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Water flowing up instead of down will not just baffle your science teacher and enlighten the class as to the true principles behind circulation in trees and plants. This simple experiment should be shown in every science book and every budding scientist should at least observe it But preferably repeat these experiments in order to appreciate how important they are. The Education Authority for now is hanging on to erroneous outdated textbook beliefs and misconceptions. Possibly to avoid embracing back peddling or merely to avoid rocking the somewhat unstable boat. Implications Gravity is the reason the rain falls and the rivers flow. Gravity powers the ocean currents. Gravity drives the worlds weather. Gravity is the reason that volcanoes erupt and earthquakes tear the land apart. Gravity is the reason an atomic bomb does not destroy our planet. Gravity is the stabilising force that enables us all to enjoy our planets many wonders. Gravity is the very essence of all life! Humans by nature are arrogant to believe we are capable of overcoming gravity. When Astronauts enter micro gravity the body rapidly degenerates, rapid bone loss, heart decreases in size, visual disturbances, immune deficiency, neurological damage takes place, skin deteriorates, Muscular Atrophy or Muscle wastage is rampant and metabolism is reduced so keeping warm becomes a struggle, circulation is seriously compromised by the reduction in gravity while orbiting the Earth, Many experiments have been conducted now, all of which identify gravity as being the stabilising factor for maintaining health and well-being. Ironically. The same degeneration on the body can be induced by confining healthy people to sleeping horizontally or head down over a prolonged period. This fact alone should at least indicate that there might be something seriously wrong with accepted literature on human physiology. Yet it does nothing to alter the path of the medical education system, who keep pumping out the same text from the same books year after year after year. Producing well intentioned professional doctors and nurses who would never dream of questioning the books from which they gained a degree for fear of ridicule or being ostracised. Yet certain practices happen each and every day that do not make sense with the literature but are know to produce the desired results. For example. Taking away the pillows and laying a person flat will rapidly speed up the death of a terminally ill patient. Discovering how gravity drives the circulation has inevitably caused me to question why our species has adopted sleeping on a flat and totally unscientific bed for so many years, yet it has not always been so. History tells us that people slept sitting up in bed and were often afraid to lay down because of plague and infectious diseases. I hope you have enjoyed watching the videos titled The Gravity Of Life. If you would like to know more about this important research, view the video titled Inclined Bed Therapy and google Andrew K Fletcher or inclined Bed Therapy
5 Sep 2007
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Top floats by maginet amazing anti gravity
18 Sep 2007
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To avoid the monotony of feeding my cat daily, I built a simple gravity fed troph style feeder, but it's design restricts the cat's ability to gorge itself. Spend better quality time with your cat, don't just be it's bowl filler.
22 Sep 2007
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Levitation News Report This defies gravity and the news reporter isn't even that fazed
2 Nov 2007
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Gravity Powered Aircraft Concept
6 Nov 2007
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anti gravity card trick
11 Dec 2007
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Center Of Gravity's new song Hybrid Evolution is packed with excitement. The special effects in Ultra Violet created by Center Of Gravity are incredible. Check out Center of Gravity's new song NOW called Hybrid Evolution. Now playing. Center Of Gravity does not take full credit for Ultra Violet They have simply made a remix with effects and there song Hybrid Evolution. It's Awesome! Check it out NOW!
20 Dec 2007
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This is my incredible skydiving video!! No accident or death... just a phenomenal sunset, beautiful scenery, and the law of gravity working per usual. Interestingly enough, skydiving is statistically very safe. I think everyone should do it at least once in their lifetime. The secret is, well, to live every moment in the moment and be fully alive in this rich experience! - Video filmed by DZ Chad - "Skydive the Farm" Rockmart, GA
28 Dec 2007
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Abu Ace Marlo feat. Rini Indonesian Idol, Gravity Box Illusion
4 Jan 2008
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This is the third video in an ongoing series which features cool tricks and amazing feats which can be performed by almost anyone, using ordinary household items. In this episode, my uncle G defies gravity with two forks and a flaming toothpick! An unbelievable experiment that will leave you hanging on the edge of your glass! Thanks uncle G
1 Feb 2008
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this is a gravity defying cup
6 Feb 2008
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This is a machinima remake of Nike's "A Little Less Gravity" Custom TV Advert, in Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. (JKA)
7 Feb 2008
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