looking back at the Grandia Series
20 Apr 2013
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15 May 2012
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A short video I did in a month from concept to finished as a 3rd quarter school project. A fictional documentary on four video gamers and their quest to destroy the Iris of Papyrus!
23 Apr 2008
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Love it or hate it, here's the beginning of Japanese Sonic Next-Gen for those who may prefer to listen to the Japanese voices on Youtube. See it all from beginning to end in the best order in which the scenes happen in real time (such as it is). In this act, we are introduced to Silver the Hedgehog, a warrior from the future that continuously battles with Iblis, the Flames of Disaster, along with his friend, Blaze the Cat. They confront the mysterious Mephiles who sends them to the future to assassinate who may have caused their bleak future, the Iblis Trigger... Sonic?! Hope you enjoy! :) Personal comments: Yes, both Silver's Tropical Jungle and Blaze's Wave Ocean are cut. They weren't all that necessary and wasted time, though I didn't like having to cut Blaze's solo level. All in all, I'm trying to cut back and make this project a little shorter in length... More voice comparisons! Now, I can listen to either Mike Pollock or Chikao Ohtsuka and not choose who is better as Eggman, just like how it was when the late Deem Bristow voiced him. Eggman/Robotnik seems to be the only Sonic character who is consistently well-casted. I admit, just like how many others agree, Mike Pollock is one of the only (if not THE ONLY) 4Kids actors that truly deserves his role. Elise... well, I don't really care much for this character in the first place, but Maaya Sakamoto performs her role SO MUCH BETTER than Lacey Chabert. And it kinda sucks, too, as Lacey Chabert is a good actress and is experienced in voice acting (for example, Eliza Thornberry in "The Wild Thornberries") but her performance is weak at best. And it's weird because in the end game credits, she's the only one to have "Lacey Chabert as Princess Elise" while the 4Kids actors are listed without their respective roles. It reminds me of how the game, Grandia Xtreme, emphasizes how Mark Hamill and Dean Cain were part of the voice cast but they don't give it their best performances in that either. So, you know, what's the point in highlighting these people who are deemed "big-name actors/celebrities" when they don't do anything to show for it? ...Yeah, I'm on the Ryan Drummond side; I don't particularly appreciate Jason Griffith's performance of Sonic, but that's all I'm saying about it 'cause it's been said enough by others. I think Junichi Kanemaru is the better of the two current Sonic voices; end of story.
13 Oct 2009
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