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8 Jan 2007
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Take the opportunity to experience the Nokia E62 unlocked GSM Smartphone. You have come to expect the very best in mobile devices from Nokia. Unsurpassed voice quality. Unparalleled user interface. Premium materials and design. Reliable, secure connections. Now Nokia brings a higher standard of communications right to your fingertips -- the Nokia E62. A connectivity masterpiece that does not compromise. Voice, e-mail, powerful personal organization tools. The Nokia E62 delivers e-mail you can see at a glance, open at a touch, and respond to with ease. Full messaging keyboard. One-handed navigation. Big, beautiful color screen. The proof is in the details.
12 Jul 2007
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Introducing the Palm Treo 680 Unlocked GSM Smartphone. It's your phone along with email, messaging, and web access. Not to mention your contacts, calendar, photos, and songs. Sounds like a lot. And it is. But everything's so easy to learn that you'll actually use it, which makes it anything but a typical phone. Pick it up and you'll notice a large color touchscreen and an easy-type keyboard. Since the Treo 680 is just the right size, you have the freedom to take it anywhere and still be connected to friends, work, and family. Of course, there's also something called an "off" button, for when you don't want to be connected at all. The Palm Treo 680. It's time to expect more from your phone.
12 Jul 2007
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Stay in touch with Nature. Stay in touch with everyone else as well with the Sony Ericsson S500i Unlocked Quad Band GSM Cell Phone. Inspired by natural harmony, the S500i is designed to be as sleek and soothing as it is functional. It's minimalist front design sports a large full color LCD screen and conceals a slide-out keypad behind it. The S500i is offered in two distinct hues, forest green and metallic yellow. No matter what your color preference, you'll love the features and functionality of this beautiful slider phone. Quad Band GSM capability means this phone can travel (and function!) with you almost anywhere in the world. It fits an ordinary SIM card, so you won't loose your numbers when you switch to the S500i.
8 Aug 2007
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W810 Walkman is a powerful music player with everything you need for a mobile music lifestyle. A digital music player, FM radio, music management software and accessories to make music listening pure pleasure. In addition, the 2.0 megapixel camera takes excellent photos. The W810 has a full function Internet browser and text messaging. EDGE gives W810 the speed you need. W810 Walkman is a stylish music player with everything you need for a mobile music lifestyle. An easy-to-use Walkman digital music player with folders for artists and customized playlists. A 512 MB Memory Stick PRO Duo with enough memory, for up to 175 songs. And a stereo headset for quality listening. Get yourself the Sony Ericsson Walkman W810i Unlocked GSM Cell Phone today!
8 Aug 2007
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We use a whole slew of acronyms here in the TigerTV labs. Your emails have told us time and time again that for some out there, the technical terms fly too fast and furiously for easy consumption. Now TigerTV host Arno walks you through "GSM", in this installment of our Tiger Tutorial instructional videos. Watch, learn, and enjoy!
15 Aug 2007
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If you want to win PSP, gsm or mp3 player WATCH
16 Aug 2007
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Need to stay connected, but don't want to carry around multiple devices? Choose Sony Ericsson they know that staying connected is staying efficient. The P1i Unlocked GSM Touch-screen Smartphone places a host of business-forward tools right in the palm of your hand. Always-on access to your email, calendar, and company contacts. Business Card Scanning capability. And fun features to keep you entertained like the on-board 3.2 MP digital camera and more all on a beautiful touch screen display you won't believe. The P1i touch-screen is equipped with handwriting recognition software. Along with allowing you the freedom to fully read, write, and edit your documents anywhere in the world, the P1i allows you to add information to your business contacts effortlessly. And it can identify a song just by listening to a clip. Business professionals and technical gurus alike this is the phone you've been waiting for.
21 Aug 2007
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unlock GSM sim restriction for old model telefons... it's very easy...
30 Aug 2007
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The Nokia 6300 unlocked GSM cell phone combines a smart, intuitive design with a wealth of outstanding features. This versatile phone sports a superb 2-megapixel camera with removable memory, the convenience of Bluetooth wireless technology, and a brilliant high-definition display with up to 16-million collars. Other exciting features include integrated hands-free speakerphone, a music player that supports MP3, eAAC+ and WMA formats, an FM stereo radio, and multimedia messaging service with e-mail. Your new Nokia 6300 also offers streaming video, cool 3D games, downloadable themes, and plenty of ringtone possibilities. Simple yet multidimensional, the elegant Nokia 6300 makes communication fun.
1 Oct 2007
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LG's new KE800 unlocked GSM cell phone -- also known as the Chocolate -- offers a delectable menu of dazzling features. LG's Platinum Chocolate (KE800) boasts greater functionality to the Chocolate range of handsets. While maintaining the now famous glowing red touch keypad, the handset is enhanced by a platinum band bearing the Platinum legend and a gentle update of the classic LG Platinum styling. This functional yet fashionable phone also features SMS, EMS and MMS messaging, plus email, as well as a terrific 2 MP camera. With its hefty 128MB shared memory, the KE800 boasts plenty of room to store data in its 100-entry phone book. The KE800 also offers MP3/AAC and MPEG4 play, polyphonic ringtones, games and downloadable wallpaper. Join millions of other chocolate lovers and order the LG KE800 unlocked GSM cell phone today. At this remarkably low price, it's a delicious value.
25 Oct 2007
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Your mobile office -- brought to you by Nokia. In fact, the Nokia E90 Communicator unlocked GSM Smartphone offers so many features designed to keep you productive no matter where you go -- it's the closet thing to a mobile office we've seen in a cell phone. The Nokia E90 Communicator offers high-speed mobile broadband, conference calling, camera, music, media player, and a large, easy-to-see display. You can browse the Internet and transfer media-rich files, browse and edit documents, access voice and data functions quickly and easily with the Nokia E90. You can even locate meeting venues, restaurants, and places of interest with its integrated GPS. And this versatile quad-band phone will send high-clarity images captured with its 3.2-megapixel camera.
5 Nov 2007
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