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Today Ryan shows how he did the desaturation effect from last week, and how to use selecting color inside Adobe Premiere!
5 Mar 2014
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Trying to catch a rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go #PokemonGo ? Here's a video trick about how to catch it in real life. More tricks and tips: *******filmora.wondershare****/video-editor/?utm_source=filmora_seo_channel&utm_medium=metacafe&utm_campaign=GetCreative_CatchARarePokemonin Recently, people have been crazy on PokemonGo. They walk around everywhere at anytime with a cell phone. But in most cases, what they captured are some same old mainstream Pokemon. I do not simply search for Pokemon, but when I do, I head for the rarest. Like this one. No, just kidding. What I mean is, this one! There’s more, see. So, how did get them? Well, one does not simply get a rarest Pokemon, with regular equipment in regular places. Since you’re my friends, I will share my secrets with you but don’t anyone else. So, I have 3 special equipment.Z First, this one, looks like a pixel glasses. But it’s made of titanium alloy, quartz, stalactite, it will help me observe another dimension of the world and detect pokemon, see.   And, if you go fishing or hunting, you’ll know the importance of bait. Pokemon, they love food too. These are my baits. Made of cat poop mixing a mysterious spice from Kilimanjaro, I’ve tested many times and that’s their favorite food. See. Also, the regular Pokeballs you used are too small and uncomfortable for rarest Pokemon. So you need first class balls for first class Pokemons. Let me show you my balls. I mean, let me show you my ball to capture pokemon. It’s made of coconut mixing a meteorite from Jupiter, discovered in Siberia. And today, I’m taking the equipment and let you witness how I capture a rarest Pokemon. Follow me!
25 Aug 2016
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I think I know a family like this
29 Nov 2016
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8 Dec 2016
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Trying to get my monies worth out of the Superman outfit. Put some socks in it but as you can see they moved about a bit. Sometimes looks like I have breasts! Hope you get a laugh anyways.
15 Mar 2017
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Just trying out Jet Strike. I always wanted to fly a Jet with guns.
18 Mar 2017
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Once again I thank Robert Palmer for making this video possible. I used Karaoke backing not original song. I know this singing is rubbish, so don't bother telling me about it, I KNOW! I just wanted to see if I could make a sort of music video.
18 Mar 2017
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Another good old series. Thanks again to the people who made the 3D models. Couldn't find a decent model of the Pontiac they used so used a nice Lamborghini.
23 Mar 2017
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I just love this classic Western. Always wanted to be in one, well I am now kind of. Hope you like it....I know the film quality is low but I use original film. Clint Eastwood is the best in these Spaghetti Westerns.
29 Mar 2017
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With their photo booth rental in Orange County, you can call and book a photo booth today, it is that easy.
6 Apr 2017
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Lumiere Photo Booth is a leading photo booth rental in Los Angeles, California.
6 Apr 2017
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Music from the Album Kung Fury (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Sung by David Hasselhoff This is a video done in collaboration with another You tuber
21 Apr 2017
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