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This is a music video I created using clips from Xenosaga I, II and the Animation set to the song Stand My Ground by Within Temptation.
7 Sep 2006
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The New World Order has taken over the media and the Government. Clyde Lewis explains his observations at Dantes. Political Black Magic used all the time by the media and the spin machine to keep you uninformed and abiding by their will. "Ground Zero Radio is a unique radio experience. Combining Talk Radio, Music, and Soundscapes, Ground Zero radio applies the idea that theater of the mind can create an entertaining three hours of the most compelling radio broadcast on the air today. Hosted by radio veteran Clyde Lewis, Ground Zero Radio is a show that commands an impressive audience locally and nationally. Ground Zero radio has been heard all over the world and is recognized as the most entertaining talk shows by industry magazines like Radio & Records and Rolling Stone. Ground Zero Radio has been a dominant radio force for more than a decade."
20 Jun 2007
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girl smashes on the ground it really hurts
15 Jan 2007
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A short animation from Ground Zero with pictures taken from www.projectrebirth****. About three or four day's worth of photos (220 photos to be precise). Sorry most of it's at night-time but I live in New Zealand, so I did my best. I'll probably post some more of these later, as construction gets more interesting.
5 Feb 2007
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Gravity - Christian Music Video - Shawn McDonald - This Christian music video by Ground Zero Master's Commission asks: What is keeping you from being closer to God ?
5 Jun 2007
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Grounding a satellite system
18 Jul 2007
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Review of Razor's Ground Force Go-Kart by MovieDemo****
19 Jul 2007
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For the first time, players will have the freedom to define their character, story and style based on the choices they make, the paths they choose and the style of skating they use on the proving grounds from Philadelphia and Baltimore to Washington, D.C. Coming to Xbox 360, PS3, PlayStation 2, Wii, Nintendo DS. *******gamefreaks365****
19 Aug 2007
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Tony Hawk's Proving Ground (abbreviated THPG) is an upcoming video game being developed by Neversoft for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the eleventh Tony Hawk game and ninth in the main Tony Hawk's series.
19 Aug 2007
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www.GameAlmighty**** - Chad Findley explains the process of going from zero to hero over the course of your career in Tony Hawk's Proving Ground.
4 Sep 2007
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Awesome continuous zoom to the 9/11 Ground Zero site NewYork from Space. Definately a must see!!
8 Sep 2007
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Dungeon Maker : Hunting Ground for PSP
1 Oct 2007
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