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Simple Matrix effects with graphing calculator
19 Jun 2007
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A quick movie with self-created music showing the development of an American Flag on an xy plane. The graph is composed of 69 equations and 58 shades.
21 Oct 2007
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Changing the appearance of the smiley graph by adding and taking away equations. Turning that frown upside down.
28 Oct 2007
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Graphwise is search engine beta version for table data. There are more than 1008230 source documents tracked, 2770783 tables extracted 177663307 system graphs derived. Here you can search for graphs from table data found on the web and custom graph made by other users. Also you can upload the URLs of pages containing data tables that interest to you and share with millions of users in Graphwise community and in your network. The complete illustration of uploading the table data in Graphwise is detailed here
5 Nov 2007
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*******live.pirillo**** - I'm not much of a math guy, but I do love graphics. Seeing numbers turn into charts or graphs is just cool to me. Google has created an easy way to make a chart or graph easily simply by typing in a URL.
9 Dec 2007
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The Foundation of Expiration Graphs
17 Dec 2007
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learn to make graphs in excel 2007 in 1 minute
26 Dec 2007
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The Right Tool for Back-To-School: TI-Nspire Graphing Calculator by Texas Instruments helps students excel in math by offering interactive features, a large screen, and more. For parents stocking up on back-to-school gear, Texas Instruments latest graphing calculator for beginning algebra through college-level math courses is one purchase that won't go out of style. The TI-Nspire™ graphing calculator is a major advancement in learning technology, adding computer-like features and enhancements which are shown to deepen student's understanding of math. The TI-Nspire graphing calculator includes a large screen, mouse-like controls and spreadsheet capabilities similar to a laptop. These features are intuitive for today's tech-savvy students and help them visualize and interact with the math in real-time to gain a deeper understanding. Unlike laptops, TI-Nspire graphing calculators are allowed on SAT*, ACT and AP* tests helping students apply the math they learn in the classroom to achieve higher scores on these important college entrance exams. To view Multimedia News Release, go to *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/texasinstruments/34409/
12 Aug 2008
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Why present your data in a boring spreadsheet like manner when you can represent it using a 3D graph in iWork Keynote. We'll show you how easy it is to do it!
18 Sep 2008
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*******youtube****/user/videoprofessor - Learn how to set up reports and create graphs in the popular personal finance management software Quicken. This tutorial was produced by Video Professor.
30 Sep 2008
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TutorMan explains how to graph a line when the equation is already in slope-intercept form: y = mx + b Please check out other videos on other topics at: *******www.tutormanianet.blogspot****
11 Nov 2010
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This video shows how to graph an equation. For a much more detailed discussion on graphing and all other calculator functions, click here: shop.ebay.
27 Apr 2009
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