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Motocross isn't a sport for the faint of heart, yet this guy absolutely rips it! Jumps and wheelies, you name it!
24 Jun 2019
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this guy rips a telefone book square in half VERY awesome
7 Mar 2007
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This guy rips a phone book right down the middle
23 Dec 2007
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A host of up and comers shred Europe on an off day from the World Qualifying Series tour. These guys rip all day long and live the good life at night.
9 Apr 2008
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Guy ripping into a electric guitar.
14 Feb 2009
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BY JOE DEUTSCHMANN Anchor: Ana Compain-Romero You're watching multisource entertainment video news analysis from Newsy. Mike Tyson may be notorious for brutality in the ring and antics on the screen, but a new Animal Planet series about the man’s love for pigeons could put his legacy in a more positive light. MIKE TYSON: “The first day I ever fought, I must have been a ten-year-old kid. This was the most frightening day of my life. The reason for the fight was because the guy ripped the head off my pigeon. It’s the first thing I ever loved in my life: the pigeon.” (Animal Planet) The show is called Taking on Tyson, and it focuses on the former heavyweight champion’s efforts to train pigeons for competitive racing in New Jersey. It may sound bizarre, but it’s what some are calling Tyson’s true comeback. The Chicago Tribune’s RedEye says the show was surprising. “I first thought it was another odd turn in Tyson's tumultuous life, maybe even a ploy to return to the spotlight. But through interviews with his friends, archive footage and Tyson's own words, he's convinced me that he's quite sincere.” But not everyone is convinced. In guest commentary for The Huffington Post - PETA president Ingrid Newkirk says the show is good for Tyson’s wallet, but bad for the birds. “Tyson has expressed his excitement … at the fat check he is getting from Animal Planet. …Many of the boxer's fans will casually acquire birds and just as quickly tire of the idea when their birds fail to come home in one piece or at all. Taking on Tyson will sentence countless birds to life in a cramped cage and a bad end.” Newkirk isn’t the only person frustrated by the show. Here’s what Tim Goodman of The Hollywood Reporter had to say about the six-episode series: “The series repeats itself so many times during the first hour that you’re tempted to bite the remote in half.” Repetitive or not, the show highlights a side of Tyson most people have never seen. Here’s a clip of Tyson reflecting on his childhood: “My life sucked as a kid. I was bullied. I hate my childhood life, but you know, it is what it is. I don’t miss this neighborhood, but I’m proud that I’m from here. I’m proud. Yeah, I’m proud.” New episodes of Taking on Tyson will air Sundays at 10 p.m. ET. Follow Newsy on Twitter Newsy_Videos to receive updates in your stream Get more multisource entertainment video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
8 Mar 2011
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How to Tear Soda Can barehanded! WATCH & LEARN! Some crazy screaming guy rips a filled soda can with his bare hands. In slow motion too! Brought to you by *******proteinfactory****/shop/home.php
23 Mar 2012
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The focal point would have been the guy ripping the dank wheelie, but then another rider smashes into a parked bike on the freeway. Ouch!
7 Jun 2019
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