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Jon Hammond Band with the most diverse age group quartet: from age 20 (Brett Ryan) to 60+ (Tootsie Bean) with guitarist Matt Smith and Jon in between! Veteran drummer Tootsie Bean kicking the group playing an organ blues with Texan guitar wiz Matt Smith and young talented Brett Ryan on alto sax at New York jazz club/restaurant Cleopatra's Needle. Camera: Jennifer Enjoy! Jon's site: *******www.HammondCast**** c)2006
30 Jan 2007
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The Ultimate Soul-Blues-Funk perfomance by JON HAMMOND Combo All-Stars BERNARD PURDIE drums, ALEX FOSTER sax, CHUGGY CARTER percussion, BARRY FINNERTY guitar, and fearless Leader JON HAMMOND B3 Organ/Bass at legendary NY night spot MIKELL'S Aug. 28 1989 playing Jon's composition 'No X-Cess Baggage Blues' segued spontaneously in to 'Mercy Mercy Mercy'! This historic film documents the explosive force of the power house rhythm section of Purdie & Chuggy kicking the front line of Alex Foster (Saturday Night Live Band), Barry Finnerty (Crusaders, Joe Cocker, Miles Davis) & Jon Hammond, Host/Producer of NY late night TV show The Jon Hammond Show (23rd year now) and currently Hosting CBS Radio show 'Jon Hammond's Afternoon Slide' heard M-F 3PM PST on KYCY/KYOU 1550 AM in San Francisco CA and streaming around the world. Jon's official site: *******www.HammondCast**** *Member American Federation of Musicians Union Local 802 & Local 6/ASCAP: *******www.ascap****/audioportraits/​hammond2006.html *Attention lovers of Soul Music! JH says: 'The FINGERS...are the SINGERS!' c)2006 JON HAMMOND International, Inc. New York, NY USA *Tags: Hammond B3 Organ, HammondCast, Bernard Purdie, CBS Radio, Time Warner TV, MCTV, Fried Chicken, Soul Music, Mikell's, KYCY, KYOU, 1550 AM, Leslie Speaker, Mike & Pat Mikell, Hugh Masakela, Jazz, Wynton Marsalis, King Curtis
5 Aug 2007
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Yes it's year 1989, August 28th here at Mikell's jazz club in New York (now defunct legendary club) some highlights from JON HAMMOND'S All-Star night including Hammond's theme song 'Late Rent' with BERNARD PURDIE-drums, ALEX FOSTER-tenor sax, BARRY FINNERTY-gtr., CHUGGY CARTER-perc. and JON HAMMOND at his 1959 B3 Organ playing all bass lines as well. Late Rent is the theme song for Jon Hammond's Broadcasts on Radio & TV *Currently Host of 'Jon Hammond's Afternoon Slide' on CBS Radio KYCY/KYOU 1550 AM. Excellent rhythm break followed by Late Rent which was a perfect fit for Bernard's 'Purdie Shuffle', enjoy! *For more info: *******www.HammondCast**** c)2006*Tags: Hammond B3 Organ, HammondCast, Bernard Purdie, Funk, Blues, Fried Chicken Shuffle, MCTV, Time Warner Cable TV, 'The FINGERS...are the SINGERS!
5 Aug 2007
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This outstanding 1989 film clip captures the excitement and up-close look at the very-first pairing up of organist JON HAMMOND'S combo with studio drummer BERNARD PURDIE playing the Lee Morgan classic 'SIDEWINDER' including solo by Bernard. Bernard's 2 children were in the house that night along with musicians including HUGH MASAKELA at MIKELL'S on Columbus & W.97th St. which was the traditional 'musicians hang' in those days. Jon broke out his mint 1959 Hammond B3 for the occasion, enjoy! *More Info: *******www.HammondCast**** Musicians: JON HAMMOND-B3 organ, ALEX FOSTER-sax, BARRY FINNERTY-gtr., CHUGGY CARTER-perc., BERNARD PURDIE-drums *Note: Jon Hammond is Host of CBS Radio daily program 'Jon Hammond's Afternoon Slide' M-F 3PM PST KYCY/KYOU 1550 AM, 23rd year TV Show and touring world wide.
5 Aug 2007
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There wasn't any carpets in Rug Time, when JON HAMMOND arrived he said: 'Everybody break out your carpets...because it's RUG TIME!' (famous Organ Lounge in Osaka...they must have meant 'Ragtime') A MUST SEE when you're in Osaka KIX Japan! accompanied by Hidefumi Nose (guitar) and Kengo Komae (drums). *Special thanks OSAMU YAMAMOTO YS Corp. & MIDORI ONO. Bossa Nova version of 'Shadow Of Your Smile' *Jon is Host of CBS Radio KYCY/KYOU 'Jon Hammond's Afternoon Slide' M-F 3PM PST 1550 AM on the dial in San Francisco CA. *More Info: *******www.HammondCast**** c)2006 ******* *Tags: Hammond B3, Organ, Osaka Japan, HammondCast, KIX, United Airlines, RUG TIME, Midori Ono, Osamu Yamamoto, Kengo Komae, Hidefumi Nose, Jazz, Bossa Nova, Organ Lounge
29 Jan 2007
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LOUISVILLE KY: Jon Hammond Quartet, One Night Only w/John Bishop guitar, Ronnie Smith Jr.-drmsLouisville guitarist John Bishop was finishing his Masters Degree in Music at University of Louisville so Jon Hammond took Bay Area musicians Ronnie Smith Jr. (drums), Alex Budman (t.s.) and his XB-2 Hammond organ to play what was originally supposed to be a live radio broadcast, 2 night-gig, turned in to One Night Only and John Bishop burned it up..he was mad at some of the hosers there at the University music program and at the club we were playing. Ronnie Smith Jr. is one of the very best Shuffle & Funk drummers of the Bay Area, Alex Budman on tenor sax and Organist/Leader & Broadcaster Jon Hammond playing theme song "LATE RENT" (a driving Shuffle) of The Jon Hammond Show TV Show and radio show "Jon Hammond's Afternoon Slide" on CBS' KYCY/KYOU M-F with the cats one-time-only in Louisville. CAMERA: morning we met Fred Noe III "The Bourbon Ambassador" of Jim Beam Liquors flying out of Louisville/SDF. Spcl. thanks to Martin Z. Kasdan Jr. for the blurb in the paper...Club was PACKED...sold more CD's after the show than ever before! *More info: *******www.HammondCast**** c)2007 ASCAP: *******www.ascap****/audioportraits/jonhammond.html and *******www.ascap****/audioportraits/hammond2006.html "The FINGERS...are the SINGERS!"
