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*******www.panicattacksdisorder****/panic-away-review The reason for this article is to properly explain anxiety disorder panic attack. It may help in knowing if a person may have panic attacks. If there is reason to think that anxiety panic attack disorder is present then steps may be followed to be able to ease the condition. This is made in order for the person to know some facts, debunk myths and get a proper diagnosis in turn. Individuals going through panic episodes are thought to be clinically insane. This is a myth. People who go through anxiety disorder panic attack may lose their sense of reality in moments but they are not crazy. A panic attack is clearly a symptom of a panic disorder. This can be usually described by severe and abrupt panic episodes. An attack may start to manifest in a few seconds and can reach its peak in minutes. Usually after about thirty minutes or so, the episode will begin to subside. The right thing to do when experiencing a panic attack is to immediately consult a doctor. About a third of the patients suffering from a panic attack are women. This disorder usually begins at an early age of eighteen till the thirties. There are fewer cases on a younger age like teens or persons in their forties. It is uncommon to see an elderly person to suffer from a panic attack for the first time. Another misconception is that people who go through panic episodes are schizophrenic and this is not right. People with schizophrenia display their hallucinations visually and is in a state of confusion. A panic attack does not cause mental disarray. There are significant differences with anxiety disorder and schizophrenia and their symptoms are not to be interrelated. It is also assumed that people suffering from panic attacks have serious heart conditions. This is another myth. A person suffering from a panic attack may mimic symptoms of a heart attack due to the heart palpitations and chest pains. The symptom of heart palpitations is common when a person is put under stress or in an extremely difficult situation. Panic and anxiety attack together with their symptoms are conditions that we usually inflict upon ourselves. It only stays with us if we do not fully understand the ways to prevent it from recurring. People who suffer from panic episodes often complain of labored breathing or hyperventilating. These are symptoms of a panic attack that can often be a bother to a routine. When a person becomes anxious, he becomes uneasy. Anyone can feel anxious when faced with problems or difficult situations. Intense anxiety may disrupt a normal lifestyle and it develops into a disorder when it starts to linger and becomes severe. It is also thought that people in a panic attack don't exercise any self control. This is false. Suffering from an anxiety attack doesn't leave out the ability of being in control. The thinking of a person in an attack might seem dazed or confused for a moment due to certain reasons like hyperventilating and chest pains. The people going through his situation have not lost their attachment to reality. The symptom of being confused is just temporary and mind is reacting to it as a defensive response. They are harmless to themselves and to the people around them. For more information please visit: *******www.saygoodbyetopanicattacks****
9 Jul 2010
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Download Link File: *******yesmydownload****/YolandaGardner558754/Capoeira Na Na Niii Girl im hooked on you You're a drug That I should not use Had enough of our lives But I know I'd be needing you one more time I'm intoxicated Do you know it's your body im craving I'm misbehaving I'm a junkie for love Excilrated Do you know I wanna stimluate it It's not complicated I can't help it im addicted to love It's like a fire that I can't contain I'm addicted to love It's like a needle piercing through my vein I'm addicted to love You intoxicate my heart (I'm an addict) I can't kick the habbit I'm addicted to love I'm addicted to love I need a fix I'm needing your touch Just a hint To satisfy my lust Can't denie the love you prescribe And I know I'll be needing you one more time I'm intoxicated Do you know it's your body I'm craving (trust) Hallucinating What about us making love Excilirated (excilirated) Do you know I wanna stimulate it (stimulate it) It's not complicated Just can't help it I'm addicted to love It's like a fire I can't contain I'm addicted to love It's like a needle peircing through my vein I'm addicted to love You intoxicate my heart (im an addict) I can't kick the habbit I'm addicted to love I'm addicted to love
21 Sep 2010
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Ishwar Allah Jesus Almighty etc etc , the gods have been tagged. Individual wild imaginations knows no bound in giving out theories after theory. None has seen , everyone seems to have felt , some even have hallucinated images in an unaware self hypnotic state. Sectorial Gods created by stupid humans are meant to protect a particular community or religion , seeming as though directives given by humans to God. Competition or supremacy the Gods too are in the race, Sounds too funny & too very stupid. Journey towards the truth if a long way to go, let imagination not rule over reality.....
13 Nov 2010
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*******sleeptracks.bonus101**** - sleep help natural - sleep remedies natural - insomnia cures sleep natural Sleeping pills are dangerous for you Ambien and other new “Z” class drugs are not without side-effects, on the contrary. Not only do they NOT address the real mental causes of insomnia, but they can also induce: - short-term amnesia - hallucinations - sleeping-walking episodes - weight gain and binge eating - driving impairment and higher risks of automobile accidents - next day grogginess and daytime fatigue And the worst is maybe that they stop working after a few weeks or months, after which your sleep is even more disrupted. Talk about contributing to insomnia's vicious circle from Hell! As several thousands other users, sleep problems are a thing of the past for Laney now. Imagine that instead of taking hours to fall asleep, you're off in less than 15 minutes. You literally sleep like a baby and never wake up during the night anymore (if you do wake up to go to the bathroom, you get back to sleep within minutes). You spend less time in bed... And instead of feeling rundown all day, you're full of energy to do all you want to do. To make a long story short, in 2007, I found a way to package the results of that research into an easy-to-use program that any insomnia sufferer could put to use. I started to offer it on that little website. And even though I had almost zero marketing budget, the word spread. Here's what is included, and how it will help you *******sleeptracks.bonus101**** - sleep help natural - sleep remedies natural - insomnia cures sleep natural
1 Dec 2010
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*******sleeptracks.bonus101**** - insomnia home remedies - insomnia natural cures Sleeping pills are dangerous for you Ambien and other new “Z” class drugs are not without side-effects, on the contrary. Not only do they NOT address the real mental causes of insomnia, but they can also induce: - short-term amnesia - hallucinations - sleeping-walking episodes - weight gain and binge eating - driving impairment and higher risks of automobile accidents - next day grogginess and daytime fatigue And the worst is maybe that they stop working after a few weeks or months, after which your sleep is even more disrupted. Talk about contributing to insomnia's vicious circle from Hell! As several thousands other users, sleep problems are a thing of the past for Laney now. Imagine that instead of taking hours to fall asleep, you're off in less than 15 minutes. You literally sleep like a baby and never wake up during the night anymore (if you do wake up to go to the bathroom, you get back to sleep within minutes). You spend less time in bed... And instead of feeling rundown all day, you're full of energy to do all you want to do. To make a long story short, in 2007, I found a way to package the results of that research into an easy-to-use program that any insomnia sufferer could put to use. I started to offer it on that little website. And even though I had almost zero marketing budget, the word spread. Here's what is included, and how it will help you *******sleeptracks.bonus101**** - insomnia home remedies - insomnia natural cures
