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Part 1 of Episode 5 of Xalisco says God I hate hard to explain games... if you really want to learn how to play duel monsters enter the official website if yu-gi-oh
8 May 2009
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*******www.beemlaw**** Chicago patent attorney Rich Beem talks about cases that are awkward and hard to explain. Sometimes we come across cases in which information is sensitive but still needs to be explained. In one of our recent cases, we actually had a client who developed a new type of condom. This condom has a new and different shape to help pleasure the male even more. We helped bring this case to the International Trade Commission where we showed how our client used different types of glass formers to develop new technology in this area. Watch the video to learn more. For more information about patent law and my firm, visit our educational website at *******www.beemlaw****, where we are experienced in providing counsel and advice to your clients. If you have legal questions, I want you to call me at (312) 201-0011. I welcome your call Beem Patent Law Firm 53 W. Jackson Boulevard, Suite 1352 Chicago, IL 60604-3787 (312) 201-0011 patentsbeemlaw****
18 Oct 2011
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*******chefneworleans****/ -- 415-424-0246 Chef & Cook New Orleans - Antoinette Streczyn "My goal has always been to bring happiness to people once they taste my food... Like a mini escape. Life is hard enough." Antoinette Streczyn, a recent transplant to New Orleans by way of San Francisco, was born to create magic in the kitchen. Her sisters often recall at family get togethers how a young Antoinette would spend hours gathering roots in the nearby park. She collected spices from the grocery like they were lego blocks. She often seemed to naturally prefer these activities over playing with the neighborhood kids. "It was like a meditation was for me. While my family did yoga in the mornings, I daydreamed about what food I wanted to experiment with next .. it was all about 'taste' for me." All she needed were willing guinea pigs... that's where her family and friends came in. It was soon quite obvious to everyone in her family but her she was born with a gift to create something magical and delicious out of the most ordinary ingredients: a food alchemist. This birth given talent formed the bedrock of her evolving skills in the culinary arts and in an industry that is by nature extraordinarily competitive and as well as physically demanding. Antoinette soon carved out a name for herself became known in smaller circles as someone who could add a unique twist to any menu. A twist unique enough that very often restaurant regulars remarked how they only came to eat because she was on shift that evening. They came just to get a taste of her creations. And, what is it exactly that she does with the food in her hands that makes her such a pleasure not only to work with, but a joy to learn from? Somewhat embarrassed of the statement she replies, "You know, that's a great question, but it's actually pretty simple. I consider food preparation, the very act of mixing and matching, to be an art, a zen moment for me. I don't actually 'think' when I make food. I use another part of my brain ... it's hard to explain. Some people are born knowing what they know, others have to learn it and move up from there. I have always known, since my earliest memories, that I loved to create happiness with food. It made me happy so why couldn't I make others feel good too? Yeh, I know, it sounds corny, but anyone who knows me, knows this. It just took me a long, long time to realize it." "Giving food a tasty twist." Antoinette Streczyn is available for hire: 1. As a private chef in New Orleans 2. For parties and catering 3. For small group cooking classes (you can impress your friends!) 4. As part of a team of food loving cooks & chefs who want to blow people's socks off. :) Please inquire by calling the number below for more information and availability I have very competitive rates and I would love to work with you! Call Antoinette Private Chef & Cook New Orleans 415-424-0246 *******chefneworleans****/
13 May 2012
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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 from Electronic Arts for the PlayStation 3. Tiger 13 is the latest iteration of EA's annual golf series, and it makes a major change to the game's controls. In fact, it's so complicated, it's hard to explain. It starts with a white arc, which shows up above your golfer. It represents the ideal form you should take on the swing, and essentially, if you pull the analog stick straight back, you match it. But the thing is, there are a ton of variables. So the slightest pull to the left, how long your movement lasts, how fast you push it back all affects your shot. Does it work? Absolutely. But it's a real pain to figure out. This video review features video footage of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 for the PlayStation 3 and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek.
10 Oct 2012
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*******tinyurl****/Panycontrol Unless you’ve actually had a panic attack, then they are hard to explain and put into words. Imagine your biggest fear, your scariest moment, and then make it last for at least ten minutes. Give yourself tunnel vision. Increase your heart rate, your breathing. Lose control. Imagine you are going to die. Now imagine that there is no threat against you whatsoever and yet you still had this reaction. More information click here: *******tinyurl****/Panycontrol *******7482bfimjcta-idicij3cplk7r.hop.clickbank****/?tid=PANICAWAY
9 Mar 2013
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Do you need some refreshing ideas using video to boost your marketing? Want some new ways to connect with parents and increase your enrollment at your child care center? I’ve seen some innovative strategies of using video that are delivering great results out in the child care field and now I’m bringing them to you! 1. The first strategy is placing a flat screen TV in the lobby of your facility that plays an ongoing photo reel or actual video footage of children having fun, and learning, at your child care center. Programs that have made this small investment in a flat screen TV have seen great engagement with parents throughout the day, especially when the footage and photos are changed on a regular basis. This strategy does two things. First, it creates great engagement with existing parents, reminding them of what a positive experience their children are having at your center. Programs that are doing this have told me that parents will be completely transfixed on the screen in their lobby. Second, it makes you stand apart from your competitors when prospects come to visit. It is an effective marketing strategy using images and video that illustrates to potential clients what a great place your center is, and it only takes a little bit of time each week to keep the content fresh. 2. The second strategy is to take “best-of” video footage and put it on a handheld device such as an iPad, and share this with parents when they are touring your center. You can show this video right after you give a walk-around tour and right before you ask for the enrollment. This will give you huge results. When they see real video footage of how great your center is and you make an emotional connection with them in that way, they are more likely to enroll with you. 3. The third strategy is to capture some part of your program on video that is hard to explain to parents but is easy for them to understand once they watch it happening. For example, a child care center I know of that is based on the “Reggio Emilia” method of learning used an exercise to demonstrate their philosophy to parents that were having a hard time grasping the concept of their program. They used physical demonstrations of exploring an apple versus a worksheet on an apple. Exercises like this can be recorded and posted on your website or shown during tours to demonstrate what your program is all about and to illustrate how you are different from other programs. I hope you’re inspired by these three ideas to refresh your use of video in marketing your child care center. Video marketing can capture what’s really special about your program. If you use one or two of these ideas we’re sure you’ll see success in increasing your enrollment!
22 Jun 2013
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Well I'm from Minneapolis Minnesota, originally. I moved here about fourteen years from Sioux Falls South Dakota, and we opened our restaurant 16 months ago in Gilbert. I came here for the weather. Wags, short for our last name, Wagner, was my father. He came out it year after I did. He sent me out here to see this is where I wanted to be; we always planned on coming here when he retired and I knew right away when I got off the plane, this is where God wants me. This is where I’m staying. We serve a whole chicken wing, wet battered, deep fried buttered and seasoned. We're known for our Minnesota dry rub. We have seven sauces, for dipping, they're all homemade, that come on the side, if you want the sauce. The seasoning comes on all the food and that’s what we’re known for. The rub has a variety of seasonings. It's a secret recipe Less than 11. and it's not hot it's a little it's hard to explain until you enjoy it; until you taste it. It's just a very good seasoning. A couple of the more popular items on the menu are deep fried cheese curds, deep fried okra, catfish; fried mushrooms. We also serve chicken tenders. All of our meat’s prepared fresh and prepared the same way. Monday through Friday we have lunch specials from 11:00 to 2:00, and Tuesday is our bucket day. We're located at 860 East Warner Road in Gilbert, 480-507-0910. http: // shortywagswings(.)com, and we're on Facebook and Instagram.
26 Mar 2019
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