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In this edition of IT’s TODD’s SHOW - Bark Hollywood focuses on The GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS including Meryl Streep, the movie Precious, Sandra Bullock and, Mariah Carey, and Zak G.from The Hangover and more. In this the first installment of TODD’s SHUFFLE - Todd has a Internet Connection/Blind Date with a Lakeland Terrier from Hell. Our hilarious Dame Bisquette “Plays Dead” for Pet Affection TJ is demo dog once again. Freak of the Week: This Dog thinks he’s Hannibal Lechter.
13 Jan 2010
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BARK HOLLYWOOD 13: The Entire BH Team Reports on The Golden Globe Awards including Meryl Streep, Precious, Sandra Bullock, Mariah Carey, The Hangover and more…TODD’s SHUFFLE 1: Todd has a Blind Date with a Terrier from Hell. Dame Bisquette “Plays Dead” for Pet Affection. Freak of the Week: Hannibal Dog.
20 Jan 2010
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"About Me" is taken from a young woman who treats her dating profile like a twitter account, leaving a fractured tale of hangovers, broken ankles, and lost loves for all her potential suitors to see. Show Opener - "We Live Together," a Craigslist Missed Connection from a husband to his indifferent wife is brought to dramatic life by Phil Van Hest and his Silent Other.
6 Feb 2010
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www.budurl****/WatchNHLLive Watch NY ISLANDERS Vs PITTSBURGH Penguins Live Full Game or Highlights at www.budurl****/WatchNHLLive 10/02/2010 The teams are meeting for the fourth time this season and the second time at Mellon Arena. Pittsburgh won 4-3 on Oct. 3 in a shootout to spoil the Isles' home opener and 6-4 on Jan. 19 at home. The Islanders rallied for a 3-2 home win on Nov. 27. The Penguins have had a couple of days off, so they should be able to avoid any kind of hangover following Sunday's epic 5-4 overtime loss at Washington - a game they led 4-1 only to see Alex Ovechkin get a hat trick and assist on the OT winner. Despite a recent slump, they're still just two points out of first place in the Atlantic Division. The Islanders, who barely beat a snowstorm off Long Island, might not have needed a plane to fly to Pittsburgh after tying Tuesday's game against Nashville with 11 seconds left and winning 4-3 in a shootout - snapping a seven-game losing streak.
11 Feb 2010
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Alexis Dos Santos' vivid, seductive second feature UNMADE BEDS is a lyrical tale of two solitary expats crossing paths in the cosmopolitan art-rock milieu of a sprawling East London squat. Axl (Fernando Tielve) arrives in the UK to look for his long lost father and instead is adopted by the bohemian Mike and Hannah who introduce him to gigs in English pubs and free spirit living. Vera (Deborah Francois) is a Belgian heartbreaker who strikes up a charming romance with X Ray Man until a failed meeting sets her on a quest to recapture traces of time they spent together by taking polaroids. An idiosyncratic and atmospheric anti-romance, Unmade Beds has screened competitively in 2009 at the Sundance and Berlin Film Festivals and at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Featuring music from Plaster of Paris, (We Are) Performance and Tindersticks as well as many more, Unmade Beds is this year’s coolest paean to good music, bad hangovers and lost love.