1 Dec 2010
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*******sleeptracks.bonus101**** - insomnia cures cure - insomnia cures sleep Sleeping pills are dangerous for you Ambien and other new “Z” class drugs are not without side-effects, on the contrary. Not only do they NOT address the real mental causes of insomnia, but they can also induce: - short-term amnesia - hallucinations - sleeping-walking episodes - weight gain and binge eating - driving impairment and higher risks of automobile accidents - next day grogginess and daytime fatigue And the worst is maybe that they stop working after a few weeks or months, after which your sleep is even more disrupted. Talk about contributing to insomnia's vicious circle from Hell! As several thousands other users, sleep problems are a thing of the past for Laney now. Imagine that instead of taking hours to fall asleep, you're off in less than 15 minutes. You literally sleep like a baby and never wake up during the night anymore (if you do wake up to go to the bathroom, you get back to sleep within minutes). You spend less time in bed... And instead of feeling rundown all day, you're full of energy to do all you want to do. To make a long story short, in 2007, I found a way to package the results of that research into an easy-to-use program that any insomnia sufferer could put to use. I started to offer it on that little website. And even though I had almost zero marketing budget, the word spread. Here's what is included, and how it will help you *******sleeptracks.bonus101**** - insomnia cures cure - insomnia cures sleep
1 Dec 2010
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*******sleeptracks.bonus101**** - insomnia causes treatment - chronic insomnia treatment Sleeping pills are dangerous for you Ambien and other new “Z” class drugs are not without side-effects, on the contrary. Not only do they NOT address the real mental causes of insomnia, but they can also induce: - short-term amnesia - hallucinations - sleeping-walking episodes - weight gain and binge eating - driving impairment and higher risks of automobile accidents - next day grogginess and daytime fatigue And the worst is maybe that they stop working after a few weeks or months, after which your sleep is even more disrupted. Talk about contributing to insomnia's vicious circle from Hell! As several thousands other users, sleep problems are a thing of the past for Laney now. Imagine that instead of taking hours to fall asleep, you're off in less than 15 minutes. You literally sleep like a baby and never wake up during the night anymore (if you do wake up to go to the bathroom, you get back to sleep within minutes). You spend less time in bed... And instead of feeling rundown all day, you're full of energy to do all you want to do. To make a long story short, in 2007, I found a way to package the results of that research into an easy-to-use program that any insomnia sufferer could put to use. I started to offer it on that little website. And even though I had almost zero marketing budget, the word spread. Here's what is included, and how it will help you *******sleeptracks.bonus101**** - insomnia causes treatment - chronic insomnia treatment
1 Dec 2010
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*******www.darvondarvocetlawsuit**** Contact Rottenstein Law Group for more information regarding Darvon and Darvocet side effects (888) 976-8529 People who have used this drug have reported side effects such as: Physical/Psychological Dependance, Clammy Skin, Coma, Nausea, Vomiting, Dizziness, Confusion, Diarrhea, Hives, Hallucination, Extreme Irritability, Depression, Constipation and Addiction. If you or someone you know has taken Darvon/Darvocet (propoxyphene) as a pain killer, take NOW! Contact the lawyers at Rottenstein Law Group to further assist you.
22 Dec 2010
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wtf... that kid took a sip of soda and started hallucinating lol
25 Jan 2011
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In this week's Scrapple TV Sports Hot Carl hallucinates in the ring while Hi-Pitched Mike battles bullies in the streets. Don't stare too long. Distributed by Tubemogul.
10 Feb 2011
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BY ALISON SCHUTZ You're watching multisource health video news analysis from Newsy. A two-year old -- ingesting marijuana. On purpose. To improve his health. But is he doing more harm than good? That’s the issue up for debate. Meet Cash Hyde. A Montana toddler who used medical marijuana to help battle a brain tumor. He’s one of Montana’s youngest medical marijuana users -- note, ingesting pot as food, not smoking it. His story has news media talking about the legality of the leaf. REPORTER: “Cash’s parents were there every step through his battle and watched as drugs prescribed by his doctors made him hallucinate and even stop his heart.” FATHER: “I watched Cash not be able to eat for over 40 days to the point where he couldn't lift his head up off his pillow." For a little background KPAX reports, 51 of the 28,000 medical cannabis card holders in Montana are under the age of 18. That fact alone has some Big Sky Country residents and politicians concerned. Concerned enough for change. TheWeedBlog**** reports Montana’s 2004 medical marijuana bill is currently up for repeal. The House passed the repeal last Saturday 63-37. Get this, all 63 yes votes from Republicans - only 5 GOP elephants joining the Democrats’ no’s. Of the Republicans who crossed the aisle to vote no: “They deserve your support for going against their party to stand up for medicinal cannabis patients.” But, it’s not just Montana talking THC. New York’s WPIX looks into the effects on young children. Nearby New Jersey will soon become the 14th state to legalize medical marijuana. A substance abuse prevention specialist tells reporters marijuana could hurt developing brains. “The THC will interfere with concentration, learning, problem solving, short term memory.” Two and a half-year-old Cash’s dad believes the benefits outweigh the negative effects -- and WPIX anchors agree after watching his story. “What do you guys think?” “That baby wasn’t eating for 40 days, I would try anything honestly.” “I’m over the stigma, I would do whatever, you know.” On the opposition, the Billings Gazette features a guest column by three activists who feel medical marijuana has increased drug abuse among youth. “Students with cards have excess marijuana to sell. Another student is supplying his peers from the unlimited medical marijuana his father has access to. It has become easier to get than alcohol.” According to the nonprofit ProCon****-- 15 states and Washington, D.C. have enacted laws to legalize medical marijuana. Follow Newsy on Twitter Newsy_Videos Get more multisource health video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
26 Feb 2011
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*********** Methylone is also known as 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylcathinone, MDMC, bk-MDMA, "M1", Ease (appeared in New Zealand under this name), Explosion. Special prices for Methylone, please see offer below! This chemical product belongs to the following classes: cathinone, phenethylamine and amphetamine. It was discovered in 1996 by Peyton Jacom and Alexandr Shulgin and was considered an antidepressant. Methylone is a close relative of MDMA. Users that buy methynole say that proper dosage of this chemical product ranges between 100 and 150 mg and is enough for successful chemical research. Chemical companies emphasize that methylone is not for human consumption as it has been reported that some people use it orally to gain psychedelic effect. It is reported that the effects caused by methylone include euphoria, stimulation, extreme sociability, insomnia, hallucinations and psychosis if overdosing and abuse. As for the physical effects this chemical product is likely to cause increased hearth rate, intense perspiration, bruxism, appetite loss and nausea. Chemical suppliers warn you not to consume methylone as it cam severely damage your health, it was designed for research purposes only.
1 Apr 2011
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Amantandine has been observed to cause diarrhea, hallucinations and dizziness. An overdose of the drug in humans could result in seizures.