5 Aug 2007
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First-time ever Midi Accordion controlling Hammond Organ played (with bass lines on the buttons!) by JON HAMMOND Blues Band at JAZZKELLER Frankfurt. With sponsorship from Philip Morris, Jon was able to fly guitarist BARRY FINNERTY in from New York. Joined by DERRICK JAMES (alto sax), ALAIN NAU (drums), UWE GEHRING aka WESLEY G (guitar). Mixed live (under the piano with some guy blowing cigar smoke in his face) JOE BERGER. *special thanks: SENNHEISER Microphones, Hammond Suzuki, EUGEN HAHN Jazzkeller. **Note: Guitarist HERB ELLIS was sitting next to bandstand in front during Frankfurt Musikmesse. Jon Hammond plays Excelsior Accordions & Hammond Organs *Official site: *******www.jonhammondband**** c)2007
5 Aug 2007
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Action-packed vintage clip from the long-running (24th year) NYC cable-access TV show "The Jon Hammond Show" has classic opening with Video by LORI, Eddie Money spot filmed the night he did David Letterman with Ronnie Spector "Take Me Home Tonight". Also a spot for Joe Berger's Impromptu Video Movie with voice-over by Jon Hammond featuring John Entwistle (RIP) of the WHO & Jack Bruce of CREAM. This spot was a noble attempt at marketing that went awry. Joe unfortunately got ripped off by the people who were supposed to run the ad nation-wide 1989, but we've got it for you here..enjoy! c)2007 *******www.HammondCast**** *BONUS: Kenny the Belly-flop Bridge Swan Diver..ouch!
28 Feb 2007
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JON HAMMOND Band return engagement to STELLWERK in Harburg Bahnhof near Hamburg, playing the theme song for The Jon Hammond Show TV Show and HammondCast radio show from KYCY/KYOU 1550 AM "LATE RENT". With JOE BERGER-guitar, HEINZ LICHIUS-drums, JON HAMMOND-on the incredible new XK-1 Hammond Organ & Bass, GABRIEL COBURGER-tenor sax Camera-JENNIFER *******www.jonhammondband**** c)2007 USA/DEUTSCHLAND *Tags: STELLWERK Hamburg Harburg Hammond Organ HammondCast KYCY Radio
5 Aug 2007
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PIA 747 Cockpit Footage of Jon Hammond Tour + Singing of Star Spangled Banner at Pakistan/American Friendship Day Personally shot film by Jon Hammond on tour, Germany and onboard in cockpit of PIA 747 Jumbo (Pakistan International Airlines) flying with Paki VIP's to New York for Pakistan - American Friendship Day Celebration with singing of our National Anthem "The Star Spangled Banner" and showing of patriotism that will touch your heart. This is a must-see. Look closely for quick cameo appearances of radio legend Al Jazzbeaux Collins and Ruth Messinger former Manhattan Borough President. *Note: Jon Hammond would like to say a special thanks to Pakistan International Airlines Crew, Pakistan Minister of Culture/Poetess Kishwar Nahid, Remin Kart-A-Bag USA, FRAport, Pakistan American Friendship Commitee. Jon Hammond's official site: *******www.HammondCast**** Host & Producer of HammondCast Show on KYOU & KYCY 1550AM M-F c)2007
28 May 2007
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Jon Hammond going in to the archives here with an appearance on JAZZHAUS RADIO Hamburg with Host GABRIELE BENEDIX in cold winter Jon went to Somers NY with JOE BERGER to mix his new album NDR SESSIONS Projekt with ProTools Specialist JIM ROBERTS at Brandon Productions' studio. *Bonus: Great funky 1984 solo from MICHAEL BRECKER (RIP) jamming on Funk in A at his old club 'Seventh Ave. South' shot by Mr. Hammond personally, on band: Richie Morales-drums, Mark Grey-keys (RIP), Barry Finnerty-gtr., Wayne Brathwaite-bs As Seen on THE JON HAMMOND SHOW, now in 24th year NYC TV. For more info: *******www.HammondCast**** c)2007 HammondCast on KYOU Radio 1550 AM CBS Radio
13 Jun 2007
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Beautiful Bossa Nova Jon Hammond composition "Lydia's Tune" / ASCAP performed by JON HAMMOND Quartet in YOSHI'S Jazz Club Oakland California with very nice tenor solos by Bennett Friedman and organist Jon Hammond, Barry Finnerty guitar, James Preston of Sons of Champlin Band on drums *Special thanks Jason Olaine c)2007 JON HAMMOND International, Inc./ASCAP *info: *******www.HammondCast**** *Note: Jon Hammond is on KYOU Radio 1550AM 7 days a week with HammondCast Show and streaming worldwide.
2 Sep 2007
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