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When doing a back handspring and sitting back, it's important to fall into the move so that the momentum is already going backwards. Do a back handspring and keep the legs together with tips from a recreation program director in this free video on gymnastics. Expert: Caroline Swift Bio: Caroline Swift started gymnastics when she was three. She started coaching at Encore Gymnastics in 1996. Filmmaker: Sam Lee
6 Oct 2009
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When doing a running front flip, or running punch front, two feet are going to punch off the ground while the body tucks in the middle. Land with the knees bent when doing a running front flip with tips from a recreation program director in this free video on gymnastics. Expert: Caroline Swift Bio: Caroline Thrift, is a recreation program director and coach who started gymnastics when she was three years old. Filmmaker: Sam Lee
7 Dec 2009
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A short film with a few gymnastic moves.
11 Jan 2007
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16 Oct 2007
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All of the biggest, hardest gymnastics moves done for the first time, stuck, or done better than ever. check out ***********/sexygal17 for more insane trickery, in High Definition!!! xoStephy :P Pineapples, plus lovable American announcers. Watch out for a Triple back layout in life. Pike straddle side 3/4 layout. Double side somi. Straight double double. While you're at it, do me a favour and stick whip double layout punch front? Maybe a double stag? Vanessa? Like it? GOOD. Check out for LOTS more madness like this!!! You see the interesting thing about this sport is that there are so many moves. Roundoff, back hand spring, whip back, full twisting step out, onodi, front handspring, bounder, fly spring, double front pike barani out, punch front full step out, roundoff, flip flop, arabian front tuck step out, aerial roundoff, whip, layout one and a half step out, roundoff, one armed back handspring, pike straddle side one and three quarter roll out, back handspring step out half out, roundoff, handspring layout step out, back walk over, back handspring stepout, layout full, double full, tripple full, back layout half step out, aerial front walk over, side aerial, rulfolva, back extension, handspring, handspring, full in, whip, double layout full out, whip, double twisting double layout, whip, full twisting triple back, headspring, side somi, cartwheel, gainer switch leg back handspring step out, full twisting layout step out, straddle leap, wolf jump full, straight jump double turn, punch spontaneous combustion. The US vs. the world, the United States versus the world, and the US leads the world, this is a major surprise! OH! 2008 2004 2000 1996 1992 1988 1984 1980 1976 1972 1968 1964 1960 1956 1954 1950 worlds world's olympics olympic all around event finals floor bars tumbling euros individual gold 10 first time performed new trick only one ever done styles yes
25 Feb 2009
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