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I am the artisan, designer and owner of specializing in handmade jewelry with animal, wildlife, western, nature and Native American jewelry themes on earrings, bracelets, necklaces, lockets, rings and many other unique gifts since 1985.
*******www.TopDrawerChoice**** show sources of handmade gemstone jewelry from Tucson Gem Fair.
15 Feb 2009
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*******www.TopDrawerChoice**** releases video on handmade gemstone jewelry by metal artist Donna Engebretson who specializes in the difficult and ancient technique of granulation.
11 May 2009
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14 Feb 2010
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Unique Handcrafted Jewelry is the perfect gift for everyone whether it is for a birthday or any special occasion. We can find such type of jewelry in art and craft shows. To know more visit *******www.nicolgold****/
19 Jun 2013
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These days everyone is fascinated to ware handcrafted designer jewelry. We can find lots of handmade jewelry like Bracelets, Necklaces, Wraps, Rings and Earrings and it will give unique look in the crowd. To know more visit *******www.nicolgold****/
20 Jun 2013
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Handmade multi-wrap jewelry can be wrapped around your wrist several times as a layered bracelet, and some can be wrapped around your neck a few times for variable length necklaces, or even worn as a headband. To know more visit *******www.nicolgold****/
21 Jun 2013
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Party times are always fun and it can go overboard when it comes to choosing the perfect jewelry that suites your dress. To find the unique collection of handmade jewelry visit us
25 Jun 2013
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