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29 Mar 2019
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Cincinnati Wedding Videographer service www.SacredVows**** On your celebration day, so much happens so fast you might miss the details. A professional video helps you relive the day and also recall how you felt. You can even send copies to relatives and close friends who were unable to attend your event. But beyond all this, a video has the power to strengthen families.
30 Oct 2009
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WWW.ALANAWEZ.COM Serious Ruts -- RR Maintenance Truck - St. Louis 38°37'10.65"N, 90°11'11.70"W like the RR maintenance truck has moved on. Don't Walk -- U-Turn Driver - Detroit 42°19'54.44"N, 83° 2'54.19"W Looks like the cab has moved on now. And they've repainted the crosswalk. I Think I Can -- New York 40°42'16.47"N, 74° 0'30.56"W Pilot -- Airplane Home -- Oregon 45°24'28.31"N, 123°0'27.67"W Up Planes -- Google Earth Double Exposure -- Venezuela 10°35'56.73"N, 66°59'20.53"W like the planes are unstacked now. Fill It Up -- Airplane Gas Station -- Oregon 45°25'30.77"N, 122°38'3.77"W Parked Plane (permanently) - Morocco 33°33'30.06"N, 7°39'58.66"W 51 - UFO Rest Stop - Nevada 37°14'42.55"N, 115°48'58.27"W (if you have Google Earth) (if you don't) Looks like GE just moved Area 51 about 1100 feet toward the East! More Than One Space -- MiG-21 - Germany 51°21'44.43"N, 7°33'29.13"E Excursion Module (It wasn't faked) - Philadelphia 39°57'27.97"N, 75°10'24.19"W Carrier "Sigh" - 7/8 Scale Mockup - Shanghai 31°6'14.73"N, 121°0'52.87"E Directions -- Airplane/Restaurant - Beijing 39°56'27.54"N, 116°27'27.34"E All Happened So Fast -- City Museum, St. Louis 38°38'0.86"N, 90°12'3.11"W like the school bus is gone now. John Travolta's Driveway -- Real -- Ocala, Florida 29°16'40.94"N, 82°7'1.82"W to Suspect -- Airplane Exhibit - Moscow 55°50'0.09"N, 37°37'24.21"E Grounded by Lava -- Republic of Congo 1°39'23.42"S, 29°14'15.85"E Late -- Blue Whale Skeleton -- Santa Cruz, California 36°56'57.31"N, 122° 3'55.40"W apologies to Eric Burdon and the Animals for looping "We Gotta Get Out of This Place"
25 May 2008
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We took the time to film this video while horseback riding, it was a beautiful day in phoenix Arizona in January about 5O degrees, no snow. I love having the freedom that I have due to the industry that I'm involved in which is network marketing. It allows me to do the thing I love to do......... video I made featuring the horses of Iron Springs Farm. Just for fun. Song: Chemicals React - Aly & AJ No, I am NOT riding in any of the clips, nor did I film the videos. It is just a fun, 'no-copyright-infringement-intended' video I made on Windows Movie Maker :) I feel these four walls closing in Face up against the glass I'm looking out, hmmm Is this my life I'm wondering It happened so fast How do I turn this thing around Is this the bed I chose to make There's greener pastures I'm thinking about Hmm, wide open spaces far away All I want is the wind in my hair To face the fear but not feel scared wild horses I wanna be like you Throwing caution to the wind, I'll run free too Wish I could recklessly love like I'm longing to I wanna run with the wild horses Run with the wild horses, oh whoahh Yeah, oh oh, ye-yeah I see the girl I wanna be Riding bare-back, care-free Along the shore If only that someone was me Jumping head-first, head-long Without a thought To act LIKE A ONE
17 Jan 2009
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12 Feb 2009
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ELFIS sings a weird funny Christmas song Plastic Santa for those that are forced to over decorate. Lyrics Steven Stay, music B.R. Hanby. *******www.ElfisLives**** ELFIS, Short for "E Long Fong I Song", the name given to Santa Tech dropout "Stewart E Pedd II" by his Elf Guru, "Elfi Ona Honda Beyonda Ponda". Re-live the real life Stu Pedd adventures in word and song as ELFIS shares his twisted journey from normal North Pole kid to Santa Technical College to elf commune. LYRICS: Plastic Santa Up on the housetop I climbed because My wife bought a plastic Santa Clause It came with a sleigh pulled by eight reindeer and she insisted it go up there OH OH OH why did I go OH OH OH why did I go Up on the housetop so quick quick quick With my wife's stupid Santa made of plastic First came the problem with that hammer and nail I hit my thumb, oh it hurt like H#$... well The wind then came up and it really blew Off the roof me and Santa flew CHORUS Next thing I knew, it happened so fast They had me in a custom made whole body cast My wife said she was sorry, she seemed sincere She said: Don't worry about plastic Santa... till next year CHORUS
21 Nov 2009
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11-28-09 : at the reverse fixture last year, Phil Browns Hull City AFC were playing SO miserably at Manchester City, that he gave his team talked on the PITCH in plain site to the attendees, publicly berating them for their lackluster performance. A year on, Hull win an albeit questionable penalty and tie the match. this is the ensuing goal celebration. Its pretty clear to me that its not just jimmy bullard thats responsible for it, the fact that it happened as fast as it did after the goal is evidence that the team decided that if/when they score, whoever scores gets to play the role of Coach, and everyone else gets to sit and listen. jimmy just happened to score the goal, but of course it was pretty apt that it was him, the comic relief of the team. but i think it was all planned before hand, bc it happened so fast, and it happened so fast that most all of the tv camera operators didnt even have time to zoom out to catch it this angle i have was shown about 6-8 minutes after the goal itself, which shows that they werent able to get to it quick enough when it happened live.
29 Nov 2009
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Accidents happen so fast and suddenly, it can be difficult for anyone to have the presence of mind to make good decisions. However, there are a few simple basic rules everyone should remember when they get behind the wheel. Avoiding these common mistakes can help accident victims recover the maximum compensation when it’s time to visit a Oxnard car accident attorney.
22 Sep 2017
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