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Amir makes a blindfolded half-court basketball shot for $500,000. Or so he thinks. From Collegehumer****
11 Mar 2009
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Cisco Blog > Corporate Social Responsibility By Hilal Chouman, social media strategist for Cisco Networking Academy Since late 2009, Cisco Networking Academy (NetAcad), one of Cisco’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs has been present on various social media networks. The earliest presence was seen on the rising social network of that time: Facebook. In late 2010, NetAcad’s Facebook page hit its first 100,000 likes. After this milestone, the Facebook page continued its growth, following the growth of the number of students in the NetAcad Program. Today, NetAcad’s Facebook page hit a half a million likes (fans). Read more about Networking Academy's milestone in social media engagement.
9 May 2013
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Have you ever been inspired to do something big? An inspiration that you want to see realized – an idea or plan that could reshape your community? THINK MTV is giving away half a million dollars to young people like you who dream of making a difference. Visit *******think.mtv**** to see how THINK MTV can help bring your idea to life.
3 Oct 2007
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24 Jan 2009
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This is not fair. The rich guy takes his half a million dollar car past the stopping bar from underneath bar and escapes the charge, I guess!
16 May 2018
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Its how Time Magazine determined their 2006 person of the year From MySpace to YouTube to Tivo, we`re now a nation of mini-media moguls -- writing our own stories. So as the Super Bowl approaches, several intrepid advertisers have sought out our creativity to help tell their stories. generated production will fuel at least two other Super Bowl commercials -- for Doritos chips and the NFL itself. Finalists from Chevrolets Super Bowl ad challenge were brought to Detroit to test drive the vehicles they were to promote -- and refine their stories with Chevys advertising team. The key is to have a commercial that is solid and funny. Super Bowl advertisers will pay as much as two-and-a-half million dollars for just 30 seconds. Production of the advertising is extra, but for many advertisers its their Super Bowl. With as many of 90 million people watching, the stakes are high -- and careers hopefully will be made. Produced for General Motors
31 Jan 2007
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High school football practice gets underway in August all over the country. About one million students will suit up this fall. Now a new study from Columbus Children’s Hospital shows that by the time the season is over, there will be a half million injuries.
2 Aug 2007
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Here is number 8 of 12 videos of the 2007 Geneva fireworks, taken from the rooftop of my apartment building which is a couple of kilometers or so away from the event. The fireworks are fired from barges on Lake Geneva, but only the top 2/3 of the display can be seen on my videos since the sky-line between my building and the lake masks the lake itself. As I am partly handicapped, I cannot venture into the half-million crowd to get a better shot, unfortunately.
22 Aug 2007
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Gigantic paintball game involving over a thousand people. Everyone is 'dead' within 20 seconds, probably about a half million balls shot. Absolute mayhem!
5 Dec 2007
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This video released by the Job Opportunity Information Network shows that a growing number of Canadians are being routinely shut out of the workforce. According to recent data from Statistics Canada, nearly four and a half million Canadians, one out of seven, live with a disability. Many of those people are exlcuded from the workforce because of misconceptions that they are not as skilled, capable or motivated as others. This not only hurts individuals with disabilities, it hurts Canadian employers because they are neglecting a large and talented labour pool in a time when there are job shortages in many sectors. JOIN helps people living with disabilities find work and keep it. JOIN also helps employers find the qualified, skilled people they need. JOIN and its more than 20 member agencies offer a wide range of assistance in finding a job, from creating a resume, to job searching, to getting ready for interviews. JOIN is funded by ODSP Employment Supports, part of the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services. For more information visit
22 Jan 2008
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gamblerstelevision**** Hello MMA fans this is Dana Ward here with a quick hitter from Elite XC. Elite XC’s next CBS fight card “Unfinished Business” is scheduled for Saturday July 26th from the Stockton Arena in Stockton, California. The Main Event of this nationally televised event will feature Elite XC World Middleweight Champion Robbie “Ruthless” Lawler squaring off with Scott “Hands of Steel” Smith for Lawler’s title. This is a rematch of their exciting bout on CBS back on May 31st of this year. In their first encounter, Lawler landed an accidental finger to the eye of challenger Smith impairing his vision and forcing the stoppage. A no-contest was the official result, as the fight failed to go at least 3 of the scheduled 5 rounds. Had it gone a minimum of 3 rounds, the judge’s scorecards would have determined an outcome. Both Robbie Lawler and Scott Smith sport freestyle fighting techniques, meaning each fighter has a combination of styles they can apply during their fights. Both fighters have punching power and high knockout ratio’s in their victories. Lawler’s professional record is 15,4 and 1 in 20 professional fights with 12 wins by way of knockout. The challenger Scott Smith is a veteran with 17 professional fights and sports a record of 13 and 4 with 11 wins by KO. This is the second telecast for CBS, which saw great ratings with their initial entry into mixed martial arts. Over 6-and-a-half-million viewers tuned into the Kimbo Slice TKO victory over James Thompson, making it the most watched MMA fight in history. Heavyweight Kimbo Slice will appear on the third scheduled CBS Elite XC telecast and it’s set for later this year. Oddsmakers have listed the Champion Robbie Lawler as the minus 250 favorite with Scott Smith the underdog at plus 200. That will do it for now. This is Dana Ward reminding you that for Elite XC coverage with a little Vegas style, keep your browser aimed at GamblersTelevision****
8 Jul 2008
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The United Nation’s World Food Programme Director for Somalia says some three and half million people in that country could be dependent on aid and food by December this year. He’s been speaking in London on the humanitarian and political situation.
23 Jul 2008
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