27 Jun 2011
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** – Be a Torchbearer for God - P3/3 November 25, 1999 Johannesburg, S. Africa (In Sepedi). Episode: 1702, Air Date: 13 May 2011. Script *What is your opinion about the apostles? Where is Heaven? Is it part of this universe? The apostles? They were Jesus' closest disciples, to spread his message when he was not there, give people initiation, explain how to meditate and all that. And Heaven is not a part of the universe. Heaven is our own creation, our own attitude. For example, when you are happy, you are in love, you feel you are in Heaven. No matter where you are, you have a little hut, you're happy. And when you are sad, when somebody threatens you, when you are under pressure, you live in a palace, you feel like hell. So if we are in contact with God, every day we feel like Heaven. That's why we say Heaven can be here and now. Lo and behold! The Kingdom of God is at hand. It's not far. *In our culture, we slaughter an animal as a sacrifice. Is this a sin? It's your way of life - you choose to live that way if you want to. You are a God. You decide what you make of yourself. If you would like to represent yourself as a person who slaughters animals to make offering, then you do that. If one day you decide, Okay, I don't want to make myself a slaughter-person, then you change, you don't slaughter anymore. You make yourself a representative of non-violence and non-killing. It's your choice. It's no sin in the eyes of God, it's just your choice to make yourself what you want to show to yourself or want to show to the world or want to show to God.You can introduce yourself as, Okay, I am an engineer, I am a priest, I am a teacher, I am a yogi, I am a vegetarian spiritual practitioner, or I am an animal slaughterer. Yes, whatever you want to. It's up to you. I am not here to condemn anybody; just to lay down before you different choices that you could make or want to make or maybe think about making. Anytime we can change our life by making different choices, andthat's for sure. No sin in the name of God - no sin! God always loves us. Whatever we do is for our own experience. *Dear Master, should we devote our lives to serving the poor or sick, or would we be interfering with their choice or karma (retribution)? No, no. No. We should devote our life anytime we can, and devote anything we can, to help our brothers and sisters, be it spiritual or material. Yes? We are one. If he is hungry, you are hungry. If he is thirsty, it's like you are thirsty. It should be like that. It's not a must, it is a feeling inside. If, for example, if you see somebody hungry and thirsty and dying, and you feel very painful as if you yourself are in that situation, then you help him. That is a measurement of your love, of your level of compassion. It's not a must. It's not a precept to follow; it is a feeling in your heart. If you know you feel you should help that person, that means you have love in your heart, and you should be happy. That's the only reward, that knowing that you have love. And you should do it. Thank you. *I feel a lot of love, but trapped inside me. Can you help me spread it around the universe? You spread it. It's your love. If you love, do something. If you love, just like if you love a boyfriend or girlfriend, tell her, tell him you love him, do something for him. Give her flowers, hug, kiss, make love, do whatever. So, the same, if you love all human beings, then do something about it. Do something you think that would let people know your love, or shower them with your love. Do it. You know what to do. You have God inside you. Do it honestly with your feeling. Everyone does it differently. I cannot tell you what to do. *As you said, there is no hell after death. What happens then, to those who do not follow instructions and the scriptures of the Lord? What happens? They have to learn again the lesson of love. Maybe they have to learn it in a hard way, and that we call hell. He has to go through also suffering in order to understand that the suffering is no good and that he not do it again. So, in a way, he'll be in a hospital, kind of way, so that he can heal the part that was sick. Anyone who inflicts suffering upon someone else, he's sick somewhere in his spiritual being. So after he gets healed, he becomes whole again. So there is no hell, no sin. There's just the way people chose to live their life that leads to different consequences. That's why in the Bible it tells you: Whatever you sow, so shall you reap, Judge not so that you will not be judged. If we don't want to reap the bad consequence of the future, then we have to sow good seed right now, see? That's why the Bible gives you guidance like, okay: Shall not kill, shall not commit lie, shall not steal, things like that. Make it a guidance through our lives so that we reap the better fruit for the future. * If you have faith in God, why should we suffer and our prayers cannot be answered? Because you have to rise up to God consciousness to know this, and then you will be content.Even when you come back to this physical life, after you have seen how much God loves us, through the spiritual knowledge, you come back to this life, you don't complain no more. You know everything, why this happened, why that happened - everything is for our best benefit. We will be always grateful every day. You have to know God first, yes. * How important is ten percent of whatever you earn important to God? It is important, because you love. It's your love. It's not the ten percent, it's the love that goes with it. It's the love to share whatever you have with other people who are less fortunate. That's important. *When one rises above the physical body, how would it be possible to differentiate true situations from, for example, hallucination? Yes, there is a way to differentiate. I will teach you at the time of initiation. But only people who want to go deeply into the spiritual dimensions should learn much about all these things. Just the convenient people and all that is not really... because you don't meditate too long, you don't go too deep. So it's not very risky. Bigger business is more risk. So we have to show you the way to protect yourself. But if you just meditate for 10 minutes, 20 minutes, it's okay. There is nothing to bother you. You just relax, calm your mind, you do better business, sleep better, eat well. That's it. Know God now and again. There's no danger. *Is it necessary to attend church every Sunday so as to be reminded, or one can still remember oneself by communicating with God by heart? By heart. Yes, if you can. If you can communicate with God by heart, you can pray in the closet, the way it is stated in the Bible. The church came after Jesus. The church is an organization that gathers people who have faith in God and who want to pray together. It's similar to our group, every Sunday we gather together in one place. It could be called a church too, but we call it a meditation center - and we meditate the whole day that day just to remember God intensively, more than other days, because we're always busy every day. So that's the meaning of really going to the church every day - to get more communication, deep communication, with our true Self, with God. And it is stronger when you meditate together.If you want to sleep and you see the neighbor is sitting straight, you feel ashamed, so you also sit straight. That's the purpose. And you help each other in collective energy. But if you already know God, everywhere you sit is the church. You should go to church every day inside, not just Sunday. *I want to know where is the true secret of God, and being a vegetarian, can I smoke marijuana? Yeah, yeah. Marijuana is vegetarian, right? I know what you try to say. Anyhow, where is the true secret of God? That, you have to find out. I will show you how to find out, but you have to find yourself. I can't explain God in the physical terms. The more I explain, the more I mislead you. Yes? I can show you God. That's all I can do. And marijuana, as far as I am concerned, is not really necessary for your vegetarian diet. So do not include it in there. Even though it's a vegetable, it's not a very conducive vegetable to your meditation, so please refrain from using it. *He also wants to know if he can eat marijuana, then. You are so hungry! Not only you want to smoke, you eat it. My God! So much vegetables, you don't have enough? I advise you to eat tofu. Yes. You can fry spinach. It's better for you. Anything, anything that makes our consciousness blurred and not clear, this is not a God way. God's way - no need physical aids, no need anything because God is God! You can't change Hirm, you can't make Hirm come nearer, you can't bring Hirm where you want just because of marijuana or anything else. You