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Anheuser-Busch’s Pete Kraemer discusses the brewer being recognized by the EPA’s Climate Leaders Program for meeting its greenhouse gas reduction goal, and the company’s efforts to expand the use of alternative fuels and conserve resources.
24 Dec 2009
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Andrew Kelly, CEO of Mtech Fuel Saver (Moletech Global Ltd.), discusses how his technology works and will save consumers money while reducing green house gases.
20 Jul 2008
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Competitive Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow Marlo Lewis gives his predictions on the impact of California's greenhouse gas reduction law (A.B. 32).
21 Jan 2009
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Fifty-five nations submitted greenhouse gas reduction commitments this week under the Copenhagen Accord, though some environmentalists say it is not enough. Clean Skies News and Jake Schmidt, International Climate Director for NRDC, analyze the commitments and what more is needed.
3 Feb 2010
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***********/software/tivoli/solutions/asset-management/?cmp=agus_itspsmism-20100512&cm=v&csr=eam_green&cr=m&ct=usitp200&cm_mmc=agus_itspsmism-20100512-usitp200-_-v-_-eam_green-_-m Clay Nesler, of Johnson Controls, discusses how IBM asset management solutions enabled them to bring smart building solutions to the commercial and institutional marketplace. IBM Maximo, the complete end-to-end solution, addresses the instrumentation of buildings and the interconnection of that information and technical systems. Johnson Controls have been able to integrate data from all systems - reducing energy use, improving productivity and reducing costs. "A smart building is one which integrates data from all the technical systems, provides integrated control of those systems to reduce energy use, provide operational efficiencies, provides analytics to diagnose when there are problems with the buildings, it responds to the price of electricity over the grid and it also brings that information together into management dashboards that are appropriate for the specific users and operators within the building. Johnson Controls and IBM are working together to bring Smart Building Solutions to the commercial and institutional marketplace. Combined we have a complete end-to-end solution which addresses the instrumentation of buildings, the interconnection of that information and technical systems and adding intelligence, such that we can automate, that we can control and provide greater visualization. Primary benefit will be cost savings, both through energy savings, as well as maintenance cost savings. Operating cost savings might be on the order as 10 to 20%, as well energy savings, greenhouse gas reductions and improved productivity of the workspace. In addition to cost savings, many organizations are making commitments to reduce their greenhouse gas footprint or to green their buildings. This solution will meet those goals and objectives as well. This solution builds on a successful partnership that we had around green data centers… If you take the successful model in the green data centers and you scale it up, you see the exact same situation where a combination of facilities management, as well as IT management, can provide tremendous operating costs and environmental management benefits. And then once you scale it up to buildings, why not keep going, because really, an enterprise full of smart buildings is really a smart city, and then expanding it to smart states and then encompassing the entire network grid is really the potential scope of the joint solution that we’re working on. It was a natural to partner with IBM, based on our success with green data centers and the fact that we use IBM core technology like Maximo in our internal operations and in the services we provide our customers, it seemed like a great cultural fit. I like to refer to my job as saving the planet for fun and profit. I think the challenge has always been to take these technologies and take these solutions to scale. And it’s through partnership with IBM that I really believe we can make a significant impact on both the business community, our customers and the planet as a whole."
15 May 2010
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