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We guess you've heard about this before. The laziest people are sure to find the easiest way around any job they get. Don't work hard, work smart.
9 Aug 2019
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One of the hardest jobs as a VP Department Head. Only the best of the best are picked for this job!
10 Apr 2006
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This new tv-commercial for Spa Barisart gives a new dimension to the baseline Spa Barisart, the explosive water. It shows spectacular action scenes that are completely filmed under water. Erik Bulckens directed the film, which was shot in a gigantic underwater tank in Berlin. The actors and stuntmen had a hard time, but the hardest job was for the cameraman, who had to spend a whole day underwater.
28 May 2009
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Jennifer Nettles, what can we say? You look absolutely amazing! Just wait until you see the 39-year old on the cover of March's Redbook. But despite good looks and endless success, the country star admits her hardest job is definitely parenting. Though she may be a little hard on herself from time to time, it doesn't stop her from enjoying some of the sweeter things in life - literally. Take a look and see why Jennifer Nettles is one of our all-time favs!
5 Feb 2014
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