can only know God. That's it - and pure, simple, know God. Just concentrate, forget the world, and concentrate on God's side, then you will see God. I just show you how, that's it. There's no need for anything. And the vegetarian we eat, it's just because we just have to eat a little of something to sustain this body. So do not go too deep even into too much of vegetarianism. Anything we eat to sustain the body, enough nutrition, to keep our spirit alive, that's good enough already. We are not here to eat. We're here to know God. All right? *Question from the same person: Am I poor because of my thinking or my belief? We are poor because of our belief. But it's too late now. Our planet has been led into believing that we have been sinful and we're being punished for our sin, and all that stuff, and so... We should live a rich life here, but before this era, we had a golden era. Have you heard about it, right? In the Golden Age, right? - long ago. In that age, people know God, believe in God, because they see God, they feel God's love. And at that time, there was no teaching such as a revengeful God, jealous God, or there's no such teaching as hell, because everywhere was Heaven. But then, some bad people invented this kind of fear, so-called, to control the population. And slowly, slowly, this fear crept into our consciousness and we began slowly to believe that we are sinful, we are bad, we couldn't know God because we are forsaken, we are born in sin, we always sin, and everything we do is sin. So our consciousness has become conditioned that way. That's why we also failed in our business, we became poorer, we became deprived of many comforts, including material ones. But it's a little too late now to change drastically. The whole consciousness of the planet has been engrained into this way of thinking. But it's not too late for you. If you are ready to change, change it today. Believe what I tell you, and experience the love of God within you every day. Then you will see how your life changes. You will know God is really love and whatever you ask for is already there. * What is the difference between your way of meditation and talking or praying in tongues? Because it is said that talking in tongues is talking to God. How true is that? Both are true. Different levels of understanding about God. In our way, we don't talk even. We don't even talk with the mouth or the tongue. We don't use anything of the physical instrument. We go direct to Heaven, enjoy the carefree life without this physical body. And God doesn't speak to us in the human language. Hes does also, sometimes. But we don't speak it out loud, or we don't need to do anything, we just communicate; and we understand in a Godly way, celestial way, which is a silent way. *Dear Master, what are your hardships that you have experienced in your walks of life? Please share with me. Well, I do not consider really anything a hardship, even though in those moments I do complain. Well, like all of us. I complain, I say, Why? I don't like it! But, of course, I know it is good for me. Any hardship would strengthen our spirit and determination to find God, to let us know that as long as we still cling to this physical, ephemeral existence, we always will encounter hardship. There is no hardship in Heaven. So whenever we leave this body during meditation or deep contemplation and go to Heaven, we experience all bliss and beauty. And then when we come back even to this physical body, still some blessing's leftover so that our life becomes even smoother and better. So even hardship is just a blessing in disguise. No problem. I can write a book about hardship, but why? I'd rather write a book about the blessing that I enjoy. *Dear Master, thank you for your wisdom. How would you choose a successor to continue your physical work here after you leave us? I haven't decided yet. That is up to God to decide. When the time comes, the Lord will let me know. And I'll let you know... maybe. Or you have to find out yourself. Okay, if I have one, I will write it down -name, place, date of birth, then you can identify him. He probably has a nose in the middle, two ears… You can find him, or her, whatever. But I haven't decided yet. I haven't found one yet. Sorry. You hurry up, and maybe God will tell you that, Okay, you are the successor, and then you tell me. *Who is the devil? Where does he come from? Where will he eventually end? Why does God not destroy this devil? Is the devil part of this oneness you are talking about? Yes, he is part of the oneness. He works for God so that we know what's right, what's wrong, so that we know to resist temptation, so that we can improve ourselves and go nearer to God. All right? There is no such thing as devil, actually. Just trial, just test, just training. We train ourselves. If we want to train ourselves in a hard way, we chose our way of life in a hard way before we're born, to train ourselves to experience the things that we want to experience in order to find God, in our way. *Dear Master, tarot cards, auras, Reiki healing, is this bad, even if it's done for the benefit of others? No, it's not bad. I told you, everything is different levels of understanding about God. The nurse is not bad, the doctor is not good; they are just working in different ways. Different jobs. But if you want to be a doctor, then you have to stop being a nurse and study more. That's what it is, all right? Become the healers without healing, like Jesus. *How do I overcome all these problems I have and get my focus back and be forgiven for my wrongs? I would love to change my life and be a good man again. Yes, then change it. First, whatever you don't like about yourself, change it. For example, you used to tell lies, now don't. Just tell the truth. You used to take things from people, you stop that and you give your things instead, or get initiation and get enlightened. *Is there such a thing as bad luck or curses upon you? And when does it ever set you free? Nobody can curse you, no bad luck can harm you, if you choose to walk the other way. Right? Just walk the other way. Walk the way of God, then all bad lucks will leave you. But sometimes, because of the bad karma (retribution) you have already created, so the consequence still lingers for a while. Just bear it. We don't live here long. Don't worry. *Why can we not be initiated and be unrestricted? Why can we not eat meat and drink alcohol? So you want to be a flesh-eating God and drunken God? You already are! If you eat meat now and drink wine, you're already a drunken God and meat-eating God already, every day. I thought you want to change to something different. If you don't want to change, then just stay where you are. You already are God. But if you want to change to a higher level of yourself, then you have to leave a little of these lower kind of substitutes to find a more noble, higher intoxication in the love of God and more refreshment in the flesh of Jesus, in the spiritual flesh of Jesus. *There are many religions, such as Christianity and traditional African religion. Which is the right religion for Africa? Also, by practicing other religions, does that anger our ancestors? No. No. Every religion is good for Africa if you believe in it, all right? I am just showing you the way to truly contact the source of your religion. There is only one God, and people find different ways to go to Hirm. It's just sometimes they get lost in the maze, so I am here to show them where to go, the shortest way. I don't come here to change your religions. And your ancestors will never be angry with you because they will be liberated through your enlightenment, through your blessing. *Thank you for coming to South Africa and bringing your love and peace to our people. I hope that your endearment is passed on to our people in South Africa. I hope so, too. Thanks so much for your love. I think so. The South African people are so, so enlightened, so intelligent. I think we understand each other perfectly, yes. * Everything is free. Please tell us who sponsors you. I earn my money. I am a designer, don't you know? You see, we didn't bring all my creations here, but you could see some in the pictures. I design jewelry, design clothes. I don't wear my own today, I wear yours in respect of your country. In the Bible, it says that you must earn your own living by the sweat of your brow. So that's what I do. Apart from sharing with you the blessing that God has permitted me to do, I have to also earn my upkeep for the physical needs. I need transportation, I need a car, I need airplane ticket, etc., so I earn the money just like you do, and I share whatever I have with other people. Apart from what I need, I have surplus. I share with the other brothers and sisters. Nobody supports me. I support people. God supports me, yes. *When