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Researches show that laughing makes the man live longer (women too). <strong>Hi there</strong>, We are an alternative, progressed, green, spiritual and fantastical community on the web and on the solid mother earth. join our cause: <strong>Make planet earth a better place to laugh and enjoy life in!</strong> We do it by videos, music, blogs, pictures, food and much more. Visit us at With you we are a stronger change!
Music video of indie alternative grunge group The Old Wave directed by Dr Tikov. English version of video!
7 Dec 2006
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Local H, Eddie Vedder
26 Jul 2007
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The 90s alternative sound was centered on Seattle. Watch more online videos about this show *******www.vh1classic****/browse/video/68589/7_Ages_of_Rock/index.jhtml
4 Dec 2007
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visit their myspace *******www.myspace****/peroxydemusic
24 Mar 2008
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New York Sound
19 Oct 2008
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21 Oct 2008
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The Easiest and Cheapest way to stop paying electricity bills. Super Amazing Fully Solar Powered House
28 Oct 2008
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The easiest and cheapest way to watch Satellite TV at home on TV on Your Computer
1 Dec 2008
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Whats New Never very political, I created this song to play at my dance sets as tribute to those who "feel the hype" of the elections every 4 years. =) However... after creating the "track-meant-for-dance" I got this series of 'interesting dreams' and this crazy "video vision." So after a 'bit' of hard work [and stressing my CHEEKS off...breaking a wall and shattering a game DVD in the process... (but that's another story... ^^;) Here it is! =) The end 'product' came out to look something of a 'Digital History Museum' with comedy elements I'd guess ^^ Please enjoy! ^_^ I certainly see why so much is gotten out of these election... =) So much goes into it! ^^ Until I spent time gathering the elements to create this visuals video I never stopped to think about JUST HOW MUCH work goes into all the counting of the ballots, the publicizing of the 'hopeful-to-be-presidents' and all the gossip, strong opinions and debating this 4-year "Celebration" and "Contest of Determination" Truly sparks! ^^ Then I got to thinking (and gathering) things that even the most cynical Of We in North America to be proud of! ^_^ (and not so proud of...) And just sorta went from there... Please enjoy! A lot of love went into 'cranking' this out! ^_^ (And this is but a 'hint' of things to come *Wink*) To download (and I mean DOWNLOAD not just embed--d/l and show your friends! =D) or embed this video (and my others) free-of-charge, feel free (heheh. ^^ Pun intended ^^) to drop by my website! ^_^ Democrats, Republicans, Independents & Liberals Parties alike... Let's Party Together! =) Enjoy the tunes and the visuals. ^~* That's it for now! =) As they say in Japan... Jaa ne. Sincerest Regards, -Tiger M [Sunday] -5:40 PM (10/26/2008)
10 Oct 2009
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*******www.a3life**** - Bad Boy Bill Live At Space Miami. Hard-house DJ Bad Boy Bill was born and raised in Chicago, and began mixing records at the age of 14. An avid fan of Chicago radio station WBMX's Hot Mix Five mixing team, Bill landed his big break when none other than Farley "Jackmaster" Funk gave him his first broadcast gig; he went on to emerge as one of the hottest turntablists on the Windy City scene, and in 1988 took top honors in the Midwest division of DMC's Battle DJ competition.He founded Beatport**** along with Jonas Tempel. He also runs Ménage Music.
15 Jan 2009
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Freedom of the press!
11 Nov 2008
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Yes indeed. Our complete cut of Cinnamon tingle. Took work, man. Took work.
25 Apr 2010
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