17 Feb 2010
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Making a tincture using sweet flag. And learning the hangover cure after a night of to much wine *******www.mynsp****/jenlamb and my tincture blog is *******www.jenlambstincture.blogspot****
7 Mar 2010
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*******scene-stealers**** Eric Melin and Trevan McGee review Hot Tub Time Machine, the new 2010 raunchy sex comedy from the writer of Grosse Pointe Blank, with a guest appearance by Scooter Jones from You Tube web series The Sports Buddaye. John Cusack, Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson, and Clark Duke go back in time to party like its 1986. The movie has a lot of similarities to The Hangover and Old School, but does Hot Tub Time Machione live up to the absurdity of its title? Is Hot Tub Time Machine a worthy addition to the 80s time travel canon of Back to the Future? Find out in this review, featuring clips from Hot Tub Time Machine. Hot Tub Time Machine Hot Tub Time Machine Hot Tub Time Machine Hot Tub Time Machine Hot Tub Time Machine Hot Tub Time Machine Hot Tub Time Machine review movie review movie review movie review movie review movie review movie review movie review movie
26 Mar 2010
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Model and actress Kely Brook was flown to South Africa for the exclusive photo shoot in which she shows her allegiance to England by appearing with three lions. Rochester-born Kelly has been a constant fixture in FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women In The World list for the past ten years and was the obvious and only choice to fly to Cape Town to be the covergirl. “I was worried I was going to get eaten,” laughs the 30-year-old. “The lions were going to be driven down from Johannesburg and I thought they might be a bit hungry when they got there. In South Africa I imagine they are a bit more relaxed about health and safety regulations than they are back home – but they’re basically big pussy cats. It reminded me of that scene in The Hangover with the tiger – I expected Mike Tyson to appear out of the bathroom any moment.” Speaking about watching the world cup with her rugby player boyfriend Danny Cipriani, Kelly added: “When I did the Sony TV ad with Kenny Dalglish, Graham Taylor and Terry Venables. They were giving me some tips. They said if we get to the semi-finals we will have done well. I’ll watch England’s games, I don’t think I’ll be able to avoid them. Danny loves football and Sky Sports is on 24 hours a day in our house. But I’ve learnt that if I want him to change the channel I’ll go, “Oooh, who’s that player?”. He’ll get all sulky and be like, “Why do you want to know?” and then turn the TV over.” Kelly, who is set to move to Australia with Danny who is leaving London Wasps to play for the Melbourne Rebels, also revealed: “The life of a rugby girlfriend is running around after them, because they’re always injured with their feet up. It’s a pretty thankless job. You also have to learn how to marinate steak. We eat a lot of steak.” The full interview and more amazing pictures appear in the July issue of FHM Magazine, on sale now.
3 Jun 2010
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The Daily Line host Reese Waters takes you through his hilarious Sports Hangover segment for the month of June. He brings up topics like the NBA Finals, World Cup, The NHL Stanley Cup finals and more. Check out more videos like this at *******www.versus****/shows/the-daily-line/. Catch The Daily Line weekdays at 11pm EST.
10 Jun 2010
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The A-Team is een kleurrijke eenheid van ex-commando’s die wordt beschuldigd van een misdaad die ze niet hebben gepleegd. Gevlucht uit de gevangenis duiken ze onder en opereren ze als huurlingen onder leiding van Kolonel Hannibal Smith. Liam Neeson (Schindler’s List, Taken) speelt de rol van Hannibal Smith, meesterbrein achter vindingrijke missies van het team, waarvoor een ultrasnelle timing, buitengewone vaardigheden en een team van ongelooflijk bekwame en excentrische soldaten nodig zijn. Bradley Cooper, die een superster werd na de hitkomedie The Hangover, is Templeton ‘Face’ Peck, die alles kan ritselen voor de onorthodoxe en gedurfde activiteiten van het Team. De rol van B.A. Baracas, de chauffeur en krachtpatser van het Team, is voor Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson, een professionele vechtsporter die de belangrijkste ranglijsten in het middengewicht aanvoert. Sharlto Copley (District 9), is H.M ‘Howling Mad’ Murdock, een begaafde piloot en officieel gek verklaard. Het Team wordt achternagezeten door de onvermoeibare luitenant Charisa Sosa (Jessica Biel, The Illusionist en Valentine’s Day) ooit de geliefde van Face.
11 Jul 2010
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Every summer sleepy Lake Victoria explodes from 5,000 to 50,000 for spring break. But, this year, there's something more to worry about than hangovers.
30 Jul 2010
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In Lake Victoria Arizona, a tremor causes the lake’s floor to open, setting free scores of prehistoric piranhas… Theyre back! Every year the population of sleepy Lake Victoria explodes from 5,000 to 50,000 for a single, wild weekend – the 4th of July, a riot of sun, drunken fun and sex-crazed mayhem. But this year, there’s something more to worry about than hangovers and complaints from local old timers. Lake Victoria sits in the crater formed by a prehistoric volcanic eruption, and when earth tremors tear open a crack in the lake floor, all hell breaks through. Piranhas – a million ravenous, razor-toothed monsters, unchanged since the dawn of time. Unstoppable killing machines acting blindly under one primeval impulse: to hunt down anything that moves and strip it to the raw, bleeding bone. In seconds.
20 Aug 2010
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