you gather together on Sundays, do you eat Holy Communion in remembrance of our Lord Jesus Christ? When I go to the church on Sunday? (Yes.) Yes, I do eat the Communion bread, but the one you could not see. Yes, the real “flesh” of Jesus. I don't cut his flesh and eat, but I be one with him. That's my Communion bread. I have that every day, not just Sunday. *In Africa, it is said that we have a high rate of HIV (AIDS). Does God curse or punish our continent with this incurable disease? How can we be saved from this disease? In every country, there are information centers about AIDS or about any disease that you happen to worry about, yes? Find out from information and take care of yourself physically. Otherwise, if you practice spiritually also and you keep the precepts and you have vegetarian diet, you lead a spiritual life, you never have to worry about this question. *Is the Golden Age a sign of the second coming of Jesus? What is the Golden Age? The Golden Age is the time, like once, or long ago, or many times ago, when we experience oneness with God, and everything that we wish for is fulfilled instantly. We can experience the Golden Age right now if we have this connection with God. Every day is a Golden Age to the Quan Yin practitioners. *Please explain to me properly, where do we black people come from, because we do not exist in the Bible. Is it true that we are cursed children? No! Are you kidding? You see, you see? You see? This is the doctrine of fear, the doctrine of separation, the doctrine of condemnation and humiliation that people long ago tried to inflict upon the human race to divide us and to rule us. Because united we stand, divided we fall, and they know that. Oh, my God! Why do you ever ask this question? It should never even come up! This is just a different color! It's just like flowers here. Look how many colors in here. Suppose we are all white or all yellow like me, wouldn't it be boring, our planet? Then I don't have South Africa to come to. I don't have a different color to look at. When I look at you, I think of chocolate. Yum, yum! My favorite color, yes! Yes. And you know, all colors are beautiful. There is no difference! Just different flowers. I don't know why this question even comes up. But I know why, as I explained already. This is the trap, this is the tricks of the bad ones who try to get power over people. Not only they try to divide us from God, make God a fearsome person or being, as a revengeful and a punishing God, but they even divide us people as a whole, as a human race. Try to tell the white people that black are bad, and try to tell the dark people that the light-skinned people are evil. Every generation, we've been brainwashed into thinking like this, and that's how we've become, like, confused, and then we try to think again, “Is it true what he said? Maybe it's true what he said.” Tell me why the black people are cursed? Tell me why! One good reason why. Can you answer why? If you cannot answer, that means that doesn't exist, the curse. What's the difference between the dark color or the light color, the yellow or the red? What is the difference in here? You know why you are black or you are dark, because you are too near the sun! Hide yourself inside the house! No, I told you already, God is a colorful one. Hes is artistic: Hes makes different fruit's color, Hes makes different flowers' color, so Hes makes different dogs' color., Hes makes different elephants' color, Hes makes different birds' color, Hes makes different humans' color. We should be happy! Hes is great. We are great. Anyhow I like chocolate, so I don't care. Should never, ever think like this. Never this question should arise in your mind. You are great! You have a very, very long and deep, deep, deep spiritual tradition. What do you mean black people are not mentioned in the Bible? How about the Egyptian, Cleopatra? She was black! Moses, yes? The Egyptian people, where Moses was raised, they are also colored, they are dark colored. Do you mean they are not mentioned in the Bible? Does it have to say dark or black in order for you to identify yourself? You are a human being. There's no black, no white, no yellow - nothing. We are God's children. That's it. Yes, no problem at all. I don't see why there's any problem. I don't see why! How can you see any problem with the colors of the flowers? I don't understand this. You know what? Have you been to Holland, any of you? Okay, some of you, right. Do you know in Holland they cultivate black tulips, yes? And they are the most expensive and rare, because we don't have that many. See? When you don't have black, they have to create it, you see? Suppose we don't have dark people here, we have to create it, genetically matching, in order to get a black one, and then it will be, Oh my God, he is black! Oh, my God! You know what I mean? It's like the tulips, the dark tulips. It is a very dark tulip. It's not born like that. They match the genetics. They create it by scientific means. And I have seen a patch of them - beautiful! Very dark and beautiful! And very rare. The whole gardens are full of different colors. Just one little batch is black tulips, and they're called the King of the Night or Queen of the Night or something like that. Beautiful name. Suppose we don't have dark people here, or chocolate people here, then we will be missing something, you see? And then we will have to try hard in the laboratory in order to create a black baby. And then we will hold it up: Oh, look at him! Isn't he beautiful? See what I mean? So God already knows that. Hes created for us, so we should be very grateful, happy and proud, yes? Proud to be colored! Yes, thank you. But this problem has been too long, so it doesn't matter how long I speak, it doesn't seem long enough to erase the long-standing misunderstanding of the colors of God's creation. You know how much money all the people in other countries have to spend on the beach, how much suffering they have to lie in the scorching sun, in order to get the color you have? Come on, you're kidding! So you are a millionaire. A walking, inborn millionaire. Only millionaires in America or elsewhere can have the kind of color you have, because they spend a lot of time and money in the sun. Do you know that? You know that! So next time don't ask me this question. Tell yourself that you are a millionaire - inborn, born millionaire. No need to roast yourself on the beach for hours on end. It's a big suffering to get the color of the people of Africa. *Master, I want to know: When I saw your picture, something struck me - I had the feeling of coming here to meet you, in fact, to see you physically, and when you entered the hall, I did feel like crying. Is it because I was feeling you, or I was getting the fulfillment of knowing God? Could be that. Could be that you feel the God within me that's manifesting the love for you. Not that Hes cannot manifest within you also - Hes could! If you have chosen the way of God, Hes will manifest also. See, I have chosen to walk Hiers way, so you can feel more obviously. Because I am with Hirm and then other people are more with the world, more worried about the world. I am more about God. Therefore, you can feel more God's presence in such a person; for example, maybe me. So that's why you feel happy or you feel emotional. Otherwise, we don't know each other, why should you cry when you see me? Why should you love me and want to shake my hand or hug me? Must be something. “As you sow, so shall you reap.” Be it the world or be with God. When we are with the world, we manifest more worldly atmosphere and people recognize that more. And when we are with God, we are more radiating God's atmosphere, and people feel that because the God in you feels that. *Thank you, Master, for coming to South Africa. We welcome you with open hands. Thank you.
9 Jul 2011
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For the amateur alcoholics, the detoxification process can be carried out at home but with patients going through syndromes like hallucinations, withdrawal symptoms, and multi-substance abuse, it is essential to implant inpatient detoxification process. In such crucial instances, medication is virtually used to detoxicate the toxics from the sot’s body. Inpatient detox is carried out in many alcohol rehab northern California in the US, but there is a social stigma binding them therein. As per an official research, in the US alone, alcohol consumption takes a toll on more or less 75,000 people in form of death on annual basis. It also vitally affects the lives of the users by cutting the longevity of the lives down. To counteract such bad effects, and therefore to maintain the survival of the patient, it is worthwhile to remove the alcohol contents from the alcoholic’s body as soon as possible.
22 Jul 2011
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** – An Immediate Plan for Afterlife - P3/3 May 28, 1989 San Francisco, California, USA. Episode: 1717, Air Date: 28 May 2011. Script *I am a vegetarian but my partner is not. What would be a good and sensible way of handling the cooking for the two of us?We are not very traditional and sometimes cook or eat our meals separately. Eat separately already?(*Sometimes they do,yes.) Only sometimes?And the other times you eat meat or what?Yes,that is the way. You cook separately. You cook for him meat and you cook for yourself vegetarian,each one for themselves and we don't need to force anyone to be vegetarian if they are not willing to accept it,if they're not ready for it. But you yourself eat vegetarian,and we live peaceful together,why not?If you can tell your partner to eat vegetarian,then it is better for you both. He will or she will eventually,if you show a good example. If you progress,you have a good vibration,you meditate and you radiate love,and it will affect him. *After practicing with Master,I have no time to visit my former teacher. Am I ungrateful? You are not. You meditate every day,you worship the Buddha within you. You have become an enlightened person who can save yourself,save your relatives and friends and other sentient beings. It's a way to repay your teacher. You don't have to visit him. Of course,you can if you have time,but if you don't practice spiritually and do bad things,what's the use of visiting him?How can you repay his kindness?If we are good and filial children,we don't just visit our parent,we should become good people,perform well in our job,and offer our parents money. That's how you repay them. Understand?If you hang around your parents every day and live off of them instead of making money yourself,it's no use. Understand? It's like this. He asked me,if he studies with me,then he has no more time to go back to see his previous master - means the teacher,yes,who didn't teach him this method. Like,teach you the virtuous life and things like…like a priest,or they just tell you the virtuous things. And he said,if he couldn't go back,had no time to come back to see his old teacher,would it be like he's a betrayer or some kind of…not remembering the benefactor,yes,the benefit that the teacher has given him. I said,no,no,you requite your teacher's kindness by improving yourself spiritually and virtuously,and then when you're enlightened… The more you're enlightened,the more you can radiate love and life and save a lot of others and yourself,then that is requiting the kindness of the teachers. There's no need to always to hang around him and being ignorant. If you hang around a teacher and be ignorant,that is not the way of requiting the kindness. It's not so? *Why did you not become a sister Christ? I don't mind. I'd like to be a sister also,whatever. It is only a kind of… a way of life. Yes?A different path,I mean,different clothing. I was born in a… you see,more in a Buddhist tradition. Yes?And also,in the Buddhist monastery or anywhere I can get vegetarian food,but in a Christian monastery,not. Also because of some affinity,you understand?You become what is by the ordination of the Most High. You become a wife because you have to do a wife part; you become presidents because you have to fulfill the presidents' purpose; you become a Buddhist nun or a Catholic monk,it is your destiny. Even though you are enlightened,you follow your destiny. For example,the Buddha,after he was enlightened he could also come back as a householder again; he changed the clothes,but his enlightenment won't change. Understand? But he didn't change,he just carried on like that. So now,when you are wearing lay clothes and then after you get enlightenment,say from the Quan Yin Method,after the initiation you are enlightened,now do you need to change from jeans to a miniskirt or not?Or to different clothes or not?No. If you are enlightened,you are enlightened no matter in what clothes. You can wear Sikh clothes,you can wear Hindu clothes,you can wear Buddhist clothes or Christian clothes,it makes no difference. You don't need to change anymore. Understand that?Yes?So why do I have to change anything?I'm okay like this. Don't I look very good?So,if it pleases you,then I don't need to change. *Why can't we drink alcohol?Through medical research,it has been proven to have a good effect. No. The drinking affects our mind,makes our mind clouded and confused,and numbs our nerves to some extent. Everybody knows this. So I don't care what good it affects you on the surface,it does harm to the brain,to the thinking system,and we have to rely on this thinking system in order to get enlightened. Understand that?The more we numb it,the more confused we become,and we couldn't think straight. That's why we should not drink wine. *What is the cause and result? The cause and result is that if you sow… In the Bible,it says, 『As you sow,so shall you reap.』You sow a lemon seed,you will get lemon fruit. You do bad deed,you will get bad effect. If you do some good one,you will get good karma (retribution). If you follow the Buddha's path,you will become Buddha. If you follow the worldly path,you'll become worldly sentient beings. Yes? *The third question is: What is the cause and the connection? The cause and connection is like this. Sometimes in the last life,this man gave that woman some material comfort. If that woman had not done anything in that life to repay the kindness in material ways,then she has to come back again,maybe becoming his wife or his daughter,in order to work,earn money,and pay back the debt. That is what called 『yin yuan,』or the cause and the connection. So make sure you pay every debt if you don't want to go back. Therefore,to learn with me,means to keep the ethical life. Don't steal,so you don't have to come back. Make every deal straight,honest. Yes. *I am very interested in the initiation,but I would have a problem with not committing adultery or premarital sex. What would you suggest about this problem? Premarital sex is not adultery provided you don't change your partner and intend to marry. And nowadays,these are similar to marriage,yes?You live together and you first know each other and so that's all right. Just don't go to the other and don't change so quick. If,however,you're not married and then you couldn't stand each other and you couldn't sort it out with each other after all kinds of trials and tribulations,and talk and peace settlement,and you couldn't make it,and you both decide to separate,or maybe in future unintentionally you bump into another,then I think you should be honest to yourself and that's enough. You know? We couldn't be too strict in this modern time. What I mean by adultery is that you already have a wife and husband and they are good to you,and harmonious,and you still,due to lustful desire,you look around and hurt your partner. Understand?Yes. But then,after you practice this method for a while,you don't feel you want to look around anymore. Yes. You will naturally become pure because God power will cleanse you. 『I would like to know: Where does the content of hallucination come from?Does it come from the same source as dreams within or without?』Yes. There's the first question,interesting. You know where does hallucination come from?From our own wrong thinking,from our wrong diet. Therefore,Buddha said,when you eat meat and drink wine and indulge in sexual pleasure or worldly pleasure,you can get only the demon king's position and never the Buddha's position. The 『demon king』means the position of hallucination of false position,and not the true one,the highest one. The hallucination comes easily,when our speech,body and mind are not clean,and we try to meditate,or we meditate alone without a competent master. Now,an ethical life and cleanliness of body,speech,and mind are absolutely essential if you want to reach the ultimate,otherwise you might reach some between Heavens or some hallucination. Now,hallucination might come without meditation of any kind,when you lack oxygen,so sometimes you fainted and you,like,you see some Heaven; it is your lacking of oxygen,yes?Or when you endure extreme pain and hardship,and you've fainted,you also see that. Or when you are too exhausted or when you take drugs,you will have a hallucination,yes. Okay,so many,they come from. This is similar to dreams,but then it isn't always a dream. A dream is a little bit natural - you go to sleep,and you dream. But hallucination comes for some time,from external pressure,yes,like I have said,you are in extreme pain or you're lacking of oxygen,exhausted,or you take drugs,understand?So it's a little bit different,that's all. 