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Situated on 1500 feet of Muskoka lakefront on beautiful Peninsula Lake near the town of Huntsville, Pow-Wow Point Lodge offers natural tranquility as well a wide range of activities for couples, families and seniors. Pow-Wow Point Lodge makes all guests comfortable with a selection of standard and luxurious suites across a host of rustic lodges situated throughout 35 forested acres. From the sandy beach to the silent splendor of the Muskoka woods, Pow-Wow Point Lodge offers an endless variety of activities. Play tennis or shuffleboard. Swim in the lake or the indoor pool. Take a relaxing sauna or whirlpool. here’s also fishing, windsurfing, boating, hiking, waterskiing and canoeing. Explore nearby Algonquin Park or be challenged by several golf courses close by. We’ll even look after your children when you’d like some free time. We welcome guests at any time of the year to enjoy the magic of Muskoka's changing seasons in surroundings that are designed to please and pamper. Be sure to check out our seasonal special offers. Just give us a call to book your carefree Muskoka vacation at 1-800-461-4263, and we look forward to making your stay a memorable one at Pow-Wow Point Lodge. 1-800-461-4263 (705) 789-4951"
29 Jun 2009
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*******www.StopTheRobbery**** Haliburton Buys Boots and Coots: *******www.reuters****/article/idUSTRE63907A20100410 Haliburton repaired rig before it sunk: ***********/s/ap/20100430/ap_on_bi_ge/us_gulf_oil_spill_the_rig
26 May 2010
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*******www.StopTheRobbery**** Haliburton Buys Boots and Coots: *******www.reuters****/article/idUSTRE63907A20100410 Haliburton repaired rig before it sunk: ***********/s/ap/20100430/ap_on_bi_ge/us_gulf_oil_spill_the_rig
26 May 2010
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__Expand to see INDEX__ This highly informative and easy to understand film covers just about everything that isn't taught in school regarding the corrupt banking system. It explains how these institutions get away with robbing the unsuspecting public by creating monetary policies designed to enslave society, while keeping the system in a perpetual state of rising debt. _______________________________________ 1. Corrupt Banking System - Cartels Robbing the Public Corrupt Banking System - How "Money" is Created Corrupt Banking System - Money is Debt Corrupt Banking System - Monetary Reform Corrupt Banking System - Warning About the NWO
16 Jan 2008
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A video describing the musical Last of the Great White Pine and its making.
25 Jan 2008
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mmmmhhh, nos está engañando el presidente???!!!
10 Jul 2008
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Republicans have shown great disrespect for our children by continuing a trumped up war which funds Haliburton, Blackwater, Iraq and not American children. vote John Edwards for he is the Real thing.
15 Nov 2007
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bsregistration remix of dog4tree's Treason at The Pentagon on September 11, 2001. TREASON at the PENTAGON wq2rx dog4tree 9/11 TV FAKERY *******911BLOGLINES.COM *******fake-plane.bogspot**** *******terror101.blogspot**** *******youtube****/911news Very briefly it went something like this: The big takeaways are that the whole thing was engineered and supported by the National Security Council and the Bush regime. There wasn't any external terrorist threat. The most important weapon used on 9/11 was the mass media. The media were directly involved in the attacks and we can prove that they aired fake videos on 9/11. Some of the actors who pretended to be eyewitnesses have now been exposed. Watch SEPTEMBER CLUES for the best introduction and starting point on TV Fakery. 1. Bush administration foreign policy is to "re-do" the middle east and replace all the independent states in Central Asia and the Former Soviet Union with pro-US (or new world order) puppet governments. Bush domestic policy is to establish a police state and weaken the Bill of Rights with the Patriot Act. 2. Because Bush was unpopular there was no way for him to carry out this foreign policy (or domestic policy) unless there was some dramatic "Good Luck Event" like a New Pearl Harbor that would get public support behind his wars and other policies. Read National Security Council documents or Project for a New American Century to get more on this idea. 3. Bush's backers and the National Security Council worked out a deal with the Israeli government and private military contractors to carry out a large military deception operation to blow up the World Trade Center and blame the attack on Arabs, this linking US Foreign Policy and Israeli Foreign Policy. 4. In order to hide the means by which the towers were blown up, the TV stations showed fake video of the attacks as they unfolded. Many helicopters participated in the attacks, and no airplanes crashed. But the TV showed crashing airplanes in order to have some story that would look like the WTC getting blown up by the desired bad guys (Arab hijackers). 5. The media ran completely fake stories with ridiculous props as evidence, Hijacker Passports found on the sidewalk, Arabic How-to-Fly manuals and Korans left in rental cars, etc. 6. Close Bush cronies, hired actors, professional spooks and media plants called into TV shows and appeared as fake eyewitnesses on 9/11 to say they "witnessed a commercial jetliner proceed directly towards the towers and smash purposefully into the World Trade Center." 7. The vast majority of names of victims on the supposed plane crashes are completely fake. 8. The attacks were designed in part to cover up breaking financial scandals related to Enron, Global Crossing, and trillions missing from the Pentagon. The main goal of the attacks was to create a war which would transfer billions of dollars to the defense contractors who supported Bush (Haliburton, for example) and also the oil industry. The airlines got a multi-billion dollar bailout from the congress after 9/11 as well, and all sorts of new money was made available for "Homeland Security", a term straight from Hitler's New World Order. 9. 911Truth was set up as a scam from the start to manage the youth and left-wing reactions to the 9/11 attacks. The entire "remote controlled drone aircraft" idea is supposed to get the media off the hook for their involvement. The Flight 93 shootdown idea is supposed to make it look like the military did their jobs and give conspiracy theorists something to talk about. The WTC 7 is designed as a limited hangout: the government will eventually admit that it had to be demolished because structural engineers worried it would collapse and because it contained sensitive documents. Since no-one died in WTC 7 there's no crime there. There's also a controlled demolition hang-out, they may claim that Al Qaida used "suitcase nukes" to blow up the WTC but they didn't want to panic the world so they didn't report that story. Let me know what you think.
6 Dec 2007
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Snippet of a talk by Rob Moore at the Berkshire Property Meet a monthly property networking event with up to 200 investors. Previous speakers Parmdeep Vadesha, Vanish Patel, Glenn Armstrong, Paul Shamplina, Jim Haliburton,& John Goodinson
7 Oct 2009
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NEW SEASON PREMIERES SEPTEMBER 16TH! Please subscribe so you won't miss any of the 25 new episodes from this Webby Nominated series."PINK" is a serialized "graphic novel style" dark-comedy produced specifically for a web audience. Nate Cross (NATALIE RAITANO) works as a subcontractor - like Haliburton, only with guns. She gets hired to hunt down scum and dispose of them, and she always gets her man. Always. Also check out pinktheseries**** for behind-the-scenes details, and other cool stuff.
3 Sep 2008
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Yamaha Bear Rally in Haliburton featuring demo rides and a mud pit.
19 Jul 2009
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