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26 May 2010
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Here's the Hanchul cut of Kiss the radio on August 24, 2006. Hankyung was on Kiss the radio, and they called Heechul. This was close after Heechul's car accident. Here's a little translation based on the Chinese subs. So there can be mistakes! Please tell me if something is wrong, I'll correct it. :D --------------------------------- Yesung: Kibum? Hello? Kibum: Hello! All: aahhh! Yesung: Who is this? Eunhyuk: Heechul hyung. Can hear it very clearly. Leeteuk: Hello Heechul ssi. Heechul: Hello everybody, Bobo the radio's listeners. Leeteuk: It's not BOBO the radio XD Heechul: Kiss the radio listeners hello i'm Kim Heechul. Is everybody having a happy summer? Very good, thanks everybody! Leeteuk: Heechul has your body (health) condition been better now? Heechul: Yes, now I feel a little better. Now i'm also able to talk. My left leg has been a lot better. I am now practicing how to use the strength in my left leg ( as in physiotherapy) Leeteuk: Then, is your tongue ok now? Heechul: Tongue is ok too. Without looking from the mirror it's fine. If it's from the mirror.... Hankyung: Heechul ssi. Heechul: Yes. Hankyung: This is Hankyung (i'm Hankyung) Heechul: Hello? Eunhyuk/Yesung: Hankyung, it's Hankyung. Heechul: Oh! Hankyung came out! (meaning Hankyung is there too, i think) Hankyung: Oh, came out.. (copying Heechul XD) Heechul: Oh, ha jit ha jit ha jit ma. (hajima = don't do it. With Hankyung's famous accent XD lol) Hankyung: Does it hurt now? Heechul: Oh! Hankyung.. i'm really thankful (to Hankyung) Hankyung: it's ok Heechul: When I returned to the dorm, Hankyung helped me a lot. Eunhyuk: Yes. Hankyung: We're friends. Heechul: Ah! Hankyung, really thanks! (in Hankyung style again XD) Eunhyuk: Heechul ssi. Heechul: Yes. --- cut here. sorry!--- At 02:48 Heechul: Wish yesung a happy birthday and our Kyuhyun also has to work hard. Hankyung, Oh! ha jit ha jit eat some rice...quick.. Hankyung (very soft): I know. (arayo) Heechul: Am I taking in too much personal time? Eunhyuk/Eeteuk: No, no. Heechul: On a radio with lots of listeners, I'm taking in so much personal time. Eeteuk: Heechul ssi? To be honest, I had to cry. Heechul: Oh! Don't cry. Don't cry (Again Hankyung's accent XD) Eeteuk: Our Heechul ssi.. When I went to see him, Heechul who was laying on the hospital bed said to me, 'Jungsoo ah.. really have to wear seatbelts.' Heechul: Really have to wear seatbelts. Eeteuk: Lastly, Heechul ssi say something to Kiss the radio listeners. Heechul: Yes, thanks, right now, TRAX's Typhoon & Xmas are beside me who want to send their wishes. Eeteuk: Oh! Typhoon is also there. Typhoon: Congrats! Eeteuk: Ah, Who is this? Eunhyuk: Doesn't matter who it is, really thanks! Heechul: Yes, thank you! Leeteuk: Heechul ssi thank you! Hankyung: Heechul ssi bye! Heechul: Eung, hajima! (Hankyung's accent) Hankyung: I know! (araso) Eunhyuk/Eeteuk/Heechul: Bye! Translated & Re-uploaded by *******www.mygiftedwings****/Hanchul Thanks to Evilisticme for the correction! :)
11 May 2010
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Brought To You By Happy E.L.F Subbing Team. Visit www.suju-elf**** For More Subbed Goodies! * Info: Wings Of Love 爱的翅膀 - HanGeng 韩庚 (HanKyung) Super Junior Album : Wings Of Love 爱的翅膀 [Single] Release Date : 2010.07.08 Genre : Ballad Language : Chinese
12 Jul 2010
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jang riin ft xiah - timeless featuring hang geng , si won
15 May 2008
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korean version
17 Jun 2008
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14 Jul 2010
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11 Aug 2010
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Ausser den subs gehört nichts mir!
29 Nov 2011
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Brought To You By HappyE.L.F Subbing Team. Visit *******www.suju-elf**** For More Subbed Goodies! Upload by Tuzn♥ * Info: My Logo - HanGeng (HanKyung) Super Junior Album : Geng Xin Language : Chinese
13 Aug 2010
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