『I have a medical condition that requires diet of animal protein,chicken,etc.,what shall I do?』I do not know that in this age people still misunderstand that animal protein,that it's the only one protein in the world. All the doctors,science,have proven that vegetable protein is absolutely enough,and even more helpful for health than the meat diet. In Formosa (Taiwan),there are two hospitals built by the Catholic believers. All the doctors,nurses,and patients require completely vegetarian diet inside. If you want to lie there,you have to be vegetarian. And they recover very quickly; nobody dies from any malnutrition. Yes,so I think the vegetarian diet,no doubt,is the best. You know,the Americans eat a lot of meat,and so,according to research,your country has the highest cancer rate in the world. Is that a case for congratulations?And then Russia and China have no meat,they have the lowest cancer rate. How about that for a comparison and fun? *My Buddhist name is Diệu Thần. I am 80years old,and have been a vegetarian for the last 7years. Okay. Understand. Yes,okay. Yes,yes,yes. Yes,you can learn. She wants to get initiation. *May I ask: Is it true that if we lose the body,we won't lose the soul?So if I try my best to practice spiritually until I gain wisdom and detachment. Is that considered following the Buddha's path? Yes,yes. But you have to know the path to practice before you can practice,not that you practice blindly. After I teach you,then you'll know how to practice,understand?That's correct. What you think is correct,but you're still lacking a method. Tomorrow,I will teach you. You must be vegan. *And will I get liberation? Liberated,yes. Only by practicing this method can you be liberated. Thank you. 『Currently,I keep a vegan diet 6months per year,ever since I was 20years old.』Since you were 20years old until this year,you eat vegan for six months per year,right?And now you want to learn. Sure,sure,sure. No problem. Yes,sure. You are still young yet,no need to ask if you're 59years old. Sixty-five years old can't apply. Yes,okay. *What happens to a child who dies before enlightenment? A child who dies before enlightenment?That's nothing big deal. Everybody dies before enlightenment. So,you will come back again as something else,okay?A child dies before enlightenment is not so sorrowful as we die when we are old and unenlightened. We have so long a time and without searching for a master or a method. A child,he can't help it,but we can. We have time to change,we are 30,40,50; we still have time,so do it. *What about prescription drugs?And what about sex life with your married partner? Okay,just minimize it as much as you can,in order to progress quickly,as much as you can,yes?Do it naturally,otherwise,the mind will revolt. So,slowly,naturally,and the more you practice,the more natural it becomes,and then you will completely feel like it's not necessary: if you have it,okay,if you don't,it's all right. You feel like the monks and the nuns without any difficulty,yes. Sex is not really necessary; it's only a habit,yes. Now observe,sometimes if you don't see a woman for many months,then you don't feel so much. If you're away from your wife for periods of time,yes,and you're working hard,you don't feel like you need any sexual indulgence,no?Is that not so?You try it for some time,then you'll know what I mean. And now,the animals,they never desire anything until the time comes. They have their season,is that not so?Now,man is in the animal kingdom except his mind belongs to God. He is also an animal,and,actually,we are overindulgent in this. We should observe the rule of physical law,do it in season only. I mean,not just for pleasure - just for procreation's sake,yes?So the Bible says don't indulge yourself. We do it too much and it will become habit,and then becomes boring,then it's nothing there. *Most spiritual masters of the past could only enlighten very few disciples. Why do you offer enlightenment to so many? Who are many?Do you think all of them will come up to me and get enlightened?No. Some will come and some won't. Most of the masters in the ancient times offered,of course,only to a few because a few only came. Most of them were hiding and dared not come out in the open. Once they came out in the open…!Don't you see Jesus?Three-and-a-half years only they let him live. You see the fifth guru,they chased him from one city to another,they flayed him alive,they burned him in the hot sun and oven underneath,made him sit - the fifth guru of the Sikh religion. They made him sit on top of a hot pan under the hot sun with burning fire underneath. He,with almighty power,didn't resist this. Not because he's a coward,but he bears the punishment for the sake of his disciples. He takes the bad karma (retribution),the ugly and heavy karma (retribution) of his disciples on his own body. Therefore,he had to endure some punishment. Like Jesus,he can disappear at will,he can fly to Heaven,he can do some magic tricks; but he did not resist. He let them nail him. Not because he couldn't run; he could. He could disappear at will; he had a lot of magical power. He disappeared many times,according to the Bible's records. He learned a lot of yogis' tricks. He can disappear,manifest,can heal the sick,heal the blind,can walk across the water,but he won't. Why?- because he has to wash the sins of his disciples at that time. Every master has to bear the sins of whoever comes to his feet for enlightenment,because the sins of a human being are numerous,numerous lives collected. It's impossible to imagine how big it is. Now,what did the master,the Buddha master,say about this?The Buddha said, 『If you can see the sin of one person,it fills up the whole universe.』 One single person's sin fills up the whole universe. In the Bible,it also says when we are born,we sinned already. We inherit the sin in our blood,and how can we wash it with our own limited wisdom and strength?Need a Son of God,the savior,or the master who knows the way to wash it. *Is there only one higher power?Can you not use a fellowship of somewhat enlightened people who share their experience,strengths and hopes as a group for an enlightened master? Is there just one higher power?Yes,the highest one; and the higher it goes,the higher the power,the stronger. The lower it descends to our world,nearer to our world,the less the power. Therefore, enlightenment has levels. The higher you climb,the more enlightened,the more power you possess, until you become one with God. Then you have the absolute power,and at that time,you'd say you've attained Nirvana,you've attained Buddhahood,or you've become one with God,you have God-realization. Now,『Can you not use a fellowship of somewhat enlightened people who share their experiences,strengths,and hopes,a group for an enlightened master? Can you not use a fellowship of somewhat enlightened people who share their experience?』What is that?- means all the enlightened masters should get together?Is that what you meant?YesYes. It is possible. But enlightened masters are not so many,and if there are,they're busy. Because there are so many unenlightened people around the world,they have to go around and help them,not just to get together. Yes? They are together already in spirit. They no need to be together physically. But we can,after initiation,we can practice with our fellow,enlightened practitioners and share experience and joys and the group power. And the gurus from far away even can protect,help,and bless the whole group. The group practicing is very,very useful. Therefore,Jesus said, 『When two persons sit in my name, I am with them.』That means that. Yes,group practicing had a lot of good God blessing. Okay,good. *What did you mean by 『Tao?』 Tao means 『the way.』It is a Chinese word, 『Tao,』for 『the way,』or 『the road to liberation,』or the highest wisdom in the universe,the creative force. That is Tao. 『What did you mean by when you said the ordinary mind is Tao?I didn't understand that word.』Tao is that. Yes. 『Ordinary mind』means when our mind is peaceful and calm,harmonized with all circumstances and beings. That is called 『ordinary mind.』 Actually, 『ping chang hsin,』it doesn't mean 『ordinary mind,』but because when you translate it into English,you lack this vocabulary. So,ordinary mind,『ping chang hsin,』really means 『ordinary mind,』but not this ordinary sense. It means 『peaceful mind.』You know?- already enlightened mind,very harmonious mind. That is ordinary mind. *My name is Wei-sun this year,32years,I already got the Bodhisattva route,and I am vegetarian for three years. Now I am very lucky to meet the Master. Please give me initiation and let me up. Okay,we do that. No problem. *What is the function of the ego?Can the ego be elevated as opposed to being cast aside?What is the relationship between our God-like nature and the seven chakras?If we are not sure whether your path is our path,can we try initiation and leave to go our own way without incurring bad feelings or karma (retribution)? Yes,you may. I don't bind you - no condition - but I'm afraid you don't want to leave. *What if we slip up and cannot keep our part of the bargain after initiation?If we take two steps back for every three or four steps forward,if we just decide another way,would you prefer us not to try to initiate?Doesn't ask for blessings of the food before eating help?Shouldn't we ask for blessing before we start eating? It's like this: you may try our path and the God power has something to do with the seven chakras. But the chakras,if you mean the bodily chakras up to here,then it is not. I'm talking above these chakras. Yes?Most of the yogis practicing the chakras in the body and stir up the inner heat motion only. We have two motions,two currents,in the body. One is the Sound current,the other is the heat current. The heat current takes care of the motions in the body - the digestion,the sweat,the blood,the circulation. The other currents take us up back to the Kingdom of God. Then when the yogis practice… When you mean the sexual chakra and the anus chakra and the abdomen chakras and the solar plexus or the heart or the throat chakra,then I don't mean that. I mean above that. May you please refer to my book,『The Secret of the Wisdom Eye,』yes. I talked about different chakras,and the difference between our practice and these chakras. Yes. Now,if you want to get initiation,then please be firm. You must know you want God above all things. Yes. Don't bargain with Hirm. I don't care what you do,Hes does. God is not mocked. Yes. And 『don't worship any other before Me.』And asking for bless the food: 『Doesn't asking for the blessing of the food before eating help?Even vegetables have life.』Yes,it helps. Before you eat,you should offer the food to God,or Jesus or Buddha,whomever you believe most,or Guru Nanak,to your guru,yes,and then eat it. Then the foods are more blessed,yes,and you're easier to get digestion. Of course it is good. *How many paths are there to reach enlightenment?What are they? How many paths to enlightenment?There's only one path. The Buddha said the Sound Stream method, the Light and the Sound within,will lead us to enlightenment. Jesus said the same, 『I am the Light of the world. Those who follow me won't walk in darkness.』So whoever can offer the Light,he is doing the mission of Christ. If he gives you the Light,that means he will lead you to the Light,and you won't walk in darkness,yes? 『Enlightenment』implies Light,so if whoever can give you Light,surely you are enlightened. Okay. *If it is immoral to eat meat,is it also immoral to kill animals for other purposes,such as belts or shoes,etc.? Yes,it is. For any purpose, 『Thou shalt not kill.』 『An eye for an eye,tooth for tooth,』the ancients said it. So better we refrain from any killing may it be directly or indirectly. If we don't eat any animal food,no one will kill because he makes no profit. So if we eat meat,we're also killing indirectly. *Enlightenment has always been an enigma for me. I do not understand that one will have to go through many,many more lives for further evolution in order to reach the point of communicating. If you want to get initiation,then may I inform you that is tomorrow morning, 8o'clock at our place and we make the whole day and make a big initiation,explain everything. You don't need to take lunch; we take care of you,okay?For also free of charge. It's all free. From the Master,everything is free,and no karma (retribution) - I mean,no debt to come back; from other people,yes,from the Master power,no. Yes,how do I go about it? Perhaps you would say, 『This person is very impatient now. She said,`I don't want to go life after life,and revolving again. So I want to get enlightenment and liberated in this life.'』So he likes,she likes that. Yes,if you are not enlightened,you are only doing business; the same everywhere. But when you are enlightened,you can even bow to any stone. You don't mind - they do theirs,you do yours,yes?Okay? You worship only the symbol of enlightenment,not the person. So you may bow to them. As for me,never,ever bow to me in any circumstance. Don't bow to me,because this only a fleshly body. I am not this. It's only my clothes. So when you come to me,no need to bow. Don't be afraid about it. All my disciples never bow to me,except if they are ignorant,they don't know,they'd bow,and then I run,and they'd bow to an empty chair. *Does Quan Yin Bodhisattva exist in the world?Chanting and praying have been seen regularly in any pagodas and temples. Are they the ways or methods to reach enlightenment? Yes,『Quán Âm,』you mean the Avalokiteśvara Bodhisattva. In Aulacese (Vietnamese),they call 『Quán Âm,』means 『Quan Yin Bodhisattva,』yes. This person,or this saint,represents the compassionate quality of God,or of the Buddha. Yes,she does exist. Sometimes,she reincarnates in this world,takes on fleshly clothes to help other ignorant people. She does exist; she came to China many times. Then we know who was the incarnation of Quan Yin and who was many times,over and over again. In Tibet also she incarnates sometimes. And second, 『Chanting and praying have been seen regularly in any pagoda or temple,are they the ways or methods to reach enlightenment?』 No,no. This is only a part of it. Praying and chanting is necessary to stimulate our sincerity and to help create some sincerer and clean atmosphere,but we must be silent in order to communicate with our silent God. Hes is not noisy. And we are busy every day already with our mouth,our speech,our mind,when we go to the church,we're busy again chanting and talking and telling God what to do. So when will you think God has time for us?Or we have time for God?Yes?Have to sit in silence or even stand in silence or lie in silence and know where to find God,yes?- apart from prayers and chanting in the temple and in the pagoda,yes. *When you help someone,how do you know you are not interfering with their karma (retribution) or with their lesson?Or if you keep tying someone's shoestrings,they will never learn to do it themselves. How do you know when to help and when not to help?Should you wait until they ask for help? You see,it is like this: you don't need to tie someone else's shoestring if he can do it himself. When he can't,because he is sick,ill,then you may help. So,to interfere or not interfere,this we can't help it. Sometimes we don't want to do it,and we just do it. So the best way is to get in touch with God power,to possess Godly wisdom,and then God will direct you what to do,and then you are free of burden and responsibility. Okay? Otherwise,in no way you can do it. Yes,only God knows. When we get in touch with our wisdom,then the wisdom will direct us every day in every affair,and we feel,and we're sure,and we're certain sometimes that we're doing it right. I have the way to show you how to do it in the right way,but this takes some time after initiation. Okay? *Did you know your destiny from your earliest memories?Who was your Master?Was he in the Himalayas? Yes,in the Himalayas. He's gone,went Home. *If someone helps you,do you have to pay back to someone else?Or can you erase the debt by doing good to another? Yes,if you can then pay back to the same person. If not,then you pay to the other in the name of goodness to all universal beings. Yes?If you need help,then ask for it and later try to repay when the time comes. Everyone needs help sometimes. Our nature is love and compassion,as the Buddha has taught us. We have been misled life after life by our own ignorance,and the darkness of this realm has imposed pressure upon us that we forget even more. So,never have I blamed humans for forgetting to love themselves,the animals,or forgetting what they really are— that is,love. Humans are love incarnate. But it is time to remember again. We have to be merciful and compassionate in order to beget the same quality. We have to be loving and kind to our own co-inhabitants so that we can attract loving and kind mercy from Heaven. All the masters in the past taught the same things,that we have to return to our kindness and love,which is our own nature. We can save ourselves and our loved ones. Stop killing,be loving,be compassionate,be kind.
4 Aug